December 13th, 2018
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David and Lauren

A warm hello to you!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  We are David and Lauren, and we are excited for you to get to know us as individuals, as a couple who has been married for twelve years, and as parents.  We are two individuals who love life, activity, and learning.  Strength of character – integrity, honesty, and love – is the center of who we are as individuals. We take a positive approach to everything in our lives. We love the outdoors, our time at home with family, and sharing moments of love and laughter with one another.

Our adopted son, Jackson, has brought us together as parents.  We adore loving him, cuddling with him, exploring with him, introducing new things to him, laughing with him, and bringing out the best in him.  By setting an example of joy, love, goodness, aspiration, and integrity, we believe our children will have a strong spiritual and moral foundation for a happy, full, and unselfish life.

We would unconditionally give a loving sense of comfort, encouragement, and guidance to your child.  Your decision to choose adoption for your child is a very unselfish act.  Please know that we are cherishing you in our hearts.


Our Life Together

David’s cousin, who happens to be one of Lauren’s best friends from high school, played a little matchmaker and re-introduced us fifteen years ago.  (We had known each other a little as younger children.)  We are so grateful that she helped bring us together!  After just a couple of months of dating, we both knew we wanted to marry each other.  Actually, Lauren later found out that David started saving money for her wedding ring after their first date – which was a picnic in the park.

We lived in two separate states during some of the dating years, which required us to communicate through traditional letters, email and on the phone in between visits.

We have been married twelve years and continue to bring warmth, unselfishness, humor, and strength to our relationship each day.  We love cooking meals for each other and with each other!  We are members of a local Community Supported Agriculture group so every week, we get two bags of food from local farmers and producers.  It’s fun to get creative with whatever is in season, even if we haven’t used that ingredient ever before!  We find any reason to have family and friends over and treat them to a good meal and enjoy hanging out with these groups.  We love anything active – hiking, biking, water sports, running.  We look for fun sporting events to attend together – baseball, soccer, basketball.  Our favorite place to travel together has been Breckenridge, CO because of all the outdoor activities and access to the mountains.  Oh – and the amazing crepe truck that is there all the time!  We enjoy watching movies together – anything from drama to comedy to action to documentaries.  As active as we are, we cherish our quiet time at church each week, and one of our absolute favorite things to do is just to be cozy, read, and play games at home together as a family.

We love going to many different parks, children’s museums, pools, play areas, and music classes with our son, Jackson.

We have a special place in our hearts for adoption.  We adopted our son, Jackson, and believe this is the way we will bring our family together.  We deeply cherish the blessing adoption has given us, and we cannot wait to raise another child through adoption.


A Little About Lauren from David

I first met Lauren when we were young kids (middle school age) and immediately had a crush on her.  She was my cousin’s friend, and the most confidently joyous girl I’d ever met.  She acted goofy, leading us all in a snow dance out in the front yard making all of us laugh until our faces hurt from it!  When we met again years later as young adults, almost instantly my boyhood crush transformed into love.  She was still everything I remembered and more, developing into the woman I still love today: unselfish, independent, confident, and loving.

Her unselfishness knows no bounds, which explains why she loves to work with children through coaching.  That desire to help kids was fed by her strong independent spirit and she became an entrepreneur.  She began her own business, from nothing, and has grown it into an organization that serves hundreds of kids each year through sports and character education.  In order to successfully work with children and their families, you must be confident in yourself and your vision to stay the course no matter how hard or how much adversity there may be.  She loves each and every kid she gets to work with.  Because she owns the company, she is able to have flexible hours, which allows her to be at home with our son much of the time that he is not at school.

These qualities I treasure in Lauren extend beyond her career into her love for the outdoors, staying active and appreciating the beauty and majesty of nature.  Her unselfishness and loving spirit make her a companion that constantly challenges me to be the best version of myself, helping me to develop through her untiring support from the young adult she married into the man I am today.  I wouldn’t want any other woman in the world to be the mother of our son and, hopefully, another child.


A Little About David from Lauren

I have always been attracted to David’s strength of character, moral courage, purity, endless joy, and love for God.  He has such a deep love for good, he is morally and spiritually strong, and he is gentle.  It has been amazing to share parenthood with David.  He is an incredible father who is so looking forward to having another child.  Parenting comes naturally to David, and he loves every stage of parenthood.

David loves being active.  He used to have a 9-5 desk job, but that was not the right gig for him.  A few years ago, he discovered the sport of CrossFit and completely dedicated himself to pursuing a level where he could compete.  Not only does he train diligently and compete at a very high level, but he scored a job working as a trainer at a gym where his hobby became his line of work.  It’s amazing to watch him in a job that he truly loves!  He trains adults, and I know he has made a big difference in many people’s lives.  Because raising children is so important to him, he has chosen to work odd hours so he can be at home with our son, Jackson, more often.  He plays a huge role in Jackson’s life.

David loves to read, and I always think that he would probably win any trivia game or a game like Jeopardy because he knows things from so many aspects of life.  He will definitely help instill a love for reading in your child.

He also enjoys watching a good movie (“Braveheart” being his favorite) or sporting event.

David’s favorite activities with Jackson are reading, going to a park, and going to the pool.  He is a dad who really gets into the activities with his children rather than watching from the sidelines.

For Fun!

Outdoor Activities: hiking, biking, running, camping (many of our vacations are centered around outdoor activities)

Having friends and family over for brunches and good meals.  We have a family dinner each month where 5-25 people show up, depending on who is able to come.  We love having everyone over to our house for this!

Taking Jackson to parks, children’s museums, play areas and play dates, the library, the pool.

We Are In Our Dream Jobs

Our work history has always included children and has been impelled by our love for children.  Beginning with babysitting, serving as camp counselors, and onto teaching, tutoring, and coaching, we have always been attracted to – and chosen for – positions that directly involve connecting with and supporting children and their parents.

Ten years ago, Lauren started her own business in the sports industry, working with children ages 3-18. This business allows her to touch children’s lives daily, and she finds fresh inspiration in this.  She is in her dream job, and she reaches 500 kids a year through sport and character education.

David helped run the family business for a couple years, but when the business was in a position to hire its first employee, David moved on to train and coach adults in CrossFit.  He loves challenging them and inspiring them to be their best and overcome limits.

Together, we have a great schedule for raising children.  With our flexible hours, we are both able to serve as the main caretakers while allowing the business to continue thriving.

We feel blessed that we both find our jobs incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.

Home is the Dearest Spot on Earth

Home is very important to us.  Shelter, security, laughter, affection, and outreach are an important part of our home.  We take this with us wherever we go, though.  Our town is known as a great place to raise children, and we agree!  It is simple, family-friendly, and there are loads of places to take kids for free: the zoo, science center, many parks, and even some museums.

We absolutely love our neighborhood and look forward to raising children here!  It is full of families.  There is a sweet little park in our neighborhood that is perfect for children.  We live right next to a golf course, and we enjoy walking and running on the pathways when the golfers aren’t around.  Our home has a cottage-like feel to it.  We have a great back deck for playing and entertaining, and we have hosted countless gatherings there.  Lauren loves the garden, too!

Kinley and her best playmate

Meet Big Brother Jackson

Jackson, our lively and active four year old, has filled our lives with so much joy and laughter, goodness, and inspiration.  We adopted Jackson at birth, and he fits so beautifully and naturally into our lives. He is happy, flexible, and always up for the next adventure.

Jackson loves:

  •   music
  •   reading with anyone or listening to stories being told
  •   sports and outdoor activities
  •   pretend play (he loves dressing up as an astronaut, fireman, Peter Pan)
  •   walking our dog with Mom and Dad
  •   swimming as much as possible
  •   learning new things

Meet Our Entire Family

Family is extremely important to us, and we are in close contact with our parents and siblings.  As we raise this child, it will be wonderful to have so many relatives close at hand who are just as ready as we are to share their love with our child.  We have family from both sides who live between 5-20 minutes from our house.  We frequently get together with our families for meals.  Lauren and her sister, two years apart, have always been close, and even though they do not live in the same state as one another, they talk on the phone each week and visit each other as often as possible.  One of David’s sisters lives an hour away, and we see her a couple times a month.  David’s other sister lives out of town, and we see her as often as possible.  Our family members are those who helped shape our lives.  We especially love holidays because we get to see parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents in bunches!  The more, the merrier!

Lauren’s mom lives in a different state, but both sides travel to see each other multiple times a year.  Lauren’s dad and step-mom live about 20 minutes away from us, and we see them each week.  Once a year, we take a big family vacation with Lauren’s dad’s side of the family, where 12-15 people gather together under one roof.  We love this special time together!

David grew up in multiple states, as his dad served as a chaplain in the Air Force.  His father passed away, but we are so happy to have his mom live nearby.  She is 10 minutes away from us, and we see her a few times each week.

Meet Kinley

We have a Golden Retriever puppy, Kinley (named after Mt. McKinley – due to our love of mountains and outdoors, of course!).   Before Kinley, we had a Golden Retriever for 14 years.  After a year and a half of being without a dog, we were ready for a new puppy.  Kinley is super sweet, and she has a bond with each of us. Every night, she comes upstairs in Jackson’s room as we read books and say “Good night.” She never wants to miss this. She loves the backyard and even helps us garden by digging up some weeds (though sometimes she eats our actual vegetables).


Our Promise to You

We have both wanted children ever since we could remember, and another child would make our family feel complete. We loved our experience with adopting Jackson, and we are ready for another child to join our family through the gift of adoption.  We believe God has led us to adoption and we have so much love and joy to share with your child. We have both adjusted our work schedules in order to be with our child and be the ones raising our child.

We promise to: 

-unconditionally love our child

-help guide our child

-encourage our child to overcome limits

-laugh with our child

-give hugs and hold hands

-allow for precious lessons to be learned

We will teach y-our child to:

-love God and good

-love learning

-be adventurous

-be strong, humble, loving, and morally courageous

-overcome adversity

-laugh a lot and smile often

-bring out the best in others

We have much to give this child and also know that we will be learning with him/her.

A Special Message to You

We would love to share the warmth of our home, the space in our hearts, and our love with your child forever.  We have a sincere desire to have a child and promise to love him/her with all our hearts!  We believe that every child is beautiful and has so much good to share.  We look forward to bringing out the best in this wonderful child so that he/she can bring out the best in others.  We recognize you are making an incredibly difficult, but unselfish, decision.  We respect you and the care that you are currently providing for this baby.  This child is already with us in our hearts, and we look forward to welcoming him/her into our home and loving this child every step of the way.