August 20th, 2019
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Dawn and Teresa

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite Hobby

    T: Electronic Gadgets

    D: Hiking

  • Favorite Movie

    T: Star Wars

    D: Harry Potter

  • Favorite Actor

    T: Will Smith

    D: Matt Damon

  • Favorite Food

    T: Mexican

    D: Italian

  • Favorite Animal

    T: All

    D: Cats

  • Favorite Holiday

    T: Christmas

    D: Christmas

  • Favorite Vacation

    T: Mediterranean

    D: Great Britian

  • Favorite Singer

    T: Rihanna

    D: Adele

  • Favorite Show

    T: Mission Galapagos

    D: The Crown

Hello! We are Dawn and Teresa from Southern California


To An Amazing Person

We have wanted to raise a child since we first met and are so grateful to be considered as the parents for your child.

We truly admire your courageous and unselfish decision to choose adoption. We are friends with several families who have had wonderful adoption experiences, and we are excited to raise a child of our own through adoption.

We promise to give your child all the love and opportunities you would want for them, and to nurture them through life to become a caring, strong and happy person. WE WILL BE OPEN ABOUT THEIR AMAZING ADOPTION STORY, AND LET THEM KNOW HOW SPECIAL THEY ARE, how much they are loved, and how lucky we are to have them in our lives.


About Us

We met while doing something we both love – hiking! Teresa was the leader for a local hiking club trip in Southern California that Dawn signed up for with mutual friends. For Dawn, it was love at first sight. For Teresa, it took a few more hours after Dawn shared her peanut butter sandwich and an enormous bag of popcorn she had stuffed into her backpack.

We soon realized we had a lot in common, ESPECIALLY THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY, AND THE DESIRE TO HAVE A FAMILY OF OUR OWN. In other ways we are yin and yang! Dawn taught art after college, while Teresa taught science. Dawn loves to cook; Teresa likes to tinker with electronic gadgets.

We are an active couple and like hiking and camping together. We also volunteer in our church and community – we cook and serve for a local food kitchen, lead hikes for our hiking club, and help with other community volunteer activities.

WE LOVE BEING TOGETHER, AND ALWAYS HAVE FUN! We laugh a lot; say “I love you” every day; and kiss hello, goodbye, goodnight, and many times in between.

FAMILY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US. We both come from large, close-knit families and are excited to grow our family and to be parents. We want to share many wonderful things about the world with a child.


Things We Love To Do Together

  • Hiking & camping
  • Spending time with our families
  • Being with our nieces and nephews
  • Volunteering in our community
  • Travel
  • Going to the zoo
  • Celebrating holidays
  • Visiting theme parks, especially Harry Potter
  • Hanging with our cats
  • Going to the beach



Meet Dawn

Thoughts About Dawn, by Teresa

Dawn likes to help everyone and make sure they are happy. She especially loves to feed people! She dotes on me and our cats and makes our home very “homey.” She is my best friend and partner in life. I know she will be an awesome parent.

DAWN LOVES CHILDREN AND SPENDS A LOT OF TIME WITH OUR NIECES AND NEPHEWS, whatever their age or interests – whether it’s camping, shopping, movies, or the zoo. They like being with her because she gives them a lot of attention, is affectionate and listens to them. She also leads children’s hikes and once took 20 kids on an overnight camping trip for a community group.

About Dawn, by Dawn

I grew up in the country outside Baltimore, surrounded by horse farms and green hills. I COME FROM TWO BIG FAMILIES – MY MOTHER’S ITALIAN FAMILY AND MY FATHER’S SOUTHERN FAMILY. We have regular family reunions where we eat great food and have a lot of fun! I have two younger brothers, two of my best friends. I had wonderful, loving parents, but lost my mother several years ago. She was an amazing role model, and I learned from her what it means to be a good parent.  I have a wonderful Dad who I am close with.

As a child, I loved being outside in nature and sketching, and knew from an early age that I was an artist. I went to an art college and then got a Master’s degree in art and taught art. I also like math, and now work for a company that helps people save for retirement. I enjoy my job because it is creative, yet I can help others and work from home part of each week.  I can’t wait to teach our child how to sketch and bake, and so many other things to help them enjoy life.

My Favorite Things To Do Are:

  • Spending time with Teresa and my family!
  • Cooking and baking, which I learned from my mom and grandmas.



Meet Teresa

Thoughts About Teresa by Dawn

Teresa is a kid in a grownup body! SHE HAS A WONDERFUL BALANCE OF PLAYFULNESS AND CARING THAT I NOTICED RIGHT AWAY THE FIRST DAY I MET HER. I’ve seen her that way with our nieces and nephews when she is teaching them about science, taking them kayaking and hiking, or just playing games. Last Christmas she bought an indoor snowball kit to play with our nieces, and they chased each other all around the house.

Teresa loves to learn and is always studying something new. Yet she is very down to earth. With her Texan accent and kidding around, most people are surprised to know she has a PhD from Yale. She fits in anywhere.

ONE OF THE THINGS I ADMIRE IS THAT SHE ALWAYS SEES THE GOOD IN THE WORLD. I think she will be a wonderful parent, teaching and guiding our child, yet making sure they have fun and enjoy life

About Teresa, BY TERESA

I grew up in rural East Texas with my parents, two older sisters and one older brother, 18 goats, 4 cattle, 2 horses, and many chickens, dogs, and cats. I spent my summers out in the woods – making trails, building tree houses, and riding my horse.

My love of animals led me to study biology in college and graduate with a PhD from Yale. After spending time researching and teaching, I now work with computers because I can help more directly in the medical field and have more flexibility in my schedule.

In my free time, I like to be outdoors, build electronic gadgets and play my guitar.


One of my favorite things to do:

  • To visit is the zoo, especially the Safari Park near San Diego. I can’t wait to take our child there and teach him or her about all the amazing animals.



Our Family & Friends


Dawn’s dad Jim and stepmom Gail live near Baltimore, as does her brother Bob and his wife and five children. Dawn’s other brother, Jim, and his husband have three young boys. Teresa’s mom Kathleen and dad Charles live in Texas, outside Houston. Teresa is the baby, with two older sisters, Cheryl and Kristi, and one older brother, James, who all live near Houston with their families.

We have eleven nieces and nephews from age 3 to 25! We are like big kids ourselves and enjoy spending time with them, taking the little ones to the zoo or theme parks in California, and the older ones camping or on vacations with us. Our child will have many cousins to grow up with.

Extended family, here we come for holidays and blue crab! Each year we take a long winter vacation so that we can spend part of the Christmas holiday in Texas and part in Maryland and share our holiday family traditions together. Dawn bakes favorite family Christmas cookies with Teresa’s mom, and Teresa helps organize the Secret Santa gift exchange with Dawn’s brothers.

For summer vacations with our family, Dawn’s family has a crab feast in her dad’s backyard, and Teresa’s family likes to take her dad’s boat down the river near their house. Our families are very accepting of us as a same-sex couple and treat us both like daughters.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home

We live in a single-family home in a quiet suburb in the Santa Monica mountains, near Los Angeles and 20 minutes from the beach. OUR NEIGHBORHOOD HAS A LOT OF FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN AND VERY GOOD SCHOOLS. People are friendly and like being outside, walking their dogs and kids in strollers. There are many parks nearby to take our child to share our love of nature.

No home is complete for us without pets. We have two indoor cats, Speedy and Olivia, who get along well and like people. We call them cat dogs! They’re best friends and love watching the birds that come to our bird feeders.


Our Promise To You

We thank you from our hearts to yours, for reading about us and considering us to raise your baby. We are excited to become parents, and promise to give your child a happy home of love and many opportunities.

We know this is one of the most difficult and important decisions you will make, and we wish you love and peace in the journey. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you. As you make this important decision, please know that we care about you and think you are an amazing, brave, and generous person.