October 22nd, 2018
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Debbie and Jerry

Hello and Thank You! We are Debbie & Jerry from Tennessee!

Dear Birthmother: We are so appreciative that you are willing to learn more about us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We would like to express our respect, thanks, and admiration for the courage you are showing at this time. It is hard to imagine the feelings you have or will experience while making decisions and planning the adoption of your child.  We are excited that you would consider us as potential parents and we pray that this profile will give you insight of who we are and the parents we hope to be. We have been blessed by God to have a strong loving marriage and would like to pass our love on to a child. Since we have not been able to conceive, the possibility of bringing a child into our family through adoption is exciting. We have both always wanted to be parents, and a child would be a sweet addition to our lives.

Our Story Together, So Far: We met in 2006 on eHarmony and were amazed at how much we have in common. After communicating through email, we progressed to LONG telephone conversations followed by visits between Tennessee and Virginia. We fell in love and Jerry proposed on a small farm that Debbie’s sister Dawn and her husband owned. We were married in October 2007 and now live in Tennessee.


About Debbie

By Debbie: I was born in North Dakota, and also lived in Nebraska and Delaware while growing up. My sisters and I had a very active and fun childhood. We loved to go exploring and making our own adventures out in the country.  I went to Messiah College and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. I work two to three days a week at a local hospital in Same Day Surgery. Because being a stay-at-home mom is important to me, I would significantly cut back my hours once a child comes into our lives. In my free time I enjoy outdoor activities, gardening, playing piano, mercy ministry at church, and time at the beach.

More About Debbie, By Jerry: Debbie is one of the warmest and caring people I have ever known. She values family, close friends and most of all her faith in God. She is fun and can be somewhat silly which makes her enjoyable to be around – especially for those who are young or young at heart. All of these qualities would make her an awesome mom.

Meet Jerry

By Jerry: I was born and raised in east Tennessee where we continue to reside. It is a great place to grow up and I would love to have the opportunity to raise a child here.  I earned a Bachelor’s Degree from East Tennessee State University and currently work as an engineer at Bell Helicopter. My Monday through Friday work schedule allows me to spend evenings and weekends with Debbie and hopefully someday soon, our child. In my free time I enjoy playing trombone, cooking/baking, outdoor activities, aviation, and love spending time at the beach.

About Jerry, By Debbie: Jerry is a fun loving guy who lives every day to the fullest! He is one of the most loving, caring people I have ever met. He is my biggest supporter and a great help around the house. I am so excited about the possibility of parenting a child with Jerry. He has a caring, patient, and loving heart.

Our Family

Both of our families and all of our friends are excited and supportive of our decision to add to our family through adoption!  Jerry’s family lives in the same area that we do in Tennessee. Jerry’s dad passed away in 2009 and we miss him deeply. His mom lives within 15 minutes of us so we are able to see her several times a week. We also enjoy time with his brother Larry and his wife Carol as well as their daughter Gina and family. Our nephew Jimmy recently married and lives in Oregon. We really enjoy birthdays and holidays together. Lots of food and fun are always involved.

Debbie’s family lives in Virginia, Florida, and New York. Her parents and sister Dawn and husband Doug live around 4-1/2 hours away and we try to visit every six to eight weeks. Her oldest sister Sue lives in upstate New York. We also enjoy time with three nieces and one nephew and their families as often as possible. Debbie misses her family very much between visits, but phone calls, texts, and emails help keep them close.

Our family holiday traditions start with a large Thanksgiving Day meal with extended family and continue through New Year’s Eve. Leading up to Christmas we enjoy picking out the perfect tree at a choose and cut tree farm, watching our favorite Christmas movies, baking cookies, going to Christmas concerts, Christmas Eve Church Service and lots of time with family. We look forward to sharing these special experiences with our child.




Our Home and Thoughts on Parenting

Our Home: We live in beautiful Northeast Tennessee. We live in a three bedroom split foyer home with a great backyard ready for a little one to run around in. Our neighborhood is quiet with various ages of children. We look forward to spending time with our child playing and having picnics at the park, riding bikes in the neighborhood, and playing games in the yard. We are close to good schools, shopping, parks for walking and playing, and the mountains (great for hiking and nature watching).  We are active in our church and enjoy worship and fellowship time there. Debbie has gone on multiple mission trips to Mexico and Nicaragua and Jerry was able to join her in May of 2014. Jerry is involved with music and leadership. Debbie enjoys mercy meal ministry and helping children of various ages.

Closing Thoughts: We’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are so excited to expand our family and share our love, home, and our extended family with a child who needs us. God has blessed us in so many ways, and we would be honored to become parents.