August 23rd, 2019
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Dominic and Scott

Hello! We are Scott and Dominic (Dom), and we are honored that you are taking the time to read our profile and get to know us. We know that this choice for you is not easy and we respect whatever it is your heart tells you. Our hearts are set on adoption to help fulfill our dream of being fathers and by choosing us, you would grant us that wish. We would love the chance to grant you the peace of mind that you deserve by making your decision.


We came to be 18 years ago when Scott conjured up the nerve to ask Dom on a date. The truth is, when Dominic was asked the question, he froze for what seemed like an hour, then slowly…backed up… and walked away. Heartbroken Scott was, for putting himself out there–but not for long. Dominic approached Scott three days later and in turn asked him on a date. Little did Scott know, Dominic carefully considers every important decision for a few days before he confidently announces his conclusion to the world. We ended up on that date and we’ve been Dom and Scott or Scott and Dom (depending who you ask) ever since. To this day, Scott still moves quickly to follow his intuition and Dom still diligently researches all options… making furniture shopping a blast. (That was a joke.) We are the story of the tortoise and the hare.

In our 18 years together, we have challenged and supported each other, learned the importance of communication and tried to approach every problem with grace. We have brought balance to each other and discovered what it is to love. We are ready to share this love with our future child.


Travel Buddies

We love to travel and cannot wait to introduce different cultures to our future child. The two of us come from contrasting experiences and we welcome the idea of making our family portrait even more diverse. One of our favorite trips was visiting Thailand (the first time since Dom had left).

Food, Glorious Food

We LOVE to cook. We LOVE to eat. Our kitchen is the heart of our home and Dom is the heart of that operation. They say the tastiest meals all have one common ingredient – love. Dominic is a nurturer by instinct, and he cooks and prepares breakfasts, lunches and dinners because it feeds his soul to feed his loved ones. If Dom is the center of the everyday meal, Scott is the mastermind behind the social gathering. A natural entertainer, he loves to host. He puts together birthday parties, summer BBQ’s, showers, and holiday gatherings–including his famous Thanksgiving feast.

Dominic, by Scott

My husband was raised in a small town in northern Thailand. At 11 years old, he said goodbye to his mother, boarded a plane and came to live with his father and stepfamily in Washington State. He didn’t know any English. Having made the trek at such a young age, he learned that by working hard and not giving up, anything is achievable. He was given a chance to live a better life and he took that chance and made it reality. His work ethic is a trait he will undoubtedly teach his future child.

Why Dom will make a great Dad, by Scott

— he is positively the most positive person ever. Dom finds the good in every situation and individual. He always has a smile on his face and never complains.

— his nature to express love, with a hug, with his words, with his actions. It makes me cry tears of joy, actually.

— he is forever supportive and encouraging. I can already see him rooting on his future child at a karate tournament.

— his discipline in maintaining structure and order in his own life will have huge advantages when raising our future child.

Scott, by Dom

Scott was raised in Reno, Nevada. Since the age of 4 he was a natural performer, loved the spotlight and knew he had a future in show business. Having been targeted at school for being different, he moved to Los Angeles as soon as he graduated high school. Being bullied ended up being a gift for my husband. It taught him to empathize with others and to always lead with kindness in life.

Why Scott will be a great Dad, by Dominic

— his sense of humor. He loves to make everyone laugh. He will be such a fun Dad.

— he is always prepared. It’s well known that if you need something (a safety pin, bug spray, a watch battery) Scott has it. He tries to be one step ahead; it’s how his mind works.

— his generosity. He was raised to help out when someone is in need. I love this about him.

— nothing gets by him. He has a protective nature and innate sense of security. He makes me feel very safe.

Dom loves…

— yoga. I receive physical, mental and spiritual benefits from my practice.

— restoring antique furniture. A well spent Sunday would be in the garage stripping, sanding, staining and sealing a vintage crib for our impending little one.

— watching superhero movies.

Scott loves…

—working in the yard. Though to me pulling weeds and potting plants is the opposite of working. It’s meditative and relaxing.

— writing (screenplays, essays, letters to friends even).

— bringing the house down at karaoke.

Dancing Through Life

We began our diverse careers as dancers. There is an old saying – once a dancer, always a dancer – and this rings true for us. By rising to the top of our field in dancing, it has allowed us to effortlessly transition into other areas of the entertainment industry. Scott has worked on more feature films than any other dancer of his generation (the count is approaching 40). His easygoing attitude paired with his technical abilities and acting chops have consistently kept him one of the most sought-after dancers working in the business. Now a choreographer himself, he coaches many celebrities, choreographs for film and TV, and recently received his first producer credit for a Netflix original holiday movie. Dominic has toured the world back-up dancing for huge recording artists. He’s also no stranger to award shows where he has performed next to some of the biggest stars. Dominic now works as a producer for the hit show Dancing with the Stars.

We owe so much to the universal language of dance. It’s how we met, it’s how we secured our place in the big pond that is Hollywood and it’s how we gracefully move through life. You can bet that our first dance at our wedding was a crowd pleaser. We believe in following your dreams and working hard to achieve them. Our careers are proof of this. Our years of experience and ties to the industry made it possible for us to start our own production company, Tortoise and Hare.

Our Pack

Henry entered our lives 9 years ago. He was, and still is, a super spunky Cocker Spaniel mix who had been found on the street. He has a one-track mind – “treats, treats, treats.” Henry has fantastic curly hair and the deepest, most soulful eyes. We added Junebug to our fold 2 years ago. She was a tiny 3-month-old Terrier mix and she has been in charge of Henry ever since. Bossy, protective, and so sweet are just some of the words we’d use to describe her. Junebug confidently sports a mohawk down the length of her body.

Family & Friends

Scott’s parents have been married for 50 years. They have been a perfect model of what a long term relationship looks like. They cannot wait to lend a helping hand and shower their future grandchild with love. Scott is the youngest, and he has two sisters with whom he is very close. Between the two of them they have 11 kids. You read that right. Needless to say, Scott has grown exceptionally good at being an uncle. He is routinely the favorite, unless you include Dom. Dom’s family tree is more layered. His stepmother and stepsisters live in Washington State. There is nothing “step” about them, as they are our beloved family, and they too, cannot wait to lend their help (his oldest sister would say spoil, but that’s another conversation). Dom’s mother lives in Berlin, Germany. We have had the pleasure of hosting her to the states twice, which were the only two times she has traveled to the US. We have visited her in Germany a handful of times. Every time we get to see her, it’s more apparent that she passed down to Dom her huge heart and affectionate nature.

We are lucky to have a steady group of friends that have been by our side since the beginning of us. Our friends are our family. They are a generous and loving bunch of folks who have stayed in our lives over the years, including shared holidays and special milestones.

In Gratitude

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read about us. We can’t wait to get to know you better throughout this journey. We think the world of you and your decision to help create a family, whoever they should be. We know in our hearts, our future baby will find us, making our home complete, our dream fulfilled, and our lives forever changed for the better.

In love and appreciation, Scott + Dom, the tortoise and the hare.