October 22nd, 2018
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Donovan and Esther

Hello! We are Donovan and Esther from Washington State

Dear Birth Mother,

We are beyond grateful for your courage and love in choosing the path of adoption. We are overjoyed that you are considering us as parents for your child.

This process must be overwhelming with all the letters to read and decisions to make, so we want to support you in any way we can. We have wanted children since the day we married, but have been unable to have a child of our own. These experiences have only strengthened our commitment to each other, our eventual family, and to women like you. You are like a superhero to us! We promise to love our child with all that we are and to raise him or her to be strong, feel cherished, and have deep relationship with friends and family.


Our Mission

We are committed to serving God by growing in wisdom, showing love, acting as disciples, and celebrating life.


The Story Of Us

We met on match.com and after only a few dates, we knew we would be together forever. Three months later, Donovan arranged a scavenger hunt for Esther’s mom and sister to take her on in one of her favorite parks. Little did Esther know, an engagement ring and proposal would be waiting at the end. After only three more months, we were married in front of our closest friends and family. We can’t wait to add a child into our home and complete our family!

Nearly all of Esther’s family lives here as well, and we spend our Sundays with Esther’s parents, siblings, nieces and nephew. We always have lunch together and then play board games, go to the park and play kickball, go swimming, watch the Seahawks or Mariners, or work on art projects.



Meet Esther

Hello, I’m Esther: I love children more than just about anything. I was there when my sister had her first baby, Elaina, and I was watching Elaina when her little sister, Livy, arrived; the same is true with my brother’s kids, Ray and Lucy. I love taking them to the park, playing games, and making them laugh. I also volunteer for One Heart Spokane, a non-profit organization that provides supplies to children in need. If there is anything that I can do to help a child, I will do it!

I am so excited about adopting a baby that I can’t even imagine my life without one or two babies. I hope you and I get to share in this experience together.

A Look Into Esther’s Work

When Donovan and I decided to start a family, I took a break from a career in higher education and am working at Starbucks. Starbucks is part-time with flexible hours and supports adoption with paid time off and financial assistance. It is fun working at a job where I get to talk to people all day, be creative, and make a difference in people’s lives.

About Esther by Donovan

Esther is the most awesome person I have ever met! Her strength, commitment to good, and loving character are beyond all measure. She just has a special way of drawing people to her and leading them to do right. I knew almost immediately after meeting Esther that she would be a wonderful mother!

More than anything else, Esther’s honesty and openness separate her from the rest of the pack. It’s remarkable how she discerns and uses truth solely to benefit others. I can think of no other single quality more important to raising a child. Esther will be a fantastic mother, and I personally cannot wait to see how good of a job she will do!



Meet Donovan

Hello, I’m Donovan.  I am excited and grateful to be on this journey with you. I have always wanted to be a father. I love teaching people new things, helping them solve problems, and protecting them. I understand the need for community and I look forward to sharing this and so much more with my own children.  The Lord has recently blessed me with leadership opportunities in my career and in the Church. Through these I have grown so much; I can’t wait to become a father. From me personally, thank you for considering us!

A Look Into Donovan’s Work

I am a research engineer for the Federal government. I work close to home so I have a short commute and get to come home for lunch every day. I can’t wait to come home from work for lunch with our son or daughter. I am also able to work from home as needed.

About Donovan, by Esther

Loving, loyal, & intelligent are three words I would use to describe Donovan. He cares more about my well being than his own. He would lay down his life to ensure that I am safe and cared for.  Donovan is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. His mind is mathematical and creative. He spends his day doing research and his evenings playing music.

More than anything, Donovan wants to have a family to play with, learn with, and laugh with. I know he will spend his life finding ways to care for his family and delight them with little treasures  every day.



Our Family & Friends

About Our Family

When we bring our future child into our lives, he or she will be joining in Spokane: a great grandmother, a Mimi and a Baba (Esther’s parents), three uncles, three aunts, and four cousins. Everyone is eagerly awaiting an addition to our family.

A Few Family Traditions

  • PANCAKES WITH MIMI: Every other Monday, Mimi has all the grandkids over for special pancakes.
  • EASTER: The kids color eggs with Mimi the day before and then have a big hunt in the yard on Easter morning.
  • ILLINOIS TRIP: In late spring, we go visit Donovan’s family on the 100-acre family farm.
  • 4TH OF JULY: We host a big BBQ with around 50 friends and family and then go watch the fireworks with immediate family after the party.\
  • PUMPKIN PATCH: The whole gang goes to pick pumpkins and get fresh apples on a local farm in October.
  • DISNEY PARTY: We decorate the house like a fairytale and make a banquet dinner before taking the kids to Disney on Ice.
  • THANKSGIVING: A big meal with Turkey and all the fixin’s is served at our home. We share what we are thankful for and play games all day.
  • CHRISTMAS: We decorate our tree and add a new ornament for each year. On Christmas Eve, all the kids sleep over, set out cookies for Santa, watch movies, and Esther reads a Christmas story. Christmas Day comes with the whole family, stockings, presents, games, meals, and our own Santa hats!



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Near Nature, Near Perfect.  We live in a beautiful town in eastern Washington called Spokane, which has the perks of any city, but is surrounded by so much natural beauty. We have minor league baseball, hockey, and arena football teams. There are hiking trails, campgrounds, and lakes all over the place, both in and around Spokane. There are parks and water parks all around the city as well. We’re excited to go on hikes, see the beautiful sights, and enjoy flowers and trees in all four seasons with the newest member of our family.

Our Community

  • Our neighbors adopted their children, so our child will have EXAMPLES OF ADOPTION from a very young age.
  • The elementary school is 3 BLOCKS AWAY.
  • There is a FUN PARK 6 BLOCKS AWAY, along with tennis and basketball courts, and a little league baseball field.
  • We have DEEP TIES IN OUR CHURCH and know our church family will welcome our child with open arms.
  • There are GREAT YOUTH SPORTS in Spokane and we can’t wait to see which sports are our child’s favorites
  • We have an ACTIVE NEIGHBORHOOD coalition with great parties and activities


If  (our dog) Arthur Could Talk

I love my momma more than life itself. I think I’m one of the kids. I love racing people. I need my naps with Papa. I can’t wait to show off my tricks


Thank You

The idea of being parents brings joy to our lives and we look forward to the possibility every day. It is only because of your bravery and love that our dream may come true. No matter what decision you make, we know that you are doing what is best for your baby. Thank you again for learning about us.