April 21st, 2018
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Doug and Cheri

Hello from Sacramento, CA! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We have wanted to start a family since the day we married. Even in our vows we committed to being the best parents and partners we could be. It never occurred to us that we would never have a family, it was only a matter of when. Unfortunately, after years of trying we have only conceived once and lost the baby to a miscarriage. But with your amazing gift to seek out the best family for your baby, hopefully your gift will make our dreams come true.

We promise to love and nurture your child in a supportive home. We look forward to meeting you and building our family together.

Our Story

We met at work, which is normally a boring story, but we don’t think so! While we both traveled the country in 2008 working for Presidential candidates, our paths finally met when we were hired for the same campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area. We learned pretty quickly that we’d found our match and a year later Doug proposed. In true detective fashion, Cheri pieced it together that Doug was planning to propose on the 4th of July so he abandoned his original plan for a spontaneous surprise a day early. It’s hard to get anything by her, but maybe one day our teenager will out do her!

We married in 2011 in beautiful Carmel, California. We love everything about the beach: the relaxed lifestyle, ocean sounds and smells, and the sand in our toes. Sacramento is home now, but life on the beach will hopefully be somewhere in our future! With a big family spread throughout California we’re always close no matter where we live.


About Doug

Doug – Geek, Social Advocate and California Enthusiast

Born and raised in California, I grew up with a great love for everything the state has to offer: from growing up on the beach when I was young, to the rivers and hiking when we moved north for high school. I was the first one in my family to go to college, at Sacramento State University in CA.  There, I found a calling: a commitment to creating social change in our world through the people we elect to represent us. This led to a career crisscrossing the United States. Fortunately, I’m now able to work from home and have the flexibility to be an at-home and working parent.

At the end of the day you can often find me geeking out on sci-fi shows, reading comic books and cooking. I’d like nothing more than to share in my favorite things with a child of our own.


More About Doug, by Cheri

Doug is the coolest because:

  •       He’s up for anything. Exploring new places, seeing new bands, or trying different food.
  •       He mentors without thinking about it. Doug genuinely cares about teaching the next generation of leaders and giving them opportunities to succeed.


  •       He’s unlike anyone else I know, which is probably why I married him! He can beat you at cards and fantasy football, teach you everything you need to know about Star Wars and Harry Potter, and cook an amazing meal from scratch!


Doug Fun Facts

DAY JOB: Campaign Consultant

ALTER-EGO: Batman (don’t trust anyone who wouldn’t give this exact answer to this question)

EDUCATION: B.A. in History from Sacramento State University


Book – Game of Thrones

TV Show – The Wire

Movie – Star Wars Episode V (Not the one with Jar-Jar Binks)

Food – A great Taqueria

Music – I might be rocking out to Carrie Underwood or Kendrick Lamar, depends on the mood.

HOBBIES + INTERESTS: Spending time outdoors with Cheri and our dog Leia, any activity near water, cooking and Basketball

I WANT TO VISIT: Everywhere. I learned from Cheri a love of traveling. Next international trip is to Africa, next domestic trip is New Orleans

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:  Salsa (figured Cheri would be too obvious)


  •       First in my immediate family to graduate from high school or college
  •       My comedic personality often comes out in my weird outfit choices
  •     I have an obsession with the American Flag and if I were an animal I would be a bald eagle


About Cheri – Community Activist, Devoted Friend, and Warriors Fan (an original of course, I’m from the Bay!)


I grew up in Livermore, California with an older sister Caroline. We were raised by a fearless single mom who supported everything we did including swimming, basketball, dance and youth groups. She took time off work to drive for every field trip, sporting event and did everything she could to make our dreams a reality as long as we put in the hard work. I was the first in my family to go to college and couldn’t have done it without my mom, and later a very supportive step-dad. That foundation gave me the courage to try and fail, and try again. When I think about what kind of mom I want to be, I think about how I was loved and encouraged to be whatever I wanted and I promise to do the same for your child.


More About Cheri, by Doug

Cheri is so awesome, still surprised she married me:

  •       She always is looking for new adventures and continues to push me to try new things in our life together.
  •       She has a large heart with a lot of love. She shares that passion for life with everyone she comes in contact with.
  •       She is the best travel buddy. We try to go on day trips on the weekends and once a year to a new place outside of the U.S. and we always have a blast.


Cheri fun facts

DAY JOB: Public Affairs Director for a women’s health non-profit

ALTER-EGO: Detective – maybe I missed my calling at the CIA

EDUCATION: B.A. in Political Communication, San Francisco State University


Book – Vanity Fair. Not a book, but seriously underestimated magazine.

TV Show – Any home improvement show. If I could have a second alter-ego it would be home designer.

Movie – Forrest Gump, Money Ball, Wizard of Oz

Food – all of it, especially donuts!

Music –I love reggae, rock, country, pop, you name it.

HOBBIES + INTERESTS: Travel, interior design, cooking, volunteering, Warriors basketball. Go Dubs!

I WANT TO VISIT: Africa and Ireland.

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My watch. I love it for sentimental reasons, but I also cannot function without knowing what time it is.


  •       I secretly wish I was a backup dancer and took a hip-hop dance class last year
  •       I have a hoop skirt and dresses to go with it…very long story.
  •       I was a cheerleader for 10 years!


Doug’s Family

Doug’s family is originally from Quebec, Canada and Doug is the first Greven born in the U.S.  His extended family is in Canada, the East Coast and California. Parents Peggy and Grant live nearby in Grass Valley, CA.  Recently, Doug’s brother, sister-in-law and children moved to Oregon and Grandma Peggy would love nothing more than to have more grandchildren close to home! Doug’s sister Heather lives in the Bay Area, a short 1 hour drive from Sacramento. As a family, we like to hike with our dogs at the Yuba and American Rivers, vacation together and of course, catch as many basketball games as we can.


Cheri’s Family

Cheri is one of 11 grandchildren. The family has now grown to 28 great-grandchildren, including three amazing nieces, Bailey, Abby and Molly that now live in Washington state. While not all holidays can be spent together, we make time to visit aunts, uncles and cousins throughout the state, host Cheri’s nieces for summer vacation and spring break, and organize family reunions. We can’t wait for our children to experience the same love and warmth from our big family.


Meet Leia! She loves belly rubs, kisses, snuggles and popcorn. Leia is a Pit/Lab mix rescue and is the best human companion. Kids love her too because she sits patiently for hugs and treats, and Leia loves to lick their little faces. She loves any human willing to play so we know a future child is in good hands with her.


Our Home & Community

We are both born and raised in California and love that it’s where we call home. In 2016 we moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento for a new job and love its diversity, history, unique neighborhoods, community events and outdoor activities. Great local eateries and parks are a short walk away and are a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.


 In Our Home

–          Holidays are celebrated with card games, ping-pong, and dogs. Lots of dogs!

–          A family that stands together, stays together

–          Sci-fi and fantasy are required reading

–          Family & life-long friends are everything


If we are fortunate to take this journey with you we promise this to you:

–          To nurture the unique personality and abilities passed on from you and to honor your forever place in your child’s life

–          To wrap our arms and hearts around your child so they always know they are loved and supported

–          To provide all that we can so your child has every opportunity to learn, experience, try, fail, and try again

–          To remember that even when we can’t be the perfect parents (when a cheerio ends up in the baby’s nose!), to keep our lives full of love and laughter



Thank you again for learning a little bit about our lives and we look forward to meeting you.


If you would like to speak with us or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999, toll free.