July 16th, 2019
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Elizabeth and Fred

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. Reading a Good Book
  • 2. Family Dinners
  • 3. Taking Jason to the Beach
  • 4. Hanging Out With My Sister
  • 5. Hearing My Son Laugh
  • 1. Music
  • 2. Interesting People
  • 3. Cooking
  • 4. Surprises
  • 5. A Job Well Done

Hello and thank you! We are Elizabeth, Fred and our son Jason from Southern California! 

Our hearts and home are filled with so much love and we can’t wait to share it with a very special little one! Thank you for taking the time to get to know our  little family. We have profound respect for you and the selfless, courageous decision you are making. It must be overwhelming searching through these profiles to find the right family and we are grateful to you for considering adoption and excited about being given the opportunity to expand our family.

Getting to Know Us

We met 13 years ago through a mutual friend and started dating seriously very quickly. Three fun-filled years later we got married in a beautiful ceremony in Maui, Hawaii and have been inseparable ever since! This year we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary! In August 2012 we were bessed with the birth of our son, Jason. A few years later we decided to expand our family, but were unable to have another child. We quickly decided that adoption was the path for us to grow our family. Adoption has been in our hearts and on our minds for years and we are thrilled to welcome a new baby into our loving home!About Elizabeth

Elizabeth grew up in Texas and the suburbs of Chicago. She has one little sister who is six years younger than her and is her best friend. After attending college in Illinois, she moved to Los Angeles where she started working in the entertainment industry as an assistant at a movie studio. Now she is Vice President, Creative Marketing for a small film studio, which basically means she makes movie posters for a living! She loves her work and her company is very family oriented. Since most of the employees have children, she is able to have flexible hours when needed to spend time with her growing family. Elizabeth likes to bake (her specialties are blueberry and strawberry muffins), ride her stationary bike while watching Netflix, and swim in the pool with Jason.

More About Elizabeth, Through Fred’s Eyes

It’s never easy to find someone to whom you are willing to give everything and trust them not to take advantage of this selfless act. The moment I met Elizabeth I could tell that not only would she be appreciative of such a gesture but truly deserved it. All I have is love to give and she has protected it, nurtured it, and helped it become more than I could ever dream.About Fred

Fred was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He has one brother who is eight years younger than him. Over 20 years ago, college at USC brought him to Southern California and he never left. Over a decade ago he started his own company and has grown it into the mid-sized creative agency it is today. He has a great team which allows him flexibility to really be present in Jason’s childhood. In fact, every Friday he works from home exclusively. In his spare time, Fred is an avid painter; in fact he will paint Elizabeth and Jason pieces on request. Elizabeth has a painting hanging in her office and Jason has several in his room!

More About Fred, Through Elizabeth’s Eyes

Fred is my best friend and the love of my life. He is the most selfless person I’ve ever met and is always thinking of others before himself. He has a way of making me feel like the most beautiful, special girl in the world. He also constantly has me laughing, I mean constantly. He is so funny, warm, smart, patient, and a true partner in every sense of the word. He is an amazing father. He is passionate about fatherhood and truly enjoys it. Our son Jason thinks he hangs the moon and honestly he does. Fred is at every baseball game, every school event, and you’ve never seen someone craft a school project like him! Fred is dependable, supportive, kind-hearted, loyal, and our biggest support system. He works incredibly hard for his family and I am both in awe and grateful for him.Meet Jason

Hopeful big brother Jason is a bright, warm, funny kid. He is a naturally caring and thoughtful and is always making us laugh. He Loves Star Wars, Marvel movies, dinosaurs, sports, legos, playdates, and doing cannonballs into the pool! He is super-excited about having a baby brother or sister and can’t wait to be a best friend, mentor, and sibling to your child.


Meet Perseus AKA Percy

Percy is our sweet cat. He is the cuddliest cat in the world and even though he is going on 7 years old, he still acts and plays like a kitten! He loves to nap, meow at squirrels outside, eat treats, and run around the house like a nut at 2am. Beware trying to teach a cat to talk (Fred’s idea) because you might be surprised what happens next.

Meet Our Extended Family

Elizabeth’s mom and dad (Gigi and Grandad) live in Texas and visit 4-5 times a year. Her younger sister Lauren lives in a community 10 minutes from ours. She has a wonderful husband and a baby daughter named Everly. We all adore Everly and Jason really loves his cousin. He is very protective of her and likes to try and teach her new things. We see Lauren and her family at least once a week and we love spending time with them. Elizabeth’s parents love coming into town to see the grandkids and we frequently go out for family dinners or schedule activities like going to museums. Fred’s mom Donna (Nana) lives in Ohio and comes to Southern California even more often than Elizabeth’s parents. Donna is the most loving, thoughtful, grandmother. We are lucky to have such a loving, attentive, caring family and we all love getting together on holidays, cooking up a storm, and enjoying each other’s company.

Home Sweet Home

We live in a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with a huge back yard and swimming pool in Granada Hills, California. Granada Hills is a quiet family neighborhood with highly rated schools in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Our son attends the neighborhood elementary school, which is a California Distinguished School. His after-school and weekend activities (like Little League, basketball, and soccer) are also nearby. Our community is very family oriented, we love it, and are proud to call it home.

Our Promises to You

  • We will love your child unconditionally
  • Your child will be surrounded by family and friends the will love him or her unconditionally
  • Your child will feel safe and secure
  • Your child will have a childhood full of laughter and joy
  • Your child will have the freedom to he his/herself
  • Your child will have a big brother who will hug, kiss, and play with them all the time
  • Your child will never feel alone
  • Your child will be taught that nothing will get in the way of them achieving their dreams and we will be supportive of those dreams no matter how big or small
  • Your child will know what a brave, selfless person their birth mother is


Closing Thoughts

Being parents has been one of our greatest joys and we can’t wait to have another child to love and nurture unconditionally. Thank you for letting us share our lives with you. We believe that the decision to place your child in a loving, adoptive home is an extraordinary act of selflessness. We are beyond grateful that you are considering us to be alongside you for this journey.