July 16th, 2019
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Elyse and Brad

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite Hobby

    Elyse Cooking

    Brad Playing Ukelele

  • Favorite Food

    Elyse Pizza or Ice Cream

    Brad Pizza

  • Favorite Holiday

    Elyse Christmas

    Brad Christmas

  • Favorite Movie

    Elyse Any Romantic Comedy

    Brad Back to the Future

  • Favorite TV Show

    Elyse Grey's Anatomy

    Brad Breaking Bad

  • Favorite Singer

    Elyse John Mayer

    Brad The Eagles

Hello! We are Elyse and Brad from California!

Dear Birth Mother: Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We know you must be an incredibly strong and courageous woman to make such a selfless decision. We are thankful and honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your child. Family is everything to us and this child will be unconditionally loved, adored and given every opportunity we can provide for the rest of our lives.

How We Met: We met 10 years ago at a premier for one of Brad’s TV shows. We soon realized that this relationship was different than anything we’d experienced before. Nine months later we moved in together and rescued our dog, Maggie Mae. For our wedding week we decided we would have our family and friends join us on Cape Cod. We all rented cottages near each other and had a beautiful wedding right on the ocean. It was a perfect way to join our families.

Meet Elyse

A Little About Elyse: I grew up in a small town on the southern coast of Massachusetts. My parents instilled in me the confidence that I could do anything I put my mind to and to always try, even if there’s a chance I could fail. After graduating from college in Boston, I decided to take that fearlessness, put it towards my career and moved to Los Angeles all by myself while chasing my dream of working in television! 16 years later and I’ve been a Supervising Producer on shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent. I’ve been very fortunate to reach a place in my career where I have weeks of downtime and in the future, I’ll be able to spend that time at home with our future child.  In my free time I love trying new restaurants with Brad, taking Maggie for a walk, getting my nails done with my girlfriends, game nights with my family and friends and really just enjoying all that California has to offer… and I’m not gonna lie… the occasional celebrity sighting is fun too!

Meet Elyse by Brad: If you were looking for a beautiful woman from Boston to tell you the truth, (sometimes gently, sometimes bluntly), Elyse is your girl. She is the kindest and most selfless person I’ve ever known and does things with food in the kitchen that warm my soul.  She makes my bad days good and my good days better. She makes everyone laugh at the drop of a hat. Elyse is genuine, loving of all people and more than I ever dreamed of. She was raised with the best values that she will undoubtedly pass on; respect, responsibility, hard work and honesty. I’d like to say I am her best friend but now I have to be honest….That would be her mother! They talk everyday and are each other’s backbones. Elyse is successful, smart and always maternal. Our future child better be ready for a life filled with love!

Fun Facts About Elyse:

  • I once auditioned to be on Wheel of Fortune… I’m still waiting for my call back!
  • In high school I won the “Golden Voice” Award.
  • I graduated on the Deans list from Emerson College.
  • I love buying new kitchen gadgets.



Meet Brad

A Little About Brad: Growing up, I dreamed of making films and television so at 22, I moved to Los Angeles with $300 in my shoe and 20 years later, I am a Co-Executive Producer on hit TV shows like Jersey Shore. Work is tough but rewarding and I enjoy leading a cast and crew of 100 people. But time to be honest again…it’s my days off that I look forward to the most.  Those days are filled with spending as much time with my wife as possible, going on drives and finding great spots to take photos all while listening to a mix of classic rock. I love checking out the latest movies and spending hours trying to get better at playing my ukulele. At work and home, I love to write and create new ideas, lots of which, I get to see come to life on TV. I can’t wait to share my love of photography and writing with our future child, but most of all, encourage them to do what they love and watch them flourish doing it.

Meet Brad by Elyse: Brad completes me in a way that I never thought imaginable. From the day we met it made me realize why every other relationship didn’t work, because I was meant to be with him! He is calming, reliable and very hard working. Brad is always up for any of my silly ideas and he may not want to admit this to his friends, but he has been known to partake in at home “spa night” with me from time to time! He is the most loyal and caring person I know and I feel so lucky that he is my partner on the journey. Brad moved to California with nothing but a suitcase and a few dollars in his shoe and because of his incredible ambition he has created a successful career in television.  Brad always makes me feel secure and supported in everything I do, even when I don’t have the confidence to keep trying he’s in my corner cheering me on! I’ve seen glimpses of the father Brad will be when he’s playing with our nieces and nephews. Our future child will have a father that is present, compassionate, fun and given everlasting love because that’s just who Brad is.

Fun Facts About Brad:

  • I was almost cast on the Real World in 1996. Now I produce the top shows for MTV.
  • I’ve been shooting and editing video since I was 13.
  • I was in a movie called Howard Sterns Private Parts in 1997 and still make about $7.00 a year from it.
  • I was voted Mr. Congeniality in high school.


Our Loved Ones

Elyse’s Family: I have a very funny, often loud (LOL) but loving family. My family was a little different than most, but it was normal to me! I am my dad’s youngest and my mom’s only child. I have two older half-siblings, Walter and Cheryl, but we were just as close as if we grew up in the same home. My childhood was always filled with family traditions, learning to cook in the kitchen with my mom, and we loved going on vacations.  My mother always made holidays special from baking gingerbread houses at Christmas (which she still does for over 30 kids each year!) to making my birthday a month long celebration. There was never a holiday that she didn’t make special and I can’t wait to share those same traditions with our future child.  Most of our family lives back east, but my cousins Ashley, Justin and Tyler moved out here after me. Ashley has always been like a sister to me and when she had her daughter Alice she chose me as her godmother! Alice and I are very close and I love taking her to the zoo, or bringing her to the park to go on the swings and treating her to ice cream. We go back east often and my parents are hoping to make the move out here once we have a baby.

Brad’s Family: I am the youngest of 3 boys who were raised by a single mother in Northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC. My oldest brother, Doug can make/fix anything with only one tool. My middle brother Gary is good at anything involving athletics. My mother scrapped together her last two nickels and bought me a video camera at 13. I never let it go and have made it a living. That same year, my mom and her best friend, Carol, (who was also a single mother) decided that if they combined forces, they could afford to raise us in a bigger home for our teenage years. This allowed me to become a big brother to Carol’s son, Kip. 25 years later, I was the best man at his wedding. It wasn’t and isn’t a ‘typical’ family, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

Family Traditions:

  • We always open one present on Christmas Eve.
  • Cheering on our Redskins and Patriots every Sunday in the fall and winter.
  • For Thanksgiving, Elyse makes her cherry pie and Brad fries the turkey.
  • We always have 4th of July BBQ at our house.


Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We finally bought our forever home in Woodland Hills, CA. Located just northwest of Los Angeles, it is a quiet neighborhood with the best schools in the county, hiking trails, parks and just a short 20 min drive to Malibu. Most nights are spent grilling something (mostly) healthy, relaxing on the couch watching our favorite shows and trying not to eat sweet treats but eventually giving in to temptation. The weekends are spent hiking, going to the beach, checking out the farmer’s market, hitting up the local restaurants, family get-togethers and quiet time in our big backyard filled with bunnies, squirrels and hummingbirds.

Meet Maggie Mae: We have the sweetest and most loving dog, named Maggie Mae! We rescued Maggie 9 years ago from our local animal shelter. Even though she is 11 years old now, she still loves to run around and chase after golf balls in the backyard. She is so good with kids and loves when our 2 year-old niece Alice comes over to the house. Maggie is notorious for her special hugs, which she only gives to her favorite people!

One Last Thank You: Thank you so much for considering us. We will love and cherish this child like no other and give them the best opportunities that life has to offer. They will be raised learning that the only limitations in life are the ones we set for ourselves, to always be kind and most importantly, to have fun as often as humanly possible. They will have our heart, souls and support for the rest of our lives.