August 20th, 2019
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Eric and Linda

Dear Birthmother

We are Eric & Linda from Southern California!

Thank you for taking this moment to learn about us and for the opportunity to be the adoptive parents to your child.  We admire your strength, courage, selflessness and love to be able to make this very important decision.  We have always known we wanted a family and have tried for years to have a child but with no success.  Adopting a child to grow our family would be a dream come true!  We would love that more than anything!  We are both loving and funny people. We love making our friends and family laugh.  Our marriage is built on strong family values like love, peace, respect, trust, stability and a strong faith in God.  We would love to be able to raise a child with these same values and to become a wonderful human being.

About Us

Our Love Story – We were both waiting for that special person when we met through our friends 4 years ago.  Since our first date we have had a great friendship that has grown into love and togetherness. We both thought it was love at first sight!  We were married a year and half later in a small ceremony surrounded by our loving family and friends!  Although it was 3 years ago, it feels like yesterday.

We enjoy each other’s company sharing a lot of laughs in the ordinary daily activities of life. We are best friends and are supportive of one another’s interests and spiritual growth. Taking in a funny movie on the weekend or seeing a musical are fun dates for us.  We love working out together lifting weights at home, planting pansies in the front yard and playing softball.  We are lucky enough to live by the beach and spend a lot of time there.  We love taking sweet Susie, our Jack Russell Terrier, for long walks in our neighborhood and are excited to share this with our future child.


Meet Linda

I love children! I was a teenage mother and have always wanted more children. I enjoyed raising my son, Lorenzo, with lots of love and structure.  It is wonderful to see him, now a man living a great life, fulfilling his goals and seeing him happy. Lorenzo is 30 years old and lives in Austin, Texas.  He is excited about becoming a big brother and is looking forward to sharing with a sibling all the fun activities he did when he was a child.  Like camping, reading, playing soccer and teaching his sibling how to play the guitar.

I am very lucky that I don’t have to work outside the home which lets me do the things I love like tutoring homeless children.  I like to make the kids smile and laugh while encouraging them to do well in school.  I spend most of my free time helping women through a non-profit organization by being there for them and sharing my experiences with the hope that they can have better lives, too.  My schedule is flexible and so that I can be a full-time mother.  I am blessed that I have a wonderful husband, a supportive son and a family that is excited about us becoming parents!


About Linda by Eric

Linda is the love of my life.  I feel so blessed to have met her and to share this life together.  She is the most caring and wonderful woman in the world.  She helps out a lot of people with her volunteer work and…she even cares about strangers!  Who does that?!  She loves children and animals the most and would make an amazing mother, again.  Linda is a beautiful person inside and out.  She is smart, funny, beautiful, loving and kind.  I call her my mama bear.  Linda’s hobbies include keeping fit by doing yoga, walking, running, weight lifting and CrossFit.  She’s an amazing cook and spoils me with delicious and healthy meals.  We are fortunate that she doesn’t have to work outside the home and keeps it running smoothly.

A few of Linda’s favorites

Color:  Red

Food:  Vegetarian Chili

Hobbies:  Cooking, reading, exercising and typing

Movie:  When Harry Met Sally ☺

Dessert:  Fruit Salad

Meet Eric

I grew up in Santa Monica, CA and have loved playing and watching sports my whole life. I played football in high school and college, and still play lots of basketball and softball still today. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and I currently work as a sales representative for a local corporation.  I get to work from home 2 to 3 days a week.  I take great pride in my work, and being able to support my family. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering to help other men get sober and spending time with my wife Linda, and our dog, Susie. I love our Saturday night date nights when we typically go out to dinner and then take in a movie, a play, or sporting event.  I have never been a father and look forward to being a dad and raising a child with love and kindness.

About Eric by Linda

Eric is my best friend and the funniest person I have ever met!  I fell in love with him because he is loving, kind, strong, loyal, devoted, funny, silly, wise, treats people with respect and kind to children and animals. He is also a loyal employee and has been with the same company for 16 years.  He is a great provider for our family and supports me in my volunteer work. He loves his family very much and he loves sports!  It’s fun to see him playing basketball and soccer with our nieces and nephews. All of these qualities are why I know Eric will be a wonderful dad!

A few of Eric’s favorites:

Teams:  Raiders, Lakers and Dodgers

Color:  Blue

Food:  Mexican and Chick-fil-A

Hobbies:  Playing basketball and softball

Movie:  Mystic River

Dessert:  Frozen Yogurt

Meet our Family

Linda is very close to her mother, Lupe, who lives an hour away. They talk on the phone regularly and we visit Linda’s mom and step-dad Dennis once a month.  We love to have lunch together and catch up.  Linda’s brother, David and his two children, Brandon (age 12) and Hana (age 8) live close to Linda’s mom and are excited about having a new cousin!

Linda’s son, Lorenzo, lives in Austin, Texas and they are very close, too.  He comes to visit every Christmas and he made a special trip this year to surprise Linda on Mother’s Day!

Eric’s mom, Stephanie, and his step-mother, Faith, live in Orange County and we visit with them regularly.  We get together with Stephanie and Faith once every few weeks for lunch or dinner, and spend hours in the restaurant sharing stories and laughing.  Eric’s sister, Adrienne, and brother-in-law, Emmett, live in Northern CA and have two children, Brennan (age 13), and Ashlynne (age10).  We travel to spend time with Adrienne and her family 2 to 3 times a year, and like to go to their condo in Lake Tahoe for snowboarding trips.

Top 5 family and holiday traditions:

  1. Family vacation to Kauai, HI or to Cambria, Ca
  2. Attending our neighborhood 4th of July parade and our fun block party
  3. Going to the pumpkin patch and dressing up for Halloween
  4. Going to Grandma’s house on Christmas day to celebrate and have breakfast together
  5. Shopping for our Christmas tree and decorating it and the house like crazy!

Meet our dog, Susie Bear

Susie is our little old lady Jack Russell Terrier.  She came to us from Linda’s son, Lorenzo, who wanted to start traveling.  He knew how much we loved dogs!  She’s very calm and likes to snuggle.  She also likes to be chased around our big backyard and go for walks. She is great around children and loves people.  But most of all she loves to take naps.

Our Home & Community

We live in a great part of West Los Angeles that is only a couple of miles from the beach.  We love that our home is cozy and peaceful.  We have a modest 3-bedroom house with a large backyard.  Our street is quiet and filled with families and children playing.  Just blocks from our home there is an elementary school and a middle school.  Every 4th of July we enjoy the annual parade and fun neighborhood block party with lots of kids and food.

Thank you!

Thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents for your child.  We want to thank you for your selflessness and generosity to enable us to make our dreams of a family come true.  We are excited to be parents and to love your child! We promise to give them a stable home with two committed loving parents.  We promise to be honest with your child about their adoption and how they came into the world.  We promise to encourage and support their growth in every way to have a great life!