July 23rd, 2019
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Erika and David

Dear Birth Parent:

Thank you for taking the time to consider our family. We have so much respect for the brave and loving decision you are making for your child.  We are so excited to imagine welcoming a new member to our family. Our home is one that is filled with love, warmth, laughs, regular dance parties, tons of yummy smells floating from the kitchen, and our sweet Labrador pup Dylan. Friends and loved ones often stop by to take part in the fun. We couldn’t be more ready to grow our little family and share our lives with our child. We are honored that you’re considering being part of this journey.

As parents, we promise…

  • To provide our children a safe and supportive home with lots of hugs and encouragement.
  • To nurture our child’s unique gifts and help them appreciate what makes them special.
  • To set them up for success and teach them what matters most- love, compassion, and trying to be the best you can be.
  • To SUPPORT their growth by providing a great education and opportunities to explore the world through music, art, sports and travel.
  • To hold our child when they cry, celebrate them when they succeed, and above all love them unconditionally every day!

We will teach our Child…

  • To be a loving family member
  • To be considerate and respectful
  • The value of honesty and doing the right thing especially when it may be difficult
  • To make good decisions
  • To be persistent and follow their dreams!

Our Life Together

We met 7 years ago after being introduced by Dave’s cousin. From the start we had an immediate connection and had so much fun exploring all California had to offer. Together we enjoyed hiking, beach volleyball, live music, biking around the neighborhood, tasting new foods and sharing our lives with our closest friends and family. We both have a deep passion for helping people and bonded over our shared careers in healthcare. Our adventurous international trips together to Japan, Spain and Mexico sealed the deal that we were amazing partners who were meant to be. Pretty quickly we became best friends that wanted to spend our lives together forever as husband and wife. We were married 3 years ago in Brooklyn, New York in a beautiful garden. It was absolutely one of the best days of our lives. The celebration was magical, merging our very diverse families and exchanging traditions. Since then we’ve made each other smile every day and can always count on each other’s support when faced with challenges. We both have close cousins and friends who came to their families through adoption. Even before we were married we decided that adoption would be a part of adding joy to our family. Today, we are so thrilled that the time has come to bring even more fun and love to our family with our first baby!

Meet Dave – by Erika

Dave is my rock and best friend. I can always count on him to support me through thick and thin. I couldn’t imagine anyone being a better foundation for our family and future father to our children! Dave is an amazingly kind and loving husband, son, brother, uncle and friend. He is incredibly smart, funny and successful, but always humble. With his warmth and calm nature, he has a special way of making those around him feel at ease. Dave grew up in Philadelphia and is a huge Eagles fan. When it comes to hobbies, he loves to work with his hands building furniture or fixing-up the house, growing veggies in our backyard, and playing the guitar. He is also the very talented chef in the family. On Sunday afternoons you can always find him experimenting with new yummy foods in the kitchen.

Fun Facts About Dave:

  • After graduation, Dave spent a year touring with his college band before jumping into the ‘real-world.’
  • Dave loves outdoor adventures with friends like mountain biking and skiing.
  • Dave ran 2 marathons in NYC and Los Angeles.

Meet Erika – by Dave

Erika is a rare combination of really fun, amazingly smart, and genuinely caring. She has a silly side and we love to laugh together. She’s thoughtful, always thinking of the perfect surprise for someone’s birthday, reaching out to friends, family, or co-workers when they need help, or planning a fun gathering for a special holiday. Erika has an eye for design and loves to decorate our home with things from our travels or a unique find from a flea market. She does an amazing job of making our home warm, colorful and inviting – everyone always wants to come spend time here! Erika grew up in Chicago, and is truly a city girl. She’s lived in New York City, Tel Aviv in Israel, Madrid in Spain, and of course here in Los Angeles. She’s my best friend and makes me better every day and I couldn’t imagine a better, more loving partner to start a family with.

Fun Facts About Erika:

  • Erika LOVES to dance. She’s never scared to be the first one on the dance floor and does her best to convince her reluctant husband to join her.
  • Erika has literally saved lives. As a nurse in the emergency room in New York City, she loved caring for kids and adults. She once massaged someone’s heart to help keep them alive and even delivered babies!
  • Erika is really tough! She once spent 3 months traveling around India to improve healthcare in remote rural villages. At night she slept on the public train and in the mornings took ice cold bucket showers. Her passion to help people took priority over the comforts of home.

Puppy Love – Meet Dylan

Dylan is our adorable 11-year-old hound and Labrador mix. Erika rescued her when she was just a pup and they have been by each other’s side ever since. She is the queen of snuggles and loves jumping in the bed with us every morning. Her favorites are lying in the sun, sniffing around the yard, and jumping in the waves at the beach. Dylan is amazing with children and they all love her! She is our friend, our guardian, and our happy companion. Sometimes she even thinks she’s human, wrapping her paws around us for a hug. She really is a member of the family.

Our Family & Loved Ones

We both come from very big, diverse families. While our backgrounds are quite different, we all have some very important things in common. Both families love spending lots of time together, we always end up playing lots of games, and we look forward to family vacations to the beach or lake house every summer. We are lucky to live in a community where we are surrounded by love and fun. Our close friends are an important part of our ‘village’ too. We love sharing every milestone of our lives together and consider their children our nieces and nephews just as much as our siblings’ children.

Five Family Traditions…

  • Huge Thanksgiving Celebrations at Dave’s parents’ house.
  • Sunday Family Dinners with family, friends, and their children.
  • Summer camping trips with our closest friends.
  • Board Games with Erika’s family after Christmas Dinner.
  • Weekend hikes with Dylan.

Our Home

Our house is a safe and fun place that everyone loves to gather. Birthday parties, dinner parties, and celebrations with family and friends are the norm. The kitchen is just perfect for lots of cooks and even has room for dancing while we wait for the food. We have 4 bedrooms with enough room to grow our family and host loved ones from out-of-town. Erika has put a lot of dedication in making the house bright, colorful and welcoming. She has incorporated many special decorations from our travels that make the house sparkle with wonderful memories. Being in California, we spend almost as much time on our deck as we do in our living room. Our outdoor dining table seats more than 20, which is perfect for gathering everyone for the holidays, and we even put a fire pit in the back just for making smores. Thank you for reading our profile. Being parents is the most important thing to us. We love our family and know that adding a child will be the most incredible journey of our lives. Whatever you decide, we are grateful that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your baby.

With love, Erika and Dave.