June 18th, 2019
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Erin and Anthony

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. Watching the sun rise
  • 2. Swimming in the ocean
  • 3. Dark chocolate
  • 4. Dancing
  • 5. The sound of rain
  • 1. Road trips
  • 2. Summer backyard BBQ's
  • 3. Iced coffee
  • 4. Live music
  • 5. Christmas lights

Hello from Sacramento, California! We are Erin and Anthony!

We are humbled by your courageous consideration of placing your child for adoption. We are grateful that you are taking the time to read about us and hope to give you an inside scoop on our lives. We both come from vibrant and close-knit families and started our married life with a dream to have children. Our experience of infertility has challenged us and, ultimately, strengthened our marriage and led us to how we now believe we were meant to parent – through adoption! We hope to nurture and love and learn from our future child AND we hope that you’ll consider connecting with our family for life out of love for your child.

Our Story: Our marriage has a strong foundation in faith and family and we have shared interests in outdoor adventures, music and art, and travel. W e met on Anthony’s birthday in 2000 through family and friends – Anthony’s cousin was dating Erin’s college roommate and we met up to celebrate his birthday. That first night, we danced and hit it off, but as the evening ended, we realized that we lived far from each other and any future encounters were unlikely. Anthony must have known that there was something special about Erin – he started to write a song about her that very night when he got home! Our paths soon DID cross again and, over the years, we sustained a long-distance romance that grew deeper through shared journaling that we exchanged with each visit. In 2005, at Baker Beach in San Francisco, Anthony sang and played a new song written for Erin, but this one described his life-long commitment to her and, when he sang it that day, he proposed and we were engaged! Together, we decided that we would wait to marry until after Erin finished graduate school. So, in 2009, surrounded by family and friends, we tied the knot!

We love our community of Sacramento and find ourselves perfectly positioned to enjoy the beauties of Tahoe and the Sierras as well as the coastal communities of Monterey, San Francisco, and Mendocino. We are eager to share our love in marriage with a child and look forward to exploring our world with our growing family!



Meet Erin

About Erin, by Anthony: Erin is an amazing individual. She is intelligent, fun, dedicated and thoughtful. I love her faithfulness. She loves being active, whether it is kayaking, or playing in the garden. Family is important to her, so she makes it a priority to stay in touch regularly not only with her own but also with my many family members. She enjoys local music, and visiting art museums. Erin is creative and is excited about nurturing creativity in your child. I know Erin will put her heart and soul into motherhood just as much as she has into being a wonderful wife.

About Erin, by Erin:  I’m a San Francisco native with a passion for exploring new places and meeting new people! I love experiencing my environment, whether it be a bustling city or the back country of a National Park. I’m an only child to wonderful parents who encouraged my interests and modeled their faith and care for community so wonderfully for me.  I have had a winding road to my current career, first graduating from UC San Diego with degrees in Music Humanities and Human Development, and then volunteering with Jesuit Volunteer Corps (similar to AmeriCorps) in alcohol/drug treatment before pursuing my current role in healthcare. I received my Masters in Nursing at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD and now work as a nurse practitioner, as a primary care provider in Sacramento. My work is very rewarding… and full-time for now; with the addition of a child in our home, my plan is to limit work to part-time.  I do enjoy a generous vacation allowance and Anthony and I love both travel and ‘staycations’ with our time off. I look forward to exposing our future child to everything from art to music to sports and then encourage in them development of their passion!



Meet Anthony

About Anthony, by Erin: Anthony is a fun-loving, loyal, compassionate husband and friend. He has a personality that can energize a room, connect people, and bring laughs to whomever is in his presence. His passion for music is one I know he looks forward to sharing with your child and he is truly gifted at spontaneous and hilarious lyric-making! His curiosity about our natural world will inspire many a trips and adventures as a family.

About Anthony, by Anthony: I grew up the second of five children in the Central Valley town of Lemoore, CA. One brother is a year older and the other a year younger than me, and my sisters are four and 10 years younger than me. My childhood was full of long bike rides, playing in our big backyard, and going to and serving Mass with my brothers. My dad helped my brothers and I start our very own lawn mowing business when we were in our teens. He worked alongside us and grew in us a healthy work ethic and strong bond as we earned a piece of our college tuitions. My early years provide me today with wonderful family and community memories. There was a lot of love in our house and my family remains a big part of my life.  I graduated from CA State University, Stanislaus, with a B.A. in Geography and a minor in History. It was in college that I developed my love of cultural geography and geographic information systems (GIS). I feel so fortunate to work in GIS and project management for the City of West Sacramento now, since 2004. I am a manager and my work affords great stability and flexibility that will allow me to go on school field trips and attend games/activities/performances for our future child.



Our Loved Ones

Our families are thrilled for us and very supportive of our hope to adopt. Erin’s dad is looking forward to sharing his love of baseball with his future grandchild and both grandmas-to-be can’t wait to babysit and walk their future grandbaby to the park and Fairytale town. Anthony’s four siblings have a total of eight children to date; our nieces and nephews are looking forward to having a new cousin to play board games with and to go swimming with at Uncle Phillip and Aunt Marissa’s house.

One of Anthony’s brothers and one of his sisters live with their respective spouses and children about 30 minutes from us, so we enjoy time together regularly, and Anthony’s mom remains in Lemoore, about 3 1/2 hours from us. Anthony’s other sister is in Lemoore and his other brother is in Ashland, OR, so we regularly get together – several times annually. The family bunch is growing and we love birthdays and holidays filled with many children and much festivity!  Erin’s parents are in San Francisco and we regularly visit or they come see us in Sacramento. Erin has a large extended family as well that we visit often – she has family in the Bay Area near her parents, an aunt and cousins in Ireland whom we visit every few years, and cousins in Connecticut whom we see about once a year. Both sides of our family are Catholic and our faith is central to our traditions and life.


Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in the heart of Land Park, an established neighborhood of Sacramento with beautiful old trees. Our large namesake park is less than a mile from our doorstep!  Our 3-bedroom home is built in the 1940s, full of charm and on a block with many young families. We regularly enjoy our spacious backyard with beautiful tall redwoods. We are biking distance to our state’s capital and to the Sacramento River Cat’s AAA baseball stadium. We are walking distance to great schools, to our city’s zoo, and to our church. We have an old-time ice cream shop around the corner from our home where we hope to share an ice cream sundae one day with our future child. We look forward to participating as a family in art workshops at the local Crocker Art Museum, going on bike rides along the American River Parkway, and taking our pop-up trailer out for camping trips to our beautiful state and national parks. Our backyard is perfect for hide-and-go-seek and Easter egg hunts in the Spring.

Our Thanks: We hope you’ll consider contacting us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our deepest desire is to nurture and love your child, and to provide a supportive, open, and stimulating environment in which he or she can thrive! You will forever hold a special place in our family as our future child’s birth mother and we look forward to an openness that feels right for you.