April 21st, 2018
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Erin and Jason

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    E Reading / Running

    J Woodworking

  • Favorite Food

    E Pizza

    J Steak

  • Favorite Holiday

    E Christmas

    J Thanksgiving

  • Favorite Movie

    E The Princess Bride

    J The Departed

  • Favorite Animal

    E Dog

    J Orangutan

  • Favorite Vacation

    E Mexico

    J The Pocono Mountains

  • Favorite Actor

    E Jennifer Lawrence

    J Bradley Cooper

  • Favorite TV Show

    E Fixer Upper

    J Alaska the Last Frontier

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    E Bruno Mars

    J Zac Brown Band


Dear Birth Mother,

Hi, we’re Erin and Jay, probably the coolest people you’ll look at. I’ll bet you’re as surprised as we are to be here, but we think all of us can make this a very special journey! First and foremost, we’d like to tell you what an incredible woman you are! We are thankful for the strength, courage, and selflessness you demonstrate, and we commend you for considering adoption. We would like to tell you a little about us, in hopes that we may venture down this exciting path together.

Our Story

Believe it or not, we met on a blind date! On our first date we spent hours talking with each other, and we knew right away we had found something special. From that point on, we were pretty much inseparable. We were engaged in less than a year, and then married less than a year after that. When it came time to start a family, we were a bit stunned that it wasn’t happening naturally. We now know that we’re in the exact situation we were always meant to be in. We know in our hearts that our perfect baby will find his or her way to us….we just can’t wait to meet him or her!

About Me by Erin

I was born in a very small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I am the oldest of three girls to my parents who have been happily married for 33 years. My father joined the Navy when I was four years old, so I had the opportunity to live in Georgia, Massachusetts, Washington, and now have settled in Pennsylvania. I have so many happy childhood memories. My dad would spend hours outside hitting me fly balls and pitching batting practice. My mom would dance around the house with my sisters and me while we belted out lyrics to our favorite Michael Jackson songs. Our boogie-down parties continue to this day when we’re all together! Having two younger sisters is like having two built-in best friends. When the three of us are together, we always end up laughing so hard that we start crying! I feel so blessed to come from a family who truly enjoys spending time together.

In my free time I love to spend time with my family and friends, and I’m always looking for a good book to read. I also love being outdoors. Jay and I enjoy going for hikes, swimming in my parents’ pool, winter walks in the snow, and sitting out back by a fire. My favorite outdoor activity is definitely my morning run at the park with our dog, Clark.

Erin Jay Franky in Town

About Erin (by Jay)

Erin is the kindest, smartest and most genuine person I have ever met. Not to mention how naturally beautiful and funny she is. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world that she is my wife, and she is the person I get to raise a family with.

Erin is a special education teacher. She often comes home glowing, with stories of a personal victory one of her students had. I also watch how she interacts with the kids we’re around together; nieces, nephews, cousins, and neighbors. She has an amazing ability to talk, interact and connect with these kids. I just can’t wait to see how good she is going to be when we have one of our own.
Not only will Erin make a great mom because of her education and profession, she will also be an awesome mom because she can throw a football or softball better than most dads. Outside of the qualities I mentioned about Erin above, one of my favorite things about her is that on a nice spring day, she will ask me if I want to go outside and throw the ball around…that’s awesome!!
I could go on for pages about all the stuff I love about Erin and why she would be such a good mom, but I don’t think the words I come up with will do it justice. This is what she was born to do. She’s been ready to be a mom for a very long time, and thankfully, we now have the ability to make that happen. She will undoubtedly raise the kindest and most respectful child, this I can assure you.

About Me by Jay

I was born, raised and still live in the same small town in Pennsylvania. I am the second oldest of four kids, and we all remain close to this day. I had a great childhood, as my siblings and I shared our friends. You weren’t just a friend to one of us, you were a friend to all of us. I can remember countless nights in the summer playing capture the flag or kick the can with every kid in the neighborhood. In addition to playing with the neighborhood kids, I spent a lot of my spring and summers playing baseball… a lot of baseball. Somehow, despite having four kids with four different schedules, one or both of my parents were always at my games. That meant a lot to me, and means even more so now that I understand how difficult that was. Currently, I enjoy hiking, camping or anything outside. I also enjoy woodworking, refinishing furniture and taking walks with Erin and our dog, Clark.

Sanders family

About Jay (by Erin)

Jay is truly the funniest and most positive person I know. He is a carefree, practical joker who can make me laugh at the drop of a hat. I never know what he’ll do to me next! For instance, recently when I was returning a pair of shoes, the lady behind the counter opened the box and a banana was lying on top of the sneakers! When I told her that was my husband, we both had a good laugh! I cannot imagine going through life with anyone but him. Not only does he make life more fun, but he is also an incredibly hard worker. Jay is the first person to jump in and help when a friend or family member needs help.

Because of these qualities, I know that Jay will make the most amazing father. His sense of adventure and his ability to make things fun will no doubt help to create a wonderful environment for our baby to grow up in. Whenever we get together with family or friends, Jay can always be found playing with the kids. They literally flock to him when he enters the room, because they know their playmate has arrived! I envision Jay building forts, going on nature hikes, and teaching our child how to field ground balls. He truly loves life, and I know he will instill that free-spirited passion in our little one as well.

Clark: Five fun facts about our third family member!

1. Clark is named after Clark Griswold…and he certainly lives up to his name!
2. He loves to snuggle!
3. Clark is a gentle dog. We love watching him play with our niece and nephews!
4. He will do just about anything for a biscuit.
5. Clark LOVES being outdoors! Hiking, running at the park, sitting by a campfire, running through the hose, swimming, and chasing tennis balls are a few of his favorite activities.

One love one heart family photo

Our careers

Erin: I have been working as an elementary special education teacher for the past nine years, and I LOVE my job! Each day is different, and it’s always an adventure. Spending my days surrounded by children is a true blessing. Although I am technically their teacher, my students have taught me so much about myself as well. My days are filled with learning and laughter, and I couldn’t be more honored to have a profession that allows me to truly make a difference in the lives of children. Aside from these positive aspects of my job, the teaching profession also allows me to have the summers off. I look forward to taking off three months once the baby is born, as well as spending every summer with him or her!

Jay: I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning my own company; after Erin and I purchased the business I have been working at for the past four years. The company is a wholesaler and distributor of cookie cutters and kitchen gadgets. Some of our customers include Michaels, Williams-Sonoma, Zulily and little mom and pop shops all over the country. Owning the company allows me the flexibility to make my own hours, never miss a ballgame, art show, or dance recital, and spend as much time as possible with my family.

Fun Facts:

Erin: Was a Georgia state champion gymnast when she was seven years old.
Jay: Loves all music, but his favorite group is definitely Zac Brown Band!
Erin: Has been skydiving, but will scream out loud if she sees a snake, or even a picture of a snake.
Jay: Likes camping and hiking in the woods.
Erin: Enjoys everything about the Christmas holiday season: baking cookies, listening to Christmas music, decorating, and shopping on Black Friday with her mom, sisters and mother-in-law!
Jay: Is a talented woodworker. He has built pallet wood signs, book shelves, desks, benches and refinished several pieces of furniture.


Our promise to you

1. We promise to love our child unconditionally.
2. We promise to create a loving, safe, and fun home for our child to grow up in.
3. We promise to raise our child to have a strong sense of self confidence.
4. We promise to teach our child the importance of respect, responsibility, kindness, compassion and generosity.
5. We promise to openly discuss our child’s adoption story with him or her and explain the love and selflessness that goes along with such a story.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Hopefully you’re able to get a sense of who we are, and the kind of life we can’t wait to experience with our child. We wish you peace, hope, and comfort as you make this decision.

With gratitude,

Erin and Jay

If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-687-7999.