April 21st, 2018
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Forrest and Nathan

Dear Birthparent,

We are excited about the prospect of welcoming your child into our home. We know that considering adoption for your child is a difficult thing, and we honor your choice, whatever it may be. We would welcome sharing your child’s life with you, and look forward to building a healthy, respectful relationship with you that benefits you and your child long-term.

Nathan grew up on the beaches of San Diego and is a public relations executive for a major film studio. Forrest is a native Midwesterner, spending lots of time on his family’s farm. He is a respected financial advisor for physicians across the country.

Together we enjoy hiking, yoga, tennis, exploring the city or getting dinner and a movie on our own or with friends, many of whom already have children. At least once a month, you will find us visiting Nathan’s family at their beach house in Carlsbad, CA; and often in winter months in the desert enjoying a relaxing long weekend hiking, swimming and reading by the pool. We are excited to have our child join us on these adventures.


We met almost three years ago as a blind online date. it didn’t take long before we knew we had each met “the one” and that we wanted to share our lives with each other. We connected on so many levels, and most importantly we each wanted to be dads someday! A year after we met we rented a large beach house in Carlsbad, CA and had family stay with us for a week leading up to our wedding day. our wedding was an amazing party on the beach — shorts, sunglasses and tacos for all!

We lead a healthy and comfortable lifestyle filled with beach days, hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains, walking to local food trucks on the week nights, yoga classes and tennis on the weekends. We both work hard but know how important it is to make time for family, friends and for us as a couple. often we imagine a little one with us while we walk, hike, eat. More than once we’ve asked “i wonder if he will like tacos as much as Nathan does?” it makes every day experiences a lot of fun to imagine.

We can’t wait to share the big life moments with a little guy, and all the little moments in between!

About Nathan

Nathan is my best friend. I fell in love with him almost immediately. He is kind and considerate, smart and successful. He is fun and funny, yet level-headed, practical and disciplined, something i and others who know him admire and respect. He is interested in people and ideas; and he is interesting, well versed in so many areas, always up for exploring a new city or neighborhood, trying a new activity or restaurant.

Nathan is also family-oriented. After me, the most important people in his life are his parents, brother, nephew and extended family, including mine. Any child who has Nathan as a father will be fortunate indeed.

Nathan works in the entertainment industry handling public relations for a large film studio. Forrest enjoys going to the movie premieres and getting to meet celebrities, but for Nathan it’s just another day on the job. As an added bonus my workplace has daycare through kindergarten mere feet from my office! How amazing to be able to pop over for a feeding when they’re young or to take them to lunch on the studio lot when they are older.



Forrest is that guy that everyone falls in love with when he walks into a room. He is that guy that looks you in the eye when he speaks to you and holds that gaze as if you were the only person in that room. Forrest is a passionate person who when given a challenge rises to the occasion and sees that commitment through. He Will be an incredible dad to a child. That child will learn so many important things from him — to laugh, to cry and everything in between is exactly right because any and all feelings are equally important to who we are. it’s as if he is the Disney movie “inside out” come to life!

Forrest’s family is incredibly important to him. When he misses them, he truly misses them. Seeing him and his family together has been further proof that he will make our family his number one priority. We share this love of family and can’t wait to put it to use with our own family!

Forrest is a financial advisor for doctors, providing both personal and business planning. As a successful, independent business owner, Forrest’s income and flexibility will allow him to participate actively in the life of our child, providing unique opportunities for travel and other experiences for all of us.


Our Hobbies and Interests

We live an active, healthy lifestyle basically every day of the week (except for maybe Sunday’s when we prefer to eat pizza and sit in the back yard.) Nathan is the one in the household that makes sure the food in the refrigerator and on the table is balanced and full of nutritious food, and Nathan’s mother is always making amazing vegetarian food for us!

We are lucky to live in Los Angeles where the weather is always great and allows us to take advantage of nature while living in an amazing and diverse culture. We can literally wake up at home and be in the mountains, desert or the beach within an hour or so. We look forward to sharing our love of the outdoors with a little one.

Our Home

We live in a lovely Spanish style home on a hill looking out to the San Gabriel Mountains. off of our bedroom we have a side room that will be the perfect infant room so they can be close to us for feedings and extra love.

Our neighborhood is a really cool microcosm of what Los Angeles is — lovely Latino families, a great, supportive gay community, tons of kids (and five playgrounds within walking distance from home), and hipsters to help keep us up on what is cool. We are so grateful to be in such a diverse community where all types are welcome and loved.


Our Families

Nathan’s family lives on the beach in San Diego county in a small beach town called Carlsbad. Nathan’s parents have been happily married for 46 years. His mom was an elementary school teacher and loves being around kids- they host “Waffle Wednesday” for all the neighborhood kids so their parents can have a morning off!  They are so excited to have a grandchild!

Forrest’s parents, siblings and extended family live in Iowa. Forrest is an Iowan at heart and is extremely close with his family, many of whom visit us in Los Angeles! our child will be the newest member of a large, close knit family in the Midwest and will have numerous opportunities to travel with Forrest and Nathan to visit the them and experience Iowa, towns and country, including the farm.

Our Faith

We both grew up attending church. More importantly though; We both had strong role models who exemplified values we emulate to this day and strive to uphold in our own lives. For Nathan, it was his parents who are incredibly kind, generous and accepting. For Forrest, it was his grandfather, who didn’t just go to church on Sundays. instead, he was always putting his faith into practice; helping an individual or a family in need, whether that meant sitting and listening or making something happen. That example still drives Forrest in his daily life and in his spiritual practice. We believe faith is not an adherence to any set creed, rather it is about people, treating them with respect no matter their situation or circumstances. it’s action, not simply belief.


Thank You

We constantly wonder what this little one will be like. When we’re sitting in the park we talk about how we’re going to teach that little one to be brave and go say hi to another child or to try the monkey bars even if it’s scary (of course we will be right there to catch them if need be!)

When we’re at the beach we talk about how we cannot wait to get their little feet wet and to someday take them boogie boarding.

When we are at our families’ homes, we talk about how difficult it will be to get them out of the arms of Grandma and Grandpa.

When we go to the movies, we wonder what kinds of movies this little one will like….

Suffice to say, this little one is always on our minds and in our hearts. We are so incredibly excited to share our life and love with them.

Our desire as parents is to ingrain in them they are loved, safe and can do anything they want in this life. We will teach them that they are strong, smart, and kind. They will also know how important it is to be respectful of all people and their stories. To be able to share these gifts with a little one is our dream. Thank you for your love and acceptance and for this incredible gift. We promise to be open hearted to you and your life. you will always be a vital person in our lives as it is because of you that we are a family.

If you have any questions for us or if  you’re interested in us adopting your child, please call  your adopthelp case worker at 1-800-637-7999 toll free.