June 16th, 2019
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Gary and Anna


  • Favorite Hobby:

    Anna: Zumba

    Gary: Tennis

  • Favorite Food:

    Anna: Sushi

    Gary: Thai

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Anna: United Kingdom

    Gary: Prague

  • Favorite Movie:

    Anna: Up

    Gary: Lion King

  • Favorite Holiday

    Anna: New Year's

    Gary: Thanksgiving

  • Favorite Singer/Band

    Anna: Esperanza Spalding

    Gary: Beatles

  • Favorite Actor:

    Anna: Jake Gyllenhaal

    Gary: Will Smith

  • Favorite Animal:

    Anna: Pluto (our dog)

    Gary: Pluto (our dog)

  • Favorite TV Show

    Anna: This Is Us

    Gary: This Is Us

Warm Greetings! We are Anna and Gary from San Diego, California!

Dear Birthmom: We are so excited to get to know you, your story, and your dreams for your child’s future. Both of us feel great respect and admiration for your selfless and profound decision of placing your child for adoption. We are strong believers in adoption as an incredible way of enriching so many lives: your child’s, yours, and the lucky chosen family. We will be honored and delighted to support you as you make one of the toughest decisions of your life.

You might be surprised to know…

  • We met the summer after our freshman year in college
  • We moved to San Diego from Chicago 2 years ago
  • We both graduated from University of Illinois with a degree in Computer Science.
  • We take board games very seriously
  • We love hosting family and friends at our home. Many of them refer to our home as their “Favorite California Resort”.


How We Met, written by Gary: Our story began at age 19 during a neighborhood barbecue. We started talking and found out that we had a lot in common: our aspirations, dreams, future goals. For me this was love at first sight, I stayed up working up the courage to ask Anna out. For Anna it was meeting a man who was both fascinating and easy to talk to. We both felt that our connection was extraordinary. I planned a perfect first date, but was so nervous that Anna (who was usually shy) had to do most of the talking. It has been over 20 years since that date and we are still excited to have date nights and never run out of things to talk about.

Life Today: These last 20 years have been busy — we’ve completed our schooling, got married, started a real estate development company that has allowed us financial stability. And, most importantly, gave birth to three awesome kids, who have made our lives so much richer and more meaningful.  As a family we spend a lot of time playing backyard sports, going on hikes and talking to each other. Sharing family meals are an important part of our daily schedule. Anna loves cooking healthy new dishes as well as old favorites for us to enjoy together. Now that our kids are getting older we’ve made a nightly tradition of watching and discussing the daily news.  Parenting has been the greatest joy of our lives. We have been dreaming of growing our family through adoption for years. Now we have the experience, time, and resources to raise a new baby and make our family complete.  We feel that parenting has been our calling in life! It has been the most challenging, humbling, and fulfilling part of our lives together. We feel that we have so much love, energy, and parenting experience to share with a new baby.

Meet Gary

About Gary, written by Anna: Gary’s enthusiasm and passion for life are contagious. He has an amazing ability for making the most of everyday. He lets his competitive side shine when he turns household chores into races. Gary often gets goofy to make mundane or stressful activities more enjoyable. His sense of humor is what people are attracted to as soon as they meet him.  Once you get to know Gary, you’ll learn that he is driven, hard-working, and goal-oriented. He puts a 100% into everything he takes on. The combination of Gary’s ambition and hard work have allowed him to become a successful business owner at the age of 27. Now, as the business has grown, Gary has the flexibility to work from home and be an involved parent to our children. Our kids love gathering around over dinner to listen to Gary’s humorous stories about the day’s events. When our children were young their favorite ritual was “Daddy’s childhood memories” as bed-time stories. Now that our children are blossoming into independent teenagers, Gary feels that he has many stories and jokes to share with a new baby.

Meet Anna

About Anna, written by Gary: She is the most loving and genuine person I have ever met. Anna always tries to see the good in others and never hesitates to offer a helping hand. She is a great listener and knows how to help you come up with your own solution. It is no wonder so many friends and family members ask Anna for advice when they are in a tough situation. In 2012 Anna went back to school and earned a Masters Degree in Counseling. After graduating she had an incredible experience working with women who were victims of domestic violence. Anna was deeply moved by the strength and ability of these women to survive and overcome their circumstances.  Since 2015 she has been using her counseling skills as a tutor for special needs students at an Adult Literacy Center. Anna has many hobbies including: travel, dancing, cooking, hiking, and volunteering. She loves being a volunteer at school, and has been a Room-Mom for both of our younger kids. Anna is also a passionate member of the Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary, where she organizes fundraisers for San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital.  She is incredibly caring, tender, nurturing—she is a great Mom. Anna is looking forward to being a stay-at-home Mom to our future child.

Our Family & Friends

Our Happy Little Family:  Sarah is 17 and is going to college soon. She will major in bio-chemical engineering. Sarah is smart, hard-working and has a strong moral compass. She is looking forward to a new baby and says that, “Having a new baby sister or brother will be an extra reason to come visit.” Mark is 14; he just started high school. He is athletic, smart and has an awesome sense of humor. We are proud to say that Mark is becoming a responsible and mature teenager. Mark can’t wait to teach the new baby everything he knows about sports. Maya is 12; she is very excited to share the “baby” spot with someone new as she feels she has outgrown it. Maya is empathetic, curious, enthusiastic. She’s up for any challenge, and she thinks of the new baby as a necessary addition to the family.

The People We Love: Both of us have been fortunate to grow up in families that make education a high priority. We believe in the power of education to allow us more freedom to become our best selves and enrich the world around us. Gary comes from a family of teachers and has an amazing talent of bringing history, geography, politics, economics and even math to life through story-telling.  Gary finds one-on-one time to teach each one about something new every day. While Anna enjoys engaging the kids in projects that are hands-on, such as arts and crafts, cooking, and baking.  We also love spending time with family and having our kids experience the power and support of a large extended family. Anna’s parents, aunt, cousin’s and nephew have all moved to San Diego over the past few years. They are a constant presence in our lives. Gary’s parents and sister, who live in Chicago, love to come visit us and keep in touch via Skype. We are lucky to have all 4 parents as well as Gary’s grandmother a part of our large family.  Spending time with friends is always a highlight of our week. We have surrounded ourselves with a group of friends who are optimistic, strong, smart, and creative. Our friends in San Diego and Chicago are excited and supportive of our decision to adopt. We have two sets of friends who had a wonderful experience with their adoptions and have promised to support us in ours.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

A Place Called Home: We moved to San Diego from Chicago two years ago and enjoy every day in this amazing city. Our family loves the outdoorsy lifestyle we enjoy year round in this spectacular climate.  Our backyard is our sanctuary, where we swim or lounge around the pool and play tennis or basketball. We love hosting barbecues, birthday parties, and game nights. We would be delighted to raise your child in this happy, family-oriented neighborhood.

Meet Pluto: We rescued Pluto (lab mix) when he was 2 and he’s been a sweet friend to each one of us for 8 years now. He has been our loyal companion on many hikes and road trips. Our son Mark has an especially close connection with Pluto. After a tough day at school Mark likes to spend time “talking to” and hugging Pluto.

Places We Love In Our Community:

  • Local public schools are some of the best in California.
  • We live 20 min from the beach, where we go most weekends.
  • We love hiking with friends and family around the many mountain and lake trails San Diego is famous for.
  • Farmers Market: on Saturday mornings we often spend an hour or two at our local Farmers Market—sampling delicious new foods and enjoying, fresh-cut flowers and sounds by local musicians.
  • We are fortunate to have great neighbors, many of whom have become our close friends


Our Promise To You:

  • We promise to surround your child with love.
  • We promise to give your child the attention and support to blossom.
  • We promise to make education an exciting part of his/her life.
  • We promise to be there to support your child through difficult times.
  • We promise to believe in your child and help him/her achieve their dreams.
  • We would love an open adoption for your child and would welcome your connection with him/her over the years. We want your child to know their heritage and be proud of it.


A Special Message To You: We will be honored and delighted to become adoptive parents to your baby. We promise to provide your child with the best education and a supportive family to insure that their future is bright.