April 21st, 2018
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Gary and Scott

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We greatly appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We canat imagine how difficult this must be for you, but deeply admire your strength, courage, and love for your child. In 2011, we adopted our daughter, Emily. Watching her grow and seeing how comfortable she is with herself, reaffirms our decision that open adoption is right for our family. The people in our life have always known our deep desire to be fathers and now see how much we enjoy it. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your hopes and dreams; both for yourself and for your baby.

We met in 2003 and when we first saw each other, we knew we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives. In 2008, we married and together we have created a life and home filled with love, warmth and lots of laughter. We enjoy sharing our home with friends and family who often stop by. We feel the strongest part of our relationship is the love, friendship and respect we have for each other. We are both passionate about life and are looking forward to sharing this passion with our new baby. We canat wait to look into our baby’s eyes and see the joy and wonderment in each new experience we are able to give him.




We live in sunny and beautiful Orange County, California, in a small community next to Laguna Beach and just 30 minutes to Disneyland. Our large, warm and inviting home has a large backyard with plenty of room for our growing family! The neighborhood is wonderfully landscaped with lots of trees, kiddie parks and hiking trails which are all within walking distance. Weare also just minutes from our city’s new swimming pool complex, indoor skating rink and town center which hosts concerts in the park, an annual SnowFest, 4th of July celebration and much more. Our city also has excellent schools and a university, which we appreciate since one of our goals is a college education for our children.

Our neighbors are warm and friendly and as excited as we are for the new addition to our family. Their children are already making plans to play games and teach our new baby all sorts of things.

We are explorers as much as we are homebodies. Among the many places we enjoy visiting, our favorites are Hawaii, New York City and New England as well as Disney World in Florida. We canat wait to take our new baby along with us and see his expressions for the first time. We also have a love for discovering new places and are excited to visit Europe and Canada when our children are older as Gary has extended family there. We feel it’s very important to provide our children with as many new experiences as possible and ensure they have an appreciation for all cultures and people. At home, we enjoy creating meals for our family and friends as we believe it’s an important way to keep in touch and share our lives with each other. Every evening we make time to have dinner together as a family in order to catch up the day’s events.



Gary is the kindest, funniest and most patient person I know! He keeps me and Emily laughing all the time and I can already picture him clowning for the new baby to make him laugh, too. He’s also very caring and nurturing so I know bedtime stories for the children are going to be a nightly joy. Gary is a great baker and loves to play the piano. He loves being outdoors and being active. As a father, he pours his heart into raising our daughter and I can t wait to see him loving another little one. I know he is one of the reasons why Emily is so affectionate and not afraid to show it. Gary has a very successful career as a director for a corporate relocation company and is a great WORK FROM HOME DAD!


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Scott is one of the most caring, thoughtful and intelligent people I know. His genuine smile and sense of humor always makes people around him feel at ease and comforted. Being a former police officer and now a dispatch supervisor for the California Highway Patrol, he is a take-charge kind of person and always remains calm under pressure. His job also enables him to adjust his shift and working days in order to spend as much time with our family as possible which has been a big bonus. Scott likes finding projects around the house, gardening and is a fantastic cook. He can always be counted on to host a barbeque on most weekends! I love that he encourages Emily to be curious, to explore, and to learn. Most of all, he knows how to put a smile on her face every single day, rain or shine. There will be nothing better than seeing our next child smile and laugh as Scott spontaneously breaks into a goofy dance.


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Emily is the greatest joy in our lives. She is bright, confident, nurturing, full of life, and loves to explore. She is outgoing, funny and never misses an opportunity to meet someone new and introduce herself. She is very excited about having a baby brother and we know Emily will be an amazing big sister!


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We both grew up with a strong sense of family and feel very passionate about it. Scott is from Southern California and all of his family members live close by. Besides Scott’s mom, there are aunts, uncles and cousins with lots of kids between the ages of 2 and 14 who are so excited for the new addition to our family! Emily is very close to her cousins and we have family gatherings often so they can all play together. Garyas parents, sister, niece and nephew live in Connecticut, where Gary is from. We frequently visit them and they are already looking forward to their trip out here to see the new baby! Our friends are just as thrilled for us to expand our family and have always been a constant source of support and encouragement. We know our new baby will be surrounded by family and friends who will love him unconditionally.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us and for showing so much love in exploring adoption. We will keep our hearts open to you and are excited to get to know you, share more of our lives and our dreams for the future, and hear about yours.