July 16th, 2019
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Gina and Bing

Hello!  We are Bing, Gina and DeeDee from Los Angeles, CA.

Dear Birth Mother,

We don’t know you yet, but we already know that you’re the most amazing person we’ve ever met.  We’ve been blessed by adoption once before, and we’re sincerely hoping that the adoption fairies shine upon us once again.  We hope you look at these pages and notice the love we have for each other and the love that we so readily will give your child.

From the bottom of our hearts,

Bing and Gina

How We Became A Family

We met online in January 2011.  Bing was working out of town at the time, so we had to get to know each other via e-mail for a whole month before we actually met in person.  When we were finally in town at the same time, we made a breakfast date before work because we didn’t want to wait until dinner to finally see each other.  The date went really well, and we ended up having dinner together that night, too!  It didn’t take long before we were engaged.  Gina surprised Bing with a ring while having a picnic in the park one day.  Gina told Bing to close her eyes, and Bing honestly thought that Gina was pulling out a chocolate cake, but when Bing opened her eyes, there was a beautiful ring in front of her.  Bing didn’t hesitate before saying yes! We were married in August of 2013 and brought our daughter, DeeDee, home in March of 2014.  Our life has been full of love and joy ever since then.  We hope to add a little more love and joy to our home soon.

What we like to do:

  • Laugh
  • Take selfies
  • Travel, especially staying in hotel rooms
  • Read
  • Hang out at the pool
  • Cook
  • Eat


Fun facts:

  1. Things that make us happy:
  • Bing: putting the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle
  • Gina: hearing DeeDee laugh
  1. Things that make us mad:
  • Bing: rude people
  • Gina: rude people
  1. Website we visit most often:
  • Bing: Pinterest
  • Gina: Amazon
  1. Song that we sing at the top of our lungs:
  • Bing: Just Like A Pill by Pink
  • Gina: It’s a Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt
  1. Movie title that best describes our lives:
  • Bing: Instructions Not Included
  • Gina: P.S., I Love You

A Little About Bing

I was born in Santa Monica, CA, then moved to the Philippines when I was 3 months old.  I had the most incredible childhood, surrounded by aunts and uncles and cousins and lots of activities and events.  I wasn’t raised by my biological parents, and in a way, I always felt like I was adopted by my aunt and uncle.  I’ve experienced firsthand that love is love and that sometimes it has nothing to do with biology.  I hope to be able to teach my adopted children how the universe had every intention of placing us in each other’s lives. I left the Philippines when I was 18 and came to Los Angeles to attend film school.  After graduating college, I started working on movies and documentaries and eventually found my way to reality TV.  After working in reality TV for about 10 years, I became a stay-at-home mom in 2014.  People often ask me if I miss work, and I always tell them that what I have gained is worth so much more than what I have given up.  I love being a mom!  I’m now the parent ambassador at my daughter’s preschool, so I’m responsible for planning parties and playdates.  I feel very lucky that I can be there for every moment in our daughter’s life.

What Bing does for fun:

  • Crafting
  • Working out
  • Cooking
  • Reading and watching dramas and romantic comedies
  • Printing pictures and filling our walls with priceless memories


More About Bing, by Gina

When I first met Bing, she made me feel so at ease.  I loved that we could talk for hours and not have awkward silence. My Bing Bing has such a loving heart.  She would do anything for anyone.  I love how friendly she is with everyone.  She’s great with my family, and they all fell in love with her the day they met her.  My family has said that she brings out the best in me.  She put a smile back on my face!  Bing is the best mom ever!  She lets our daughter be her own person and discover her artistic side.  She reads to her and is even teaching her Tagalog.  My wife taught me how to love again and how to be a better person.A Little About Gina

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  I’m the youngest of seven children and raised by a single mother who taught me to be humble and independent.  I joined the Marine Corps after graduating from high school.  Then after leaving the Corps, I worked for a classified paper for 13 years.  I made a career change late in life and joined the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. I’ve been a deputy sheriff for 11 years now.  I’ve been very fortunate to hold a position in the Sheriff’s Department that allows me to spend quality time with my family.  I wake up every morning with my family, get our daughter ready for school and come home in time to have a nice dinner with them.  I love hearing about their day!

What Gina does for fun

  • Gardening
  • Working out
  • Cleaning (yup, cleaning! It helps clear my head.)


More About Gina, by Bing

Gina is the hardest working person I know.  She will do whatever it takes to make her family’s dreams come true.  She always makes sure we have food in the fridge and gas in the car.  We never have to worry when she’s around.

What I fell in love with: her honesty

What I continue to fall in love with: the soft side that lives under that tough black-belt exteriorMeet DeeDee

Top 10 favorite things:

  • Color: yellow
  • Animal: horse
  • Game: hide and seek
  • Movie: Zootopia
  • TV show: My Little Pony
  • My Little Pony character: Pinkie Pie
  • Holiday: Halloween
  • Food: bacon
  • Place to visit: zoo
  • Expression: “Jiminy Christmas!”


She saw a Band Aid on Bing’s finger once and said, “Oh, Mama, you’re very brave.  That will go away soon.”  We just sat in awe of this kind and compassionate 4-year-old little girl.  DeeDee makes us so proud to be her parents, and the sky’s the limit with her talents.  One minute, she can be making the most amazing artwork.  The next minute, she can be flying around the room at her Ninja Warrior class.  She loves to experience new things, and has no trouble making new friends.  She can’t wait to have a baby brother or sister in the house!

Home Sweet Home

We live in an area of Los Angeles that’s very close to Dodger Stadium, and it is the perfect place to raise a family.  There are so many families with children in our neighborhood.  When you look out the window, you can always see kids riding by on their bikes and you can always hear children laughing and playing.  We’re close to so many playgrounds and schools and, best of all, the zoo.  We live in a single-family home and luckily we have an apartment behind our house where some family members live. We have a nephew there who’s only one month older than our daughter, as well as a niece who’s two years older, so there is plenty of playtime with cousins.  Our best friend also lives on our same street, so there’s always someone to babysit or just hang out with.

This is our Village

Gina’s family is Mexican and Bing’s family is Filipino, and you know what that means… everyone loves to get together and eat good food!  We celebrate all the typical holidays, but if there’s a month without a birthday or holiday, we make it a point to plan something so that we can all hang out.  Gina has family all over LA, so we see them all the time.  Bing’s family is a little more spread out (San Diego, San Francisco and the Philippines), but we still see them a few times a year. One last thank you

It means so much to us that you’ve gotten this far in our profile.  We hope you enjoyed what you saw as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  We know what a big decision you’re making, and we’re here for you all the way.

All the best,

Bing, Gina and DeeDee