July 15th, 2019
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Gina and Jade

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Gina: Camping

    Jade: Fly fishing

  • Favorite Food:

    Gina: Pizza

    Jade: Sushi

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Gina: Christmas

    Jade: July 4th

  • Favorite Movie:

    Gina: Sense & Sensibility

    Jade: Goonies

  • Favorite Animal:

    Gina: Whales

    Jade: Brook Trout

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Gina: Virgin Islands

    Jade: Destin Flordia

  • Favorite Actor:

    Gina: Emma Stone

    Jade: Leonardo Dicaprio

  • Favortie TV Show:

    Gina: Alone

    Jade: The Curse of Oak Island

  • Favorite Band:

    Gina: Fleetwood Mac

    Jade: Eddie Vetter

Hello! We are Gina and Jade from Columbus, Ohio!

To a remarkable woman: Is it possible for us to love you even though we have not yet met?  Well, we think so.  It takes a pretty wonderful, selfless, and strong woman to choose adoption. The decision you are making is so beautiful on multiple levels.  Because of your choice, you give couples like us an opportunity to create a family. It is for that reason, we are grateful you are taking a moment to connect with us and catch a small glimpse into our world.  We hope you will see that throughout all of our photos the underlying theme is the love we have for one another and we are eager to share. We are both committed to each other, devoted to your child, and dedicated to supporting you.

So, how’d we get here? Well, the simple answer is we always knew we wanted to adopt. We have several positive adoption stories in our immediate family that the choice for us was a no brainer. Starting with Jade.  Jade was adopted at birth and always felt a passion to want to grow his family through adoption. When we first met and started talking about our future family we always knew that our future selves would choose adoption. Fast forward to today and we still firmly believe in our choice and couldn’t be more excited.

This Is Us: We are a part of the 19% club. What club you ask? The online successful love story club. We had our first date exploring underground caves and caverns followed by a tour of two local “castles” which is where we chose the setting of our wedding three years later. We knew pretty early on that we were each other’s “one”. Jade’s sense of humor, fondness of nature, and devotion to his family won Gina over, and Gina’s passion for exploration and gentle nature stole Jade’s heart. We truly have so much love for each other and can’t wait to share it with a child of our own. Our ties to adoption jade was adopted at birth and We have several immediate family members that have been adopted. in our family, adoption is celebrated.

We Love Education – Continuing to grow your mind through the pursuit of knowledge is something we both believe in. We are both avid readers. We both have college degrees, Jade holds a degree in Science and Gina’s love of animals led her to get a bachelors in Equine science and Veterinary Technology.

Meet Gina

About Gina, by Jade: From the moment that we met, I knew Gina was a different sort of lady. It down poured on our entire first date to the Ohio Caverns/Piatt Castles. Neither one of us planned appropriately. Why would we? We planned on being underground… umbrellas in a cave? Ha! Well, let me just say, we got absolutely drenched right down to our socks. Lucky for me she has a great sense of humor. Much to my surprise, instead of flooding the mood it helped us bond.  When talking about Gina I would be doing a disservice by not mentioning her uncanny ability to make up silly games to play. She is a master of getting friends, family, and especially young children together for an impromptu game of mystery or memory. Usually these are accompanied by equally impromptu songs that rhyme. Gina’s sense of joy is infectious and near endless.

Gina’s Career: Gina had an amazing career as an insurance coordinator for dental offices. She is currently staying at home to work on the final touches of our home renovation. Gina will be a stay at home mom when we expand our family!

Fun Facts:

  • She lived on an island in Maine where she was the substitute teacher for a one room school house.
  • She spent some time in Estes Park Colorado where she worked as a horseback riding guide in the Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • She loves to make up and sing songs about everything.
  • She can touch her tongue to her nose
  • Her favorite color is Green, favorite season is Fall, she loves scary movies and documentaries, and she loves to bake.


Meet Jade

About Jade, by Gina: Oh man! If you are lucky enough to have Jade in your life then you are lucky enough. I know I may be a little biased because he is my husband but seriously he has the kindest heart of anyone I know. He would stop his world to lend you a helping hand. I have never met anyone who has such a passion for life. He knows no strangers and has many interests and hobbies that he loves to share his knowledge with, especially children. He loves getting out the metal detectors and letting the kids find spare change in the front yard. Once they dig the “treasure” up he makes such a big deal out of it so that they think they have found gold. The look on the kids’ faces are priceless. But, that’s Jade. He has a way of wanting to make you feel really celebrated. Jade is also up for an impromptu tea party for ten of your imaginary friends and stuffed animals.

Jade’s Career: Jade has been with the city of Dublin for almost 20 years working in the Parks department. He has so much knowledge to share with a child.

Fun Facts:

  • Played college Water Polo for Ohio State University.
  • He survived an earthquake while doing a solo backpacking trip in West Virginia.
  • He trained, and completed a Marathon (even though he doesn’t really like to run)
  • He is an avid wood worker and has built everything from custom furniture to kitchen cabinetry.
  • His favorite color is Green, favorite season is Summer, he loves to BBQ, and his favorite movies are Sci-fi and comedies.


Our Loving Families

Our Kids: I (Jade) have three biological children from my previous marriage. Megan (18), Ryann (16), and Lauren (12). They are three intelligent, funny, active and creative girls that bring so much joy into our life.  Megan just started college and enlisted in the Army. She is excited to start her training as a medic. Ryann is very creative and has many interests. She loves playing the flute and is very involved in the High school band and ensemble. Lauren just started middle school and loves art and math. She is excited to start playing the clarinet and hopes to join the school band in high school.  Gina and I spend the majority of our time together with the girls over long breaks and summer vacation due to where we live. Throughout the week we keep in contact via text and phone calls.

Our Family: We are so lucky to live close to both of our families. Because of this we are very close, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We celebrate everything from birthday parties to dance recitals. We love that we have such a large group of supporters in our corner and they can’t wait to love, cuddle and cheer on our future child.  Gina has one sister who is her best friend and they talk EVERY day. Jade has two younger sisters. One whom is also adopted. We have a total of three nieces and nephews who we love spending time with.  Because both of our fathers have passed we are very close to our mothers. They are both fantastic moms and Grandmas with such loving and caring hearts. They are super excited that we want to grow our family by adopting.  It is also important to mention the other “Aunts” and “Uncles” our child will have. We have a handful of very close friends that we have known for over twenty-five years that are like our second family.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: Our home in Columbus, Ohio is so much more than four walls. It is the home that Jade grew up in and we like to think our home extends down our whole street. We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that still shares good old fashion values. We all look out for one another. Our four-bedroom two story house has a finished basement that is filled with games, books, blocks, puzzles, and everything you need to build great forts. It is situated on a beautiful tree lined street in a great school district both in academics and diversity.  We are looking forward to nighttime stories and snuggles, and daytimes spent bonding and exploring the new world around us. Homemade popcorn and movie nights, arts and crafts in the kitchen, camping in the crisp fall air, and pursuing new activities that our future child shows a passion for. Our home is a place we have created filled with good memories, fun traditions, respect to speak your opinion, and a foundation of love.

WE HAVE A LAKE HOUSE THAT WE ENJOY SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS AT. Some of our favorite activities are boating, tubing, kayaking, fishing, and roasting marshmallows.  It is a place where we love making family memories!

Meet Our Two Pups: We have two German Shepherds, Sage (2.5 years) and Ruby (1.5 years), who are great with kids. Sage is a big loving dog that has one floppy ear. He loves snuggles, boat rides, playing hide and seek, and when you scratch his front legs. Ruby is such a sweet little girl. She loves giving high fives, swimming, and playing chase with Sage.

Our Promise For Your Child:

  • He/she will always know love (hugs, kisses, snuggles)
  • Will always have a story time before bed (done in Characters voices, of course)
  • Will always have us cheering in their corner for support
  • Will be educated not only in the classroom but in nature
  • Will always have a sweet dog..or two in the home as a companion
  • Will always be heard with an open mind
  • Will know the sound of laughter on a daily basis within a loving home
  • Will grow up with a sense of adventure and travel
  • We promise to always show up, be present and make all decisions based on what is best for your child


One Last Thank You: We hope this isn’t the end, but the beginning of our lives becoming one. We can’t imagine how overwhelming this time must be choosing a family for your child. While we hope it is us we realize that you may still be unsure. Especially considering all you know of us is within these few pages. We hope you know we are not only what you have read but SO much more. We have inside jokes, pet names for one another, are playful and very much in love. Even with all of these blessings there is still a very large missing piece and for us that is a child. We promise we will embrace your child and immediately love him or her. We will love your child unconditionally and the same goes for you. We will honor you in a way that your child will always know your courageous decision and absolute love for them. We will honor your decision of choosing us by including you into their story and ultimately our story together.

We wish you could see the compassion in our eyes when we say, “Thank you”, and we wish you could feel our hand on your shoulder as we tell you we are here to support you. We hope that we will get to one day hug you in person and say all of this and more to you. But right now, we will simply say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.