August 20th, 2019
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Dear Birthmother

Hello! My name is Heather and I live in Northern California. It is with great love, respect, and admiration that I write this letter to introduce myself to you.

Before I tell you a little about me, I would like to thank you for your consideration during what is probably one of the most emotional and challenging times in your life. I admire your strength and courage as you consider this difficult and loving decision for your child. It is my wish that you will find some comfort, peace, and reassurance in knowing that I am fully committed to you and to this journey and that I will love, nurture, cherish, and protect your child with everything that I have in my heart and soul. It seems like an eternity that I have been waiting to share my life with a child, and I promise you that your child will always know that my love and support for him or her is unconditional and limitless.

Although I have always known that I wanted to be a mother, I guess I never envisioned myself as a single Mom. I think that I always took for granted that I would get married and have a family of my own, whether it be naturally or via adoption like some of my cousins. I guess you could say this was my wish for a husband, two kids, and a white picket fence. It has taken a lot of soul searching, reflection, and sleepless nights for me to realize just how important becoming a mother is to me and that I don’t have to give up my dream of becoming a parent even though this isn’t the traditional picture that I envisioned when starting my family. I also realized that I don’t need to wait for a future husband to start my journey of being a mother and that I can do this on my own. I am at a point where I am prepared, ready, and able to welcome a child into my life and my home. I have a wonderful job, am financially stable, and have an incredible group of family and friends who are so excited to be a part of this little one’s life. I know that if given the opportunity to raise a child, I will be able to handle the challenges that life throws at me and surround this child with endless love, support, and security. I know deep in my heart that I could be a great Mother and that I have so much to offer to a child.

The desire to have a child and be someone’s Mom has never diminished and, in fact, has only grown stronger and has ultimately led me to the path of adoption. I know that there is a little soul out there waiting for me and I would be honored and profoundly grateful to start this journey with you.

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in Southern California, graduated college at University of California, Santa Barbara, and moved up to the Bay Area about 14 years ago. I have a sister, Laura, and two brothers, Michael and Craig. My sister just recently got married and lives in Austin, TX, with her husband and stepson. My brother Michael lives in Hawaii with his family and Craig lives in Las Vegas.

I would describe myself as loving, compassionate, adventurous, loyal, dependable, and good-natured. I like to consider myself as being patient, easy going, and organized and I believe that I can adapt to new situations and stress very well. I love to laugh and my friends tell me that I usually wear my heart on my sleeve. My friends and family are my highest priority and I am grateful everyday for the blessings in my life.

I have a strong work ethic and the ability to multi-task and believe life is too short to do something without giving it your all. These character traits have been helpful to me in my job as a litigation secretary for an international firm. My job is interesting and challenging and I can honestly say that my co-workers are part of my second family as I have been with them for a little over 12 years. My supervisors and co-workers are so excited that I am taking this journey to fulfill my dream of becoming a Mother. They are incredibly supportive of my decision and are aware that I will be taking family leave after your baby is born, and modifying my work schedule to be able to spend as much time as I can with your child.


r-Heather and Kobe

My Parents and My Childhood

My parents always encouraged me to work hard, try my best, dream big, do well in school, and be adventurous. Whether it was taking piano lessons, opening up a lemonade stand or car wash, joining the choir, or playing sports, I always remember looking over and seeing my parents cheering me on and I know that I will do the same for my child. Although my parents have both passed away, I am positive that they are both smiling down and supporting my decision to adopt a child.

Growing up in this type of environment has helped me to define the type of household and values I want to raise a child in. I know that I will do everything in my power to ensure that your child grows up in a safe, healthy, happy, and stable household.

Terrific Friends and Extended Family

I have a wonderful network of friends through church, work, school, and sporting events. We offer each other support and are always there for one another whether it is by late night telephone calls, emails, or a last minute get together. Many of my friends have children of their own so they are a great support network for sharing the joys, laughs, fears, and challenges of parenthood. I would consider all of them (both male and female) incredible role models for any child to be around.

Many of my friends have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and they have embraced me and invited me to join their families during the holidays, vacations, and special occasions. I am so fortunate because I have been able to be there when their children were born and watch them grow up into amazing young men and women. I have become ‘Auntie Heather’ to all and Godmother to two. I have witnessed their first smiles, their first steps, first day of school, first dances, etc. I have been able to babysit, take them to the movies, go to school functions and sporting events, have sleepovers, and just be around to watch them grow up. I cannot wait to spend quality time with them and I have very close relationships with my nieces and nephews. There is nothing better than pulling up into the driveway and seeing them run out to my car with open arms and jubilant faces screaming ‘Auntie Heather’.

When I was in college, I had the opportunity to participate in a host exchange program in Australia. I lived in Sydney for a while with an incredible host family who I absolutely fell in love with. I travel to Australia often so I can visit with my family and friends there and everyone is ecstatic to have a new little member join the family. This child will have so many nieces, nephews, and cousins ‘Down Under’. I cannot wait for the day that I can take this child to visit all of my favorite places and to meet so many loving and terrific people. One of the places that I know we will visit will be the Tarongo Zoo, where we can hand feed kangaroos.

What I Love to Do

  • Travel – I have traveled all over Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Western Europe, Kenya, Botswana, and Hawaii. I would love to travel to Greece and Istanbul and start traveling more around the U.S. I have been to Yosemite but would love to experience Yellowstone National Park;
  • Sports – tennis, volleyball, soccer, swimming, softball, hiking, and Zumba. I love to watch football, baseball, tennis, and soccer on TV;
  • Be Outdoors – I love to sail and take long walks on the beach listening to the waves crashing on the shore. I also love to garden;
  • Photography – I am usually always the one behind the camera taking pictures;
  • Music – I love to listen to music and go to concerts by myself or with friends;
  • Be at Home with my Dogs – I have two dogs, Kobe and Shana, who I love spending time with. They love going for car rides with me, cuddling on the floor or on the bed, or going for walks. They are wonderful with children.
  • Spend time with my family and my Goddaughters;
  • Read.


r-Madison, Lexi, and I

My House and Neighborhood

I bought my house about three years ago with the idea that it would be a terrific place to start a family. I live in a wonderful neighborhood and distinguished school district. I am close to hiking and biking trails, parks, and recreation centers, and San Francisco is about 40 minutes from my home so I have the best of both worlds.

My Promise to You and to Your Child

I promise to:

  • Love them unconditionally and always be there to offer my support and encouragement;
  • Ensure that your child grows up in a happy, warm, and safe environment full of love and laughter;
  • Shower them with hugs and kisses and tickles and tell them every day how much I love them, how lucky I am, and how proud I am of them;
  • Be there when they stumble, pick them up when they fall down, and wipe away their tears;
  • Support and encourage them to follow their dreams, teach them to make good decisions, and to not be afraid of their fears;
  • Surround your child with loving family and friends who will also be there to support and encourage them;
  • Set boundaries and teach them about self-worth and self-respect;
  • Read them bedtime stories every night and tuck them in and watch them fall asleep;
  • Instill in them a sense of pride and self-worth, and respect for others and the world around them;v
  • Ensure that they receive a good education and have the opportunity to travel and see the world and learn about different people and cultures;
  • Expose them to music and sports or whatever their passion might be and I promise to always be there beside them cheering them on in their endeavors;
  • Tell them about you and how your love, strength, and courage created the miracle of our family and answer any questions they might have;
  • Most of all, I promise to remind them everyday how much I love them and how lucky I am.


r-Lexi and I

Thoughts From Family/Friends

Jennifer – My Goddaughter

Heather has always been a second mother to me. She has supported and encouraged me for as long as I can remember and I know that she will be a phenomenal mother to a child.

Laura – My Sister

Heather is my sister and one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know. Heather is generous, kind, intelligent, compassionate, hard working, and a very positive influence in my life. She makes an effort in all areas, has a solid value system, and tries to do the right thing. She would make an incredible mother and a child would be absolutely blessed to have her as their mother.

Janis – One of My Best Friends

Heather has always loved children from the time she was a teenager who babysat for family friends and she has followed them through their lives as they have grown up. For Heather to become a Mom would be the highlight of her life. Heather knows the responsibility it takes to raise a child and she can give that child all that is needed to raise him or her. I know the most important thing is that Heather would love this child and this child would become the “love of her life” and the “center of her universe”.

Laurie – My Friend and Co-Worker

I am very happy to call Heather my friend. I have known her for years and she is one of the nicest people I know. She is great with children and is going to be a fabulous mother. She has more patience than anyone I know, an inner sense of kindness, a great sense of humor and a way to make magic out of the smallest things. She is always there for others, family, friends, coworkers, anyone who needs help. She is a great friend

Craig – Friend/Family from Australia

I have personally known Heather for over 17 years. During this time I have known Heather to be a caring and compassionate person who is extremely generous. Heather has been a loyal and trustworthy friend who I have come to depend on. I have no hesitation in recommending Heather to become a mother and I have no doubt that that child would have all the love, support and encouragement that any child would deserve.

Diane – Friend/Co-Worker

Heather is one of the most caring and most generous people I have ever known. I can’t imagine a better-suited role for her than mother and can’t imagine how lucky a child would be to grow up with Heather as their mother. I have no doubt that she will make an amazing mother and I sincerely hope she gets the opportunity to become one.



In Conclusion

I know that raising a child as a single parent poses many extra challenges but it also offers many benefits as well. I can ensure that your child receives my undivided love, support, and attention and any decisions made in my future will be made with your child’s best interest in mind.

I hope that by sharing a little about me, you can feel comfortable in knowing that your child will be surrounded by endless love, security, a peaceful environment, and a world full of opportunity. Your child will always know how much you loved them and what a precious gift they are in my life. I will honor whatever decisions you make about communication and/or contact with your child. I am committed to you and to this journey and I am so profoundly grateful for your consideration in selecting me as the adoptive parent for your baby. I have never wanted anything more than to be a Mother and I am so excited that my dream will hopefully become a reality. I hope that you find peace and comfort in whatever decision you make.