April 22nd, 2018
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Ian and Will

Hi! We are Ian and Will from Los Angeles, California!

Our journey towards adoption begins with someone like you and we are fortunate you have elected to get to know more about us. We are a loving, committed couple that is 11 years strong. We have lived a blessed life together, rich with great memories, successes and life milestones. We are ready to start a family in every way one could imagine. Our hearts are open, we live a positive and productive life and our family and home are full of love.  And so begins a possible journey together. You, your child and our commitment to you and the little one. We respect you for considering adoption and are ready to take the step of raising a family, dedicating our lives to support, nurture and love your child.

Our Story Together Began in 2005: We met while working together and were instantly smitten. We enjoyed dating, with lots of common interests and quickly became a committed couple. We were married in 2008 at a lovely wedding hosted by Ian’s parents in Santa Monica. There, much of our family met for the first time. Since then, our respective families have become one. In particular, Ian’s parents consider Will his son, and Will’s mother Vickie lives near us and is a big part of our lives.

Since getting married, we have settled down in Marina del Rey, California. We enjoy weekend getaways to Palm Springs and San Diego, going to Disneyland and camp at least 3 times every summer. We vacation in Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil and the Caribbean. We are active, enjoying the gym and hiking. Will’s a beach guy. You’ll find him paddle boarding or playing beach volleyball at least once a week.  We both enjoy movies, friends, fine dining and hosting dinner parties with friends at home. Will’s a great cook who loves to grill. As for Ian, you can count a nice crock pot meal every Sunday.  Day to day, we are incredibly disciplined. Going to the gym and staying healthy are a big part of our lives. We have a personal trainer we see several times a week. In addition to that, we are both incredibly dedicated to our careers and have achieved a good deal of success through hard work and focus.



Meet Ian

About Ian, by Will: Ian is a very kind, thoughtful person and a loving husband. He always puts his needs aside to take care of others. He’s a problem solver and a great provider. I wouldn’t change a thing! It’s because of these wonderful qualities; he will make an amazing father. In addition to being a great provider, it’s clear he’ll bring the right balance of love, guidance and support to raising our future child.

A Closer Look at Ian, by Ian: I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. My parents were high school sweet hearts and quite young when they had me…a love child if you will, and they are happily married to this day. I was a shy, thoughtful, imaginative child who excelled in school. We are a close-knit family. As the family grew in number, I grew out of my shyness. As is the burden and privilege of being the oldest, you lead by example…a theme that directly applies to my work life to this day.  As for life now, I’ve worked for Zoic Studios for the last 7 years. I started there as a producer and quickly became head of the Advertising division and have recently been promoted to Senior Vice President. I am extremely proud of my accomplishments in my career, but what’s most important to me is having the respect of those who work for me. My position requires occasional travel but nothing excessive or for very long.

Outside of work, you will find me at the gym most mornings. I’m an early bird to say the least and try to get workouts in at least 3 times a week. In downtime, the imagination of my youth takes over. I love science fiction movies and reading comic books. I also have 2 young nephews, Dylan & Jude. I see them 3 or 4 times a year, but in between, we Facetime with them every week. Same said for my parents and sisters. Will and I will be heading home to Saint Louis soon to see them all and to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th as well as upcoming holidays.



Meet Will

About Will, by Ian: Will is a go getter in every way. I’ve never met a man with a stronger work ethic. He loves life and lives it to the fullest. He cares deeply about doing a good job at work and in turns enjoys cutting loose after a job well done. It’s for these reasons, Will will make a great father. He’s the right mix of discipline, compassion, and fun. It’s what I love about him. His core qualities are so similar to mine but in completely different ways. Where one of us might take something to seriously, the other will look at the bright side. Will is the yin to my yang. I love him for knowing me so well and loving me for who I am.

All About Will, by Will: I grew up in a small town an hour west of Dallas, Texas with my older sister and younger half-brother. I was an active, fearless kid that was always looking for an adventure.  My sense of adventure led me to Los Angeles at the early age of 21. There I worked in retail but quickly realized I needed to start a career. By happenstance, I answered an ad and was hired as a production assistant and Digital Domain. There, with hard work and focus, I rose through the ranks to become a producer. I have since moved on to a similar company and elevated position of Senior Producer for The Mill.  Outside of work and family, I’m active in every way you can imagine. Socializing with friends is incredibly important to me. Be it hosting at home or going out, I enjoy cutting loose. I’m also very active both in gym and beach life. Similar to Ian, you’ll find me at the gym most mornings and at the beach most weekends.



About Our Family & Friends

Ian talks about his family: My immediate family is my parents, sisters, and grandmother who lives with my parents. My parents have been married for 43 years and are going strong. Their commitment to each other, through thick and thin, is a direct influence on our relationship. My parents live in St. Louis, MO but visit yearly over the holidays, and we go to Missouri at least twice a year. My sisters are lovely, strong women. Jessica is a leader at her school, as the English Department Chair and aspiring principal. She is also the mother of 2 fantastic young boys, Dylan and Jude. My younger sister Rachel is a nurse and is amazing at caring for the family.

Will talks about his family: I have strong ties with my family back home in Dallas. I visit home at least once a year if not more. Ian and I consider ourselves fortunate to have my mom, Vickie, live just a few minutes away. We get to see her at least once a week, and she is an active part of our lives. My father taught me how to shave, shoot a gun, fly a plane, and even how to drive a car. Over the years, and with the passing of my beloved sister, our relationship has grown stronger, and we’re now closer than ever.

As for friends: We have 3 couples that we see regularly and are close with. They too are starting families, and we can’t wait to raise a child alongside our friends.

Our Dog, Arden: One could say we have Arden to thank for getting us ready to be parents. We’ve enjoyed raising him together and have come to realize through him what a good team we will be raising a child together. We’re so excited to become parents!



Our Home, Our Careers and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in a lovely condo community in Marina del Rey, CA with a great pool and on site dog park. It’s a friendly community with lots of kids. It’s also a community that’s up and coming with young families with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Our home is comfortable, open and modern with lots of light, plants and a back patio for grilling and hosting friends. Living where we do, beach life is common place. Disneyland is also not far and we visit regularly. We are incredibly excited to bring our future little one to the many parks with playgrounds close by.

Our Careers: We work in the same field as producers in the entertainment business. Ian is a studio head at a company called Zoic Studios, and Will is a producer for the Mill. We work on feature films, television, video games and commercials. We are very successful in our careers and have both worked at our companies for a long time. Ian’s hours are normal with occasional travel, and Will’s hours are fairly regular but he does have a few late nights on big projects. Between us, we have worked on 8 feature films, nearly 20 video games and well over 50 nation commercial spots.

Thoughts On Parenting: Fortunately for us, we come from good parenting ourselves and strive to emulate how we were brought up. We are both well adjusted, loving people with strong morals and ethics. It’s important to us to make a good impression but stand behind what we believe in. We intend to raise our future child with these same principles. Education, career, relationships, and making the most of life is incredibly important, and that, above all else is rivaled only by strong lasting friendships and being valued contributors to the communities to which we belong. We feel these things measure success in life, and we intend to apply that philosophy to raising our future child.

Thank You: We look forward to getting to know you and more about your life. We are potentially starting a journey together that we can ensure will be a comfortable, enriching experience for all of us. Your child will be in the most excellent care one could hope for.

Should you choose us as your child’s adoptive parents, we look forward to meeting you and your little one!