October 22nd, 2018
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Iliana and Enrique

Hello! We are Iliana & Enrique from El Paso, Texas

Thank you so much about learning about us. We can’t wait to add another child to our family! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We have profound respect for you and the selfless and courageous decision you are making. We feel honored to be considered and want so much for you to have peace of mind and peace in your heart when you find the best home for your child. We would be overjoyed if you chose us! We promise we will honor your sacrifice by providing your baby a happy, safe and loving home.

Why Adopt? We always knew we would have a big family of our own. Since before we got married we knew we wanted to adopt one or two children no matter how many we had of our own. We were blessed with our two children Fernanda and Diego, but we knew all along we would also grow our family through adoption. After their births, the priority was creating a happy and loving home for them. Iliana placed her career in medicine on hold to be with the kids during their formative years. Later on, we became busy while raising the kids and growing careers but it is now time to fulfill our lifelong dream of adding a precious child to our loving family!

Our Story: We were both born and raised in Mexico and have lived in El Paso, TX for more than 20 years. We have been high school sweethearts since we met in the 10th grade and instantly became best friends. We dated through high school and college and after 7 years of dating we got married in a beautiful ceremony. Through all the years and growing up together, our love and friendship has prevailed. We are truly best friends and have grown so much watching our family grow, which has made us stronger than ever. We hope we grow old together and rejoice looking back at the beautiful family we created together.

Meet Iliana

I was born and raised in Juarez, Mexico. My older brother and I had lots of fun growing up and continue to be very close today. I look back to my childhood with very fond memories. I went to college in my home town and married Enrique during the last year of medical school. One month before graduation we had our daughter, Fernanda. We moved to El Paso, TX that same year and I happily put my career in medicine on hold to be a full-time mother. It wasn’t until our son started school that I pursued the required steps to become a licensed physician in the US and begin residency training. I currently work 10 shifts a month as a physician hospitalist. I feel beyond fortunate to have spent all that time with the kids and will do the same with our new son or daughter.

What Enrique loves about Iliana: I love Iliana’s fun and loving personality. She is my best friend and makes me laugh all the time. She is one of the smartest people I know but is also very goofy and funny. She has cared for our children since day one with such  love and passion. Our kids have such an amazing relationship and communication with her, a reflection of her dedication and their true friendship. It is amazing to see the love in her eyes for our children and I can’t wait to see it duplicated in our third child. She is a great cook and makes healthy meals. She is very active, loves sports, and playing with  the kids. She loves Halloween, decorating the house and dressing up herself.  She loves her parents and is a wonderful daughter, aunt and sister.

Fun Facts About Iliana:

  • Loves medical and detective shows
  • Loves shopping in outlets, for gifts, and even groceries
  • Loves to sing and is not too bad
  • Loves running and participating in local races
  • Favorite food: Crab cakes and pizza
  • Gets teary-eyed in most movies and even some commercials
  • She loves anything Smurfs and Star Wars

Meet Enrique

I was born in Mexico City but moved to Juarez, where I was raised, at the age of 3. I have a younger brother and sister whom I had so much fun growing up with. I went to The University of Texas at El Paso and earned a degree in accounting. I am a chief financial officer for a food company in El Paso and enjoy working with numbers and budgets. My job is very flexible and allows me lots of quality time with my family. I love prepping meals and grilling on the weekends. I also enjoy taking the family camping in our RV and can’t wait to go on trips like my family did when I was a child and teach our new son or daughter the love of interacting with nature and how much fun fishing can be.

What Iliana loves about Enrique: I fell in love with Enrique very shortly after I met him and have loved him since! Enrique is truly genuine, has a kind heart, and is generous to a fault. He has a natural ability to connect with people, no matter what age or background. He isn’t a flashy guy but he shows his love to us in the little things he does to take care of us every day. What I love most about him is that Enrique puts his role as a husband and father first – whether being the coach for our daughter’s soccer team when she was younger, or teaching our son to drive with safety and kindness in mind, he makes sure that our house is safe and that we have everything we need. He makes sure that our house is safe and that we have everything we need. I can’t wait to see Enrique become a wonderful father again to our baby son or daughter.

Fun Facts about Enrique:

  • Loves to go fishing and camping
  • Loves the Dallas Cowboys
  • Loves grilling for the family
  • Was a racquetball champion at 16
  • Favorite food: Steak and fish
  • Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
  • Favorite movie: Star Wars and The Matrix

Our Family & Friends

Meet Our Kids: Fernanda is 20-years-old and is very funny and loving. She has always been very mature for her age and is a wonderful daughter, and sister. She lives at home with us while she attends UTEP and is in her junior year in nursing school. She has the biggest heart, and will do anything for others and for everyone to be treated equally no matter what. Fernanda can’t wait to become an older sister again! Diego is 16-years-old, and is a junior in high school and is a loving and sensitive young man. He is doing well in school, has fun with his friends, and is thinking of a career in engineering. He enjoys playing adventure video games and started driving this summer. Diego is already making a list of life lessons he is going to share with his baby brother or sister.

Our Extended Family: We have a very close-knit family who love celebrations and Holidays. Nana and Papa, Iliana’s parents, are fun, young, and loving grandparents. They live 6 miles from our home and get together for brunch, dinner, or a fun evening of playing board games often. We love celebrating everyone’s birthdays and accomplishments together. Nana and Papa’s house is the point of reunion for most holidays where all cousins meet and have a great time. Our families are very close and they will welcome our new addition to the family with open arms and great love!  We have been very lucky and have been able to travel with the kids to many places, like multiple trips to Disneyland and Disney World, twice to Atlantis in the Bahamas, and Cancun.  We can’t wait to bring our future child along for his or her first big family trip!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in a ranch-style one-story home in southern Texas. Our home is very spacious indoors and outdoors. Our neighborhood has very low traffic and is full of family homes with children playing outside almost every afternoon. We have a very nice zoo and many parks with children’s playgrounds. Exemplary schools are less than 5 miles away from our neighborhood. We are two hours away from lakes and rivers  for fishing, and snow and skiing in the winter.

We Promise To Honor Your Gift By:

  • LOVING your child without reservation and unconditionally
  • Teaching them of your LOVE AND SACRIFICE for him or her
  • Filling their days with LOVE, LAUGHTER AND FUN
  • NURTURING their interests and talents, and developing their skills
  • Providing all the resources he or she needs to achieve their FULL POTENTIAL
  • Giving him or her the FREEDOM to find and pursue their life’s passion
  • Surrounding them with an extended FAMILY AND FRIENDS who will love them wholeheartedly
  • Embracing their UNIQUENESS


From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for considering us as adoptive parents to your child. We hope that you have gotten to see a small piece of who we are through this profile. As you take time to make your decision, please know that we are here with open arms and hearts,  thinking of you and your child each step of the way. We are committed to being great parents and have so much love to give!