August 20th, 2019
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Ilise and Dan

Greetings! We are Ilise, Dan, and Viola!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are grateful for this chance to tell you about us and our hopes for your child. We honor your courage and we are sure you want to choose a family who will love your child and provide him or her with a warm, loving, comfortable, and safe home.

We feel so grateful to able to provide a loving home for our family, and we would love to share our home with your child. We have so much love to give and are ready to welcome your child to our family!

Our Life Together

It took use a while to find “the one,” but now we have been married for over ten years! A friend introduced us, and right away we knew we had found someone special. When we met, we were living in San Francisco, but decided to move back to Ilise’s home town of Atlanta to be closer to family and friends. Our daughter Viola was born there and it has been a great place for our family.

Being parents has been the greatest journey of our lives. We hoped to have a big family, but struggled with fertility. We have wished and hoped for another child to love. It is our hope that your child can be part of our dream. Viola is so excited about the prospect of all the ways she can love and care for a little one, and we know she has so much to give!

Raising another child means a whole new set of loving relationships for our family, and a chance for all of us to grow as we love and cherish a new family member.

Things We Love to Do

We love to travel, whether to see the world, explore our roots, spend time at the beach, or camp out with friends at a music festival.

At home, we love to spend time outside. We also love to snuggle on the couch for a good movie, play board games, or have a “dance party” in our living room complete with a light show!

Hospitality and building community are very important to us. We love to celebrate holidays and birthdays together with family, or to have spontaneous gatherings at our home. Our home is always open to guests from all over the world.

A Little About Ilise

Ilise grew up in a big family. She was born in Atlanta but has also lived in St. Louis, San Francisco, and Israel. Her family comes from Spain, Turkey, the Isle of Rhodes, and Cuba.

She is a warm, passionate, loyal, thoughtful, and caring person. She’s a negotiator, thinker, and problem solver with a strong sense for taking care of others and being attentive to people’s needs. Ilise’s dream was to become a mother. She is a loving and affectionate mom who welcomes time to play, and comes up with creative art projects. As someone who is very empathetic and in touch with emotions, she always supports Viola to understand her experiences and feelings. Ilise makes everyone laugh, especially with her silly songs.

Ilise is passionate about social justice and is often involved in planning and participating in conferences, rallies, and educational talks. Her work connects her to activists around the world, and she is a mentor to many young people in our community.

Ilise’s fun facts:

  • Ilise’s Mediterranean roots show in her love for water and outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, biking, and camping.
  • She has a beautiful voice and loves to sing.
  • She enjoys time with friends and family and celebrating holidays.
  • She loves spending mommy-daughter time with Viola.
  • In her extra free time, she loves to read and watch movies.

A Little About Dan

Dan was born and raised in New York City and previously lived in California. He has Eastern European roots. Dan is gentle, kind, and compassionate and is always a supportive partner to Ilise. He takes on many of the practical tasks around the house and enjoys the satisfaction of getting things done.

Many of Dan’s closest friends live far away, but he enjoys keeping up with them online. When we invite family and friends over to our house, Dan is amazing at thinking of ways to keep everyone fed and enjoying themselves.

Dan’s fun facts:

  • Dan and Viola love spending time together, whether it’s computer programming or acting out silly “Amelia Bedelia” scenarios.
  • He loves teaching Viola about science, math, and computers.
  • Dan loves music and plays guitar.
  • He is always ready with a corny “Dad” joke.
  • He loves to read about current events, politics, science, technology, and more – he is like a walking encyclopedia!

Work Life

Ilise is an educator and activist. She has a Ph.D. in Anthropology and has taught a wide range of students from college age to Sunday school kids and teenagers. She works on Middle East peace and justice issues, and has led numerous trips to Israel/Palestine. She serves on the board of an interfaith peace organization and is the Atlanta chapter leader of another.

Dan is an engineer who has been writing software at major high tech companies for over 20 years. He has a master’s degree and loves to solve problems and learn new things.

Our Beautiful And Love-Filled Home

We have been fortunate to own our own home since 2008. Our house is not very old but it has a traditional feel, with lots of wood and sunlight in every room. We love to showcase Viola’s art on the walls and we have lots of books!

We live in a wonderful, safe neighborhood where we can walk to the park or neighborhood restaurants. We have a fenced yard with a treehouse, sandbox, and shared swings. Our city feels like a small town and we often run into people we know. There are book and arts festivals, a community “beach” party, jazz nights, 5K charity runs, and many other activities. Our local public schools are some of the best in Georgia.

Big Sister Viola

Viola is a bright, loving, and imaginative 8 year-old. She is eager to care for a brother or sister, and especially can’t wait to read and sing to them. She loves reading, art, drama, science, and math, and is a great traveler. She enjoys baking with Mom and computer programming with Dad. She has a strong sense of justice and participates in marches and delegations. She takes piano lessons, plays soccer, and swims on a swim team in the summer.

The People We Love

Ilise is the youngest of her siblings. We often visit with her sister in North Carolina, and her brother in Atlanta. We have a niece and three nephews and are connected to a large extended family. Ilise’s parents are deceased but the spirit of Ilise’s Mom – known as “Gammie” – is very much a part of our lives.

Dan has a younger sister who lives in New York. Dan’s parents live in New York and Florida and love to spend time with their only granddaughter. Viola especially loves how Dan’s Mom can make up stories that go on for days.

Our families are all very excited to get to know your child and have him or her be part of our family! Like us, they can’t wait to give love to our future child and watch our family grow.

Our Religion

We are Jewish and attend a progressive synagogue that welcomes families of all kinds. What we love most about being Jewish is being connected to a tradition with a strong sense of ethics and a belief in making the world a better place. We are excited to pass on that tradition to the next generation. We love celebrating holidays as a family, whether it’s lighting sabbath candles on Friday nights, dressing up in costumes for Purim, or hosting a Passover meal for 30 people.

Our Furry Friends

Otis, a feisty, affectionate brown tabby boy, and Carly, a sweet, playful black-and-white girl, are our rescued cats. They love to snuggle with us (sometimes they must think we are their pillows) and chase a wand or a laser. Having cats has added so much love to our home, and we are grateful to have them be a part of our family.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. Having your child be a part of our family would mean so much to us, and we can’t wait to share our love with him or her.

We know this decision is so important to you and we want you to have all the information you need to choose the right family for your child. If you have any questions for us or would like to speak to us about becoming adoptive parents to your child, please contact your adoption advisor at AdoptHelp toll-free at 1-800-637-7999.

In peace and with gratitude,

ilise, dan & viola