June 22nd, 2018
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Ingrid and Bob

Dear Birthmother

We can’t begin to imagine the situation and overwhelm you must be facing. Know that we greatly respect this selfless choice, whether or not you choose us as your child’s parents. There isn’t a greater act of love. We have much love, stability, and happiness in our life, for which we are grateful. Still, it’s been difficult to face fertility issues and consider a life without children. We’ve never wanted anything more than to raise a child. So, we turn to this journey with faith that the universe has a better parenting plan in store for us. Fortunately, we embark on this journey with much support and encouragement. Ingrid’s uncle, Bob’s brother-in-law, two of Bob’s cousins, and our dear friend were adopted. And, our close friends in Boise (where we live) just adopted their son. Thank you for taking time to read about us and consider us as parents for your child. We would love to talk with you by phone, or meet you in person, should you ever wish to do so.


Bob and Ingrid

About Us

We met in 2013 while working together in the ER. Bob works as a physician and Ingrid as a psychologist. Bob tried to woo Ingrid by buying lunch whenever she was there. Ingrid was oblivious to his efforts. We both thought the other was out of our league. Knowing he was an avid outdoorsman, Ingrid asked Bob to be her hiking partner. He heard: “Oh, she likes me!”. We knew we were perfect for each other during that first hike. We see the world through the same lens. Our engagement was “us” – playful, genuine, and simple. We were playing a board game when Bob spontaneously asked Ingrid to marry him. He placed a U2 CD on her finger when she replied “yes!”. We married on the patio of our home in 2015; our family and friends orchestrated the entire event. We can’t wait to be parents and extend our love to a child.

Meet Quincy

He found Ingrid 13 years ago, and never left her yard. So, she welcomed him into her life. He follows her everywhere and especially enjoys rolling in dirt as she gardens. Bob and Quincy love watching cartoons together. His most precious skill is his ability to comfort you when he senses you’re having a hard day. He’s more like a dog than a cat, so would probably spend a lot of time at our child’s side, guarding them wherever they go.

About Ingrid (by Bob)

Ingrid has enriched every part of my life and has that rare quality of helping me be a better person. Above all, I love how much Ingrid values family and close friends, and how incredibly loyal she is. For example, when her dad was going through a tough time, she surprised him by flying to California and taking him to front row seats at a concert. She used a week of vacation to clean and renovate a childhood friend’s home in Chicago. Another friend asked Ingrid to help her with her newborn the first week post-delivery, a request she didn’t ask her own parents. Ingrid provided another week of care immediately after her sister had a baby last August. In the same way, I know Ingrid will put everything down to give our child complete focus and love. In fact, she looks forward to being a stay-at-home mom, beginning the moment we become parents. Another thing I love about Ingrid is how she is not intimidated by difficult situations; her ambition gets her through most anything. So, I have confidence that she will find a way to overcome any unforeseen obstacles that parenting might bring.

About Bob (by Ingrid)

Bob befriends nearly everyone he meets – from all walks of life. He is one of the most friendly, genuine, and nonjudgmental people you will ever meet. He met someone on a train in Europe who travels from Germany to visit us every other year! Still, there is no comparison to his childhood friends; they are family. And, Bob prioritizes family like no one else I know. For example, his first big purchase was to pay off his mom’s mortgage. And, no matter how hard his day, he always makes a point to listen to mine. He has received shots for cat allergies ever since our first date, and never once asked me to give Quincy up (probably because he knows I never would). I am most attracted to Bob because of how protected I feel by him. His incredible mental and physical toughness has allowed him to excel as an ER physician, just as it allowed him to drive a motorcycle through the Himalayan Mountains of India. I believe that his genuine kindness, patience, generosity, and protective ability are what will make him an incredible parent. He looks forward to teaching most of all. He was an Eagle Scout who mentored younger scouts. And, in addition to his patient responsibilities, he is a professor of medicine. He was named preceptor of the year for his teaching efforts!

Our Family

We have an enormous amount of people we consider family! Included are our parents and siblings, extended family, godparents, and many friends of over 25 years. Both of our fathers passed away, but their spirits are still alive. Bob’s mom and siblings live a couple miles from our home. We have family dinners on a regular basis. Bob’s extended family lives in Park City, UT and Norway. We see one another at least once a year. Ingrid’s mom, sister, and extended family live in Northern California. They are a short flight away, so we visited them three times last year. Ingrid’s sister is a professional musician and looks forward to providing music lessons for our child over Skype and in person. Ingrid’s godparents live in Sun Valley, ID, and consider us the children they never had. They are expert skiers and look forward to teaching our future child to ski. Also, many close friends and family live across the world, which makes travel easy. Finally, here in Boise, we enjoy monthly dinner parties with our close friends, most with children under 3. We call each other aunties and uncles to these kids. In short, this network of “family” will provide any child with a sense of belonging and connection!

Our Home

We live in Boise, Idaho! Boise is ranked as one of the best cities in the country because of its low crime, family-friendly environment, cultural opportunities, and numerous outdoor activities. We chose our city and neighborhood because of how perfect they are for raising a child. And, we stay in this neighborhood with the hope that someday our dream will come true. Our neighborhood has immediate access to the river, mountains, greenbelt, and Shakespeare Festival. Our school district includes the best high school in the state. We have so many kids in our neighborhood that there is a formal moms’ group, which Ingrid can’t wait to be part of. In summer, kids ride bikes between the neighborhood snow cone shack and pool. And, the entire neighborhood joins together to create a spectacular Halloween each year. We can’t wait to dress up as a family!

Our Promise to You

Thank you for taking time to read about us. We are truly grateful for the chance to be the loving parents you imagine for your child. At this point in our lives, we are able to set everything down to prioritize parenting over everything else. We look forward to the daily structure that is healthy for a child, alongside a great deal of adventure and fun. Should you choose us as your child’s parents, your child will always know how loved he or she is by you. And, our parenting decisions will incorporate your own hopes and dreams for your child.

Messages from Those Who Are Close to Us

“Ingrid and Bob are such solid and trustworthy people. They both project so much love and care to those that are family and friends. Their generosity to others is incredible. Further, they have a wonderful balance in their professional and private life.” – Bob and Ann (Ingrid’s godparents)

“Bob and I have been close friends for over 25 years. When my son was born 10 years ago he was the natural choice as his godfather. In the years since, he has simply become Uncle Bob to my two children. And, Ingrid is now Aunt Ingrid. They are a very loving and dedicated couple.” – Nick (Bob’s childhood friend)

“I have known Ingrid for over 26 years, and she is the most caring, giving, and kind person I know. I know Ingrid and Bob would be thrilled to share their lives and love with a child, and I know that the child will be lucky to have such wonderful people as parents.” – Kristine (Ingrid’s childhood friend)