August 17th, 2018
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Jaimee and Dave

Dear Birthmother,

Hello, we are Jaimee and Dave from Los Angeles. Thank you so much for your courage in choosing adoption and giving us a deeper look. We hope this profile will give you a glimpse into our home, the love we share, and give you a sense that nothing will be more important to us in our lives than the happiness of your child.  We want you to be confident in your heart that your selfless decision is the right one. We would be truly blessed to love a child. We are with you as deeply as other people can be. We have always wanted to bring another life into our home; a child who will grow with us and make us a family. We will dedicate our lives to providing your child a happy, wholesome home full of love, support, learning and warmth.

Moments we are excited to share with a child

  • letting go of the back of their bicycle when they first take off
  • sitting by the Thanksgiving fireplace watching our child play with their cousins
  • enjoying their triumph when they conquer the ocean the very first time
  • getting our child that large loveable puppy our parents never allowed
  • teaching them to find the good in people
  • soothing their hurt feelings when the other team “sometimes” wins
  • singing the silliest of songs in the family car stuck in traffic on the LA Freeway

Our Story so far…

We met the old-fashioned way: not online, but in person. Jaimee was visiting an old friend in Atlanta and was introduced to Dave. We clicked immediately and the vacation became the beginning of a romance. Three thousand miles was too much space between us, so Dave soon moved out to Los Angeles and a year later we were married.

We both find in our hearts a deep sense of honesty and respect for doing things the right way. We are both hardworking and loyal to our friends and family, and after learning we couldn’t have children we quickly resolved to adopt a child. We have a strong curiosity for learning new things and a passion to see all that life can offer. We know how to laugh together, but when times get difficult we provide each other with comfort.

Our relationship thrives on the amazing ways we complement each other and the important values we share. Dave is country boy, with calm, patience and strength while Jaimee is a city girl, a mover and seeker of knowledge with great energy and passion. We lean on each other, we learn from each other, and a child would grow with the strengths of each of us.

Enjoying our lives together

  • One of our goals is to go to all the national parks (over 30 thus far!)
  • Jaimee adores kayaking and made Dave learn as soon as they started dating
  • We have date nights playing mini golf and going to the drive-in and nights in doing a puzzle and playing board games.
  • We love to adventure. We have a wall that showcases all the memories from where we have been and another wall waiting for memories of places we hope to go as a family



About Jaimee, by Jaimee

I grew up in New York but have lived all over the country. I was raised to always be open to learning, to be honest with people and to explore my passions. My childhood was a balance of city culture and trips to the mountains, where my parents now live. I grew up with music always in the background, and many of my favorite memories involve my parents sharing music they love and our entire family dancing. Singing in the car was mandatory, and luckily Dave is always up for a sing-a-long.

I am a lawyer, and currently teach urban planning at UCLA (Go Bruins!).  I love that my job lets me make the world a better place.  UCLA is a great community, and the people I work with are very supportive of the adoption. I often work from home and I plan on taking time off to spend as much time as possible with our child.

Jaimee, by Dave

Jaimee has an unbelievable devotion to the people in her life. Friends, family, co-workers can always depend on her as a kind, sympathetic ear, and she is always eager to help resolves problems with a smile. She is never afraid of what lies ahead and she has been a wonderful source of inspiration when I need to face a new challenge. She makes children feel like the most important people in the world. She is a “mom” in all the best ways possible. Our child will have an understanding, encouraging mother at every turn.

Fun facts about Jaimee:

  • Jaimee loves Thanksgiving, road trips, rain storms, otters and dancing to live music.
  • She loves to travel. She’s been to all fifty states and over 30 countries.
  • She was a high school state badminton champion and still plays regularly
  • Every year Jaimee’s family has a huge party where they pick apples from their orchard, cook ambitious apple themed meals and play baseball with the leftover apples.




About Dave by Dave

My dad was a soldier so my childhood took place across America. It was a wonderful adventure as I was surrounded by a loving, boisterous family. I mostly grew up in Georgia, but the earliest place I remember living is in Alaska. We would frequently go on family walks in the wilderness and I still jokingly tell Jaimee that any scars I have come from protecting my family from a vicious polar bear. I learned a lot growing up while moving around the country; but things that always remained true was the importance of family and the value of hard work. That lesson got me through school, through college, and all the way to Los Angeles to be with the woman I love.

I’ve always loved reading and writing, so it was only natural that I studied English literature in college. Between the two of us, we can’t find enough places to put all our books! I also love technology and computers, and combine both these passions in a career as a technical writer. I have an amazing job with a large automotive company, and have the flexibility to often work from home.

Dave, by Jaimee

Dave is the warmest person I have ever met. He is loyal, optimistic, and is always ready to crack a joke. He gets along with everyone, always sees the good in people, and knows how to make everyone around him feel relaxed. He is a real Southern gentleman.

Every day I look at him and think about what a wonderful father he will be. He cares so deeply about everyone around him, family is his priority, and he has the boundless patience and optimism it takes to be a great father.

Fun Facts about Dave

  • Dave loves coffee, cartoons, puns and couldn’t survive without a GPS.
  • Growing up in a military family, Dave lived in Germany, Alaska, and Georgia, and doesn’t have an accent!
  • He is a Tetris and Mario Kart champion.
  • Dave’s mother smuggles chocolate home from Germany every year, and at Christmas, she hides chocolate all over the house for the kids.


The People We Love

Jaimee’s family is incredibly close and she talks to her parents everyday. They’ve been married for 47 years, setting a wonderful example for our marriage. They now live in a mountain cabin with a pond, where everyone gathers for holidays and special events. Her brother also lives on the West coast, and has an adorably rambunctious niece and a 2-year-old nephew who is the best dancer we know. While her family is not the largest, they’ve always welcomed everyone, often having over 30 people at Thanksgiving!

Dave has a very Southern family. By that, we mean they make everyone that comes in through the door feel like one of the family. His father always knew how to strike the exact balance between enforcing the rules and having fun. Sadly, he recently passed away, but his example of how a family stays strong when they love and support each other forever remains with us. His mother is a nurse, loves to read, and is a constant source of wisdom. He has two brothers and together they are responsible for 7 of our 8 nieces, which we call the beginnings of our baseball team.

We Love Living in Los Angeles!

It has the perfect mix of big city opportunities, access to nature and healthy living, while retaining tight-knit communities that we both value from growing up. We live on a quiet block in a diverse family neighborhood, near great schools and parks, and only a mile from the beach. On weekends we walk anywhere we want to go, and there are many family-friendly community events.

We consider our family to include the many friends we’ve made and kept along the way, and keeping a warm, welcoming household is one of the strongest values our families instilled in us. Many of our friends in Los Angeles have children who are excited to have a new friend in their lives. We spend lots of our time going to family events like BBQs, beach days, or cheering at little league games, and love being go-to babysitters. They have welcomed us as a part of their families, making Los Angeles a home away from home. Our family and friends cannot wait to welcome a new member to the family and journey with us as we become parents.

Odds and Ends

  • Dave arranges our stuffed animals with welcome home signs whenever I go away.
  • Jaimee secretly collects fun things for Dave and saves them for when he needs cheering up.

In Closing

Thank you for opening your heart to us. We hope this has helped you to get to know us a couple and as hopefully as a family for your child. We are meeting at a crossroads in all of our lives that is sacred and filled with promise. If there is anything we can say will give you some comfort, we pledge to honor your priceless gift of life with love and gratitude for the rest of our lives


Our promises to your child:

  • Indulge your child with unconditional love, warmth, and guidance
  • Teach them honesty, kindness, and the value of hard work
  • Take care of them, listen to their stories, share their interests, and heal their hurts
  • Read to them every night from our favorite books we saved from our childhoods
  • Provide them with a stable home and the best possible education
  • Guide them to take pride in who they are and where they come from
  • Encourage them to follow their passions and grow their talents
  • Give them a curiosity about the world that takes them places all over our country and the world as we have done
  • Create a sense of joy and fun in simply being alive…. raising a dog, paddling a kayak, hiking, riding a bike, sharing a candy bar with a friend, helping a neighbor and in our case, helping Grandpa pick apples from his apple tree.


Jaimee and Dave

If you have any questions for us, or are interested in us adopting your child, please contact your AdoptHelp caseworker at 1-800- 637-7999 toll free.