October 21st, 2018
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James and Heidi

Dear Birth Mother,

Words cannot describe our gratitude for the selfless decision you are making. We know it takes much courage and strength, and we hope you find peace in knowing adoption is love. Thank you for considering us.

We are a family of three plus a cat and a dog. Our son is a wonderful blessing who we welcomed through adoption in 2016. Today, we live near the mountains in East Tennessee and love calling this home. We hope the next few pages give you a glimpse of our excitement to grow our family and who we are as a family, parents and big brother. We want you to know we will give your child a Christian home full of love, encouragement, and laughter.

Our story

Our family started when we met in early 2006. We were both volunteering at our local fire department. Casual conversations over the next couple of months led to a wonderful friendship and relationship. Later that fall James proposed while we were visiting New York City. And in September 2007, we married in Indiana surrounded by many friends and family. Opportunities in our careers led us from Indiana to Houston, Texas; Charleston, South Carolina; and Johnson City, Tennessee, where we live today.

We are an active family who enjoys being together for all of life’s adventures. We’ve been blessed to travel to some famous and quiet destinations around the world. As our family has grown we’ve continued our adventures. Today they include Saturday morning hikes with Hollis and weekend trips to visit nearby friends and family.

We’ve always talked about our family from early on in our relationship, but after several years of trying, we learned that having biological children of our own was not easy. A couple of years passed, and we began to talk about adoption. In February 2016, we were blessed to learn a birth mother selected us. We welcomed our son, Hollis James, the next day.  We are excited to continue growing our family through adoption and can’t wait for Hollis to meet his brother or sister.


Things that we enjoy:

  • Spending time in nature – hiking, canoeing, camping
  • Hanging out with family
  • A summer afternoon on the beach with friends
  • Date night and trying out a new food trucks or restaurants
  • Traveling to new places
  • Skiing down a Colorado mountain
  • Brewing beer
  • Cooking


About James, written by Heidi:

James is the most adventurous, dedicated, and loving person in my life. He reminds me daily how much he loves me and how blessed we are to have this life together. He also can’t let a day go by without making me laugh about something – myself included. His outlook on life helps keep everything in perspective. Life’s too short to not enjoy every aspect of it!

James’ career is dedicated to public service and helping people. He began volunteering at the fire department at 16 and turned that passion into a career as a full-time firefighter and emergency medical technician. He has helped countless people at some of their most vulnerable times in life and that’s just one of the many, many reasons I love him. Most recently, James decided he wanted to have more flexibility in his schedule and career. He started his business in home inspections and repair. I am proud of his hard work, perseverance and willingness to take a chance for our family.

Since we met over 11 years ago, I always knew James would make an unbelievable father. He lights up when he is around kids. He acts silly and plays with kids of all ages. He enjoys making them laugh and showing them how much fun life can be. He’s extremely patient, and one of his passions is teaching and sharing his experiences. Watching James with Hollis has brought much joy to our family and has been even greater than I could have imagined. He’s an amazing “Dadda” to Hollis.

James fun facts:

  • Is quite handy – he always has a project going around our home
  • He is a private pilot!
  • Began playing hockey as a kid in California
  • Loves history and enjoys visiting museums
  • Very willing to help anyone out, especially if they need something repaired


About Heidi, written by James:

Heidi became the center of my world the moment I met her. The strength she shows is only overpowered by the sweetness in her smile. Heidi has always volunteered to help others which shows how selfless she really is. She shines as Hollis’ “momma”.

Heidi was born a natural hard worker. She graduated high school top of the class and graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, the number one undergraduate engineering school in the nation, with a chemical engineering degree. She started working for a major corporation directly out of college, and soon after started volunteering for the fire brigade, and then our community fire department where we met. Heidi also completed her Master’s in business administration from Indiana University. Today, Heidi leads projects developing new products and markets for Eastman Chemical Company.

Heidi is also very serious about her health; she attends Thunder Valley Crossfit four to five times a week.

When Heidi sees a challenge ahead, she jumps in with both feet – talk about a woman who has no fears! She is the right to my left.


Heidi fun facts:

  • Can deadlift 235 pounds!
  • Loves to travel for fun
  • Has competed in a downhill skiing competition
  • Enjoys knitting a baby blanket, stuffed animal or a hat for a friend
  • Loves to relax with a puzzle or a good book
  • Can’t wait to cook a new recipe or bake a new dessert


Meet Hollis

Hollis is funny and adventurous 20-month old who is excited to be a big brother [insert big head nod “yes!”]. Born in Buffalo, NY, he stole our hearts immediately, and amazes us each and every day. Hollis is a big helper around the house and enjoys learning new things – words, skills, or just new ways to be silly. Hollis is a sweet boy who gives hugs and kisses right before he independently says “bye-bye” and heads out the door. He is going to be a loving and caring big brother to his baby brother or sister!

Hollis loves:

  • Being outside, especially weekend hikes
  • Playgrounds
  • Furry friends
  • Reading books
  • Swimming
  • Hanging out with Pa
  • Watching the big kids


Our home

We are blessed to call Johnson City, TN home and live in a quiet, kid-friendly neighborhood. We just purchased our new home, and anticipate moving in later this year. As we searched for our home, we had all intentions of continuing to grow our family and have a room ready to welcome your child. There will be a great yard for the kids to enjoy, and an unfinished basement for the rainy or cold days. Hollis attends a nearby nursery school, and in a couple years will move on to one of the top elementary schools in the area only a mile from our home.


Our furry family

We have one dog, Hallie, who loves to snuggle, get scratches or play fetch with Hollis. We also rescued a furry cat named Smokey in Houston; he’s a very social cat. Both Hallie and Smokey have been great with Hollis from the day he came home, and they all enjoy playing in the evenings. Once we when we sit down to relax, Hallie and Smokey can be found sitting close by.

Our family

We have a big, close extended family who loves to go on vacations and visit often. One big benefit of our recent move to TN is we can easily visit nearly everyone on a weekend. Our family is excited to meet our newest addition!

James grew up in Southern California and moved to Indiana as a teenager with his parents and older sister, Jennifer. Moving away from Indiana was difficult because of the closeness of their family (his dad was the best man at our wedding). In 2016, “Nana” and “Pa” moved to be near us, and we are blessed that they can be so involved in Hollis’ life.

Heidi grew up in Indiana with two younger brothers, Robert and Sam. She went to college a few hours away and her first big move was our move to Houston. Heidi’s extended family gets together every year at an annual reunion because everyone lives across the country. This year, there are were seven children four and under playing together for the weekend! Heidi’s brothers have three children in total – Brooke (4), Henry (2), and Lawrence (1), and we are honored to be godparents to Brooke and Lawrence. For us it is to wonderful to watch the cousins grow up together, be able to go on family vacations, and spend holidays together. Brooke, Henry, and Lawrence can’t wait to have a new baby cousin to dote on and spoil!




Parenting style

From very early on with Hollis, we worked to give him a loving and secure environment that he could thrive in. We were exposed to the Montessori principles a couple months into being parents, and many of those ideas continue to resonate with us. We strive to treat our children, regardless of age or stage in life, with respect through our words and actions. Around our home, we encourage Hollis to be involved with what we are doing – gardening, picking up, feeding the pets or just helping us with whatever the task might be. We want to raise our children to be active, caring, independent, and well-rounded people.


Thank you

We hope these pages give you a glimpse of who we are, our lives, and our excitement to continue growing as a family. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and considering our family. And we would be forever grateful if you chose us.

With love,

Heidi & James


If you would like to speak with us or have any questions for us, please contact your caseworker at AdoptHelp by call 1-800-637-7999, toll-free.