June 16th, 2019
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Jamie and Izzy

Dear Birth Mother: From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents.  We have been trying to start our family for what feels like forever and are eternally grateful to you for giving us this opportunity.  We have so much love to give a child and can’t wait to spend our days playing games, exploring the outdoors, signing songs, and reading books as a family.

How we met and fell in love, by Izzy:

Jamie and I had our first date at a restaurant that had a ping-pong table on the back patio.  I scored an easy point to start the match and saw an immediate change in Jamie.  She pulled her hair back in a ponytail and proceeded to take the next 21 points to win the game.  I was instantly in love! We both share a competitive spirit and a love for all kinds of games, from sports to board games and everything in between.

Our engagement story, by Jamie:

Izzy and I love to take hikes in the Los Angeles area, and one unseasonably warm and sunny Christmas day we hiked up to a look-out over the ocean.  Way down below we spotted some festive kids spelling out  “MERY CHRISTMAS” in the sand.  We helpfully yelled down to point out that they had used only one  “R” instead of two and watched them scramble to fix the typo.  A year later, we hiked up the same trail and when we reached the summit, I peered down from the very same look-out and tears welled up in my eyes.  There in the sand in giant letters was written  “WILL YOU MARY ME?”  I said yes, and was so excited to spend the rest of my life with Izzy.  We’ve now been happily married for five years and we love life in LA. We are so excited to finally start a family together!

5 Things that make us happy

  • Singing pop songs when we cook
  • Hiking to scenic views of the ocean
  • Playing with our nieces and nephews
  • Dressing up for Halloween
  • Watching our dog do his happy dance with a new toy

A little about me, by Izzy:

I grew up in metro Detroit and have a huge passion for all things Michigan.  I love sports, especially ice hockey, and still play at least once a week. I can’t wait to buy some tiny skates for the newest member of our family!  I moved to Los Angeles right after college to pursue a career in television and have been working as a video editor ever since.  As a freelance editor, my career allows for a lot of flexibility between projects and in my off time I love camping and enjoying the outdoors.

What I love about Izzy, by Jamie:

Knowing Izzy will be an amazing father is part of what drew me to him. His humor easily translates into “Dad jokes”. I loved watching him show our nieces and nephews how to play softball; he really has the most patient and encouraging approach to teaching! Izzy is always happy to organize activities with our friends, be it a pool party, group dinner or game night. He is also an excellent cook, which makes up for my lack of sophistication in the kitchen.  While I am happy to help, Izzy is the real chef! Izzy is Passionate about living a full and meaningful life. He brings light and joy into my life and I can’t wait to share that with a child too.A little about me, by Jamie:

I was very much a tomboy growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.  Following in my older brother’s footsteps, I started playing soccer at the age of five and continued to play competitively through high school and recreationally as an adult. In college I found a passion for medicine and went on to become a doctor that specializes in hearts.  I work in an underprivileged area of Los Angeles and love helping the people in that community. My job gives our family financial stability and the flexible work hours will allow me to balance being a doctor and a mom.

What I love about Jamie, by Izzy:

Jamie’s passion is something I fall more in love with every day. No matter the project, be it redecorating a room in our home, or planning our next amazing vacation, Jamie pours her entire soul into it.  She brings the same dedication to her work where she consistently receives awards and recognition for going above and beyond.  She even volunteers to teach monthly classes to medical students! I know she’ll bring that same warmth and energy to being an amazing mother. Jamie is also incredibly generous, and loves doting on her nephews.  Watching her enthusiasm and Playfulness with her brother’s family makes me all the more eager to start our own.We can’t wait to show our child the world!

Neither of us had the chance to travel much growing up, so one of the first things we did when we met was commit to traveling together.  We’ve done so many amazing things since then:

  • Cuddling a Koala in Australia
  • Singing karaoke with the locals in Japan
  • Kayaking with whales in Hawaii
  • Shepherding lions in Africa
  • Eating pizza and gelato in Italy
  • Exploring a sea cave in Spain
  • Ziplining through the rainforest in Mexico
  • Riding with sled dogs in Alaska


Meet the Family!

When Izzy’s Parents come to visit from Detroit they haul a huge box of his mom’s delicious homemade cooking (she makes the most amazing chicken soup!).  Izzy’s sister Netanya and her husband Ophir live in Israel and have six children ranging from a newborn to 13 years old.  We visit them every couple of years. Now that their children are older they’ve started coming to America to visit here as well!

Jamie’s parents and her older brother David live near each other in a suburb of Houston.  Practicing medicine definitely runs in the family…  Jamie’s dad, her brother David and his wife Brandy are all nurses! Jamie’s parents are frequent babysitters for her brother’s three kiddos: a five-year-old son and three-year old twin boys. The nephews are all excited for their first trip out to California this Thanksgiving and to try out their swimming lessons in our pool.Tugbert alert!

Tugbert is a super cuddly, smart and gentle goofball that loves to play tug-of-war and go on hikes.  The neighborhood kids often come running when they see him on his walks so they can shower him with love and ask him to do some tricks (he knows more than 20!).  He’s also happy to dress up with us on Halloween and loves to be our travel buddy when we go to Big Bear and Yosemite.  We know he will be an excellent furry friend to our newest family member.

There’s No Place Like Home:

We live in a four-bedroom home in a friendly and safe suburb of Los Angeles.  We’ve planted orange and avocado trees, and we have a pool and a big yard that’s great for hosting our annual 4th of July BBQ with our friends.  Many families living on our street have young children and there are several parks and playgrounds in our area.  We love to shop at the many farmers markets near our home!  We love Los Angeles where we live biking distance to the beach, and it’s just a two-hour drive to the mountains for a camping trip or a day of snowboarding.  We also enjoy the amusement parks, sports teams and concert venues that are all over southern California. We even have season tickets for the L.A. Kings hockey team!

We Promise to:

  • Love your child unconditionally
  • Provide your child with every possible advantage
  • Share our enthusiasm for celebrating holidays and birthdays
  • Let your child play outside and get dirty
  • Support their interests and encourage them to try new things
  • Teach them kindness and respect for others
  • Not let your child grow up too fast
  • Make sure your child knows that their adoption came out of love


Thank you for taking the time to read about us! We are beyond excited to meet you and to shower your child with love and support at every turn.