August 20th, 2019
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Jason and Scott

Hi there! We are Jason and Scott from North Carolina!

We admire your courage and strength in considering adoption. Although we cannot truly understand what you’re going through, we are confident that you will choose the right family for your child. Hopefully through this description of our life and our photographs, you will be able to learn about us and how much we are looking forward to sharing our love with a child. We hope that through your love for your child, our dream of becoming parents and loving a child can become a reality.  We are best friends who love being around each other. Whether it’s singing Disney songs as we get ready in the morning, or taking a stroll around our neighborhood at dusk, or just sitting on the couch after a long day at work, we love spending time together and always make each other laugh. We cannot wait to share our lives with a child, and become fathers. We can promise, beyond a doubt, that your child will be surrounded by unconditional love, support, and as much happiness as we can humanly provide. Thank you!

Our Story: We met online in October of 2011. Scott was working as a biology instructor at a community college in northeast Kentucky while Jason was working on his PhD about an hour and a half away. Scott was the first to reach out through online dating and Jason was intrigued by his profile. Jason was most attracted to a picture of Scott posing in a “ta da” position with a huge smile on his face. Scott’s smile is still something that Jason can’t get enough of. Over the course of the next several months, we had lots of dates at a small Mexican restaurant in Paris… Kentucky, and our relationship grew. After Scott was done teaching for the year in Spring of 2012, he basically moved in with Jason. The marriage proposal came a few months later. Probably the best part of our courtship was the lead up to us finally saying “I love you.” We are both fairly cautious people. Neither of us wanted to risk the awkwardness of saying “I love you” first. So instead, for a time, we both said “I really like you.” In hindsight, we knew what we meant, we were just nervous to say it too quickly, but when you know, you know!

We are also very practical people in a lot of ways. Rather than have a big, drawn out engagement process, one day, while standing in front of the gift card stand at our local grocery store, we decided to get married (seriously how romantic is that?! Again, when you know, you know!). Instead of exchanging rings, we exchanged watches with engraved backs. The watch Scott gave to Jason said, “You make my life worth living.” Jason gave Scott a watch that said, “You make my life complete.” We still feel what we said in our engagement gifts to each other. We were married in July of 2014 and have continued to enjoy and deepen our love and support for each other.  We currently live in Durham, North Carolina. Before we got married, Jason got a job offer at a local university and Scott decided to move as well. Scott later got his dream job at the local community college. We have a great support system in place in Durham between friends and family.




About Jason, by Scott

From the time I read Jason’s profile on the online dating site, I knew that he was going to be special. He was very smart, extremely funny, with just the right amount of self-deprecation… and handsome to boot! We bonded over our mutual interest in higher education on our first date. I’m a community college instructor and Jason worked/works in university research. When we parted, I knew I had found a keeper. I knew that I loved Jason when I could no longer imagine a future that didn’t include him. I know now that our love is large enough to include loving a child and can’t picture myself raising a child with anyone else.  I know with all my heart that Jason will be an amazing father to any child we are lucky enough to have. Jason loves spending time with our nieces and nephews as often as possible. On our most recent vacation with my family, Jason could usually be found wrestling with our six-year-old twin niece and nephew, Riley and Will, while our three-year-old nephew, Brayden, watched and laughed. He is also second-to-none when it comes to cuddling on the couch or in a chair reading a good book out loud. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing how much our nieces and nephews love Jason, and I can’t wait to see him play with a child of our own.




About Scott, by Jason

Let me tell you about my husband Scott. The first thing you should know is that he is probably the most positive person I’ve ever met. Whenever I’ve had a bad day all he has to do is flash his silly grin and my mood improving almost instantly. Another important thing to know about Scott is that he’s a natural teacher. One of my fondest memories is coming out of his parents’ house to find him sitting on the ground near a pile of mud with our niece Riley. Riley had found a worm in the dirt. Scott was on the ground with her explaining to her all the different parts of the worm. That little moment really made me smile and think maybe someday he’d do that with our child.  Family is another important part of Scott’s life. He is the oldest of three siblings. Scott’s large family has helped us understand different ways of parenting, how to change diapers, feed babies, and help crying babies, all of which will certainly help us with our child.  There is no doubt in my mind that Scott is ready to be a father.When I see him interact with our nieces and nephews I know he’s ready. Scott is patient, loving, responsible, and most of all compassionate, I couldn’t ask for a better partner on this journey.




Our Family & Friends

Our families are both similar and very different. Both have served as examples of unconditional love and support despite their difference in size. Jason’s family is very small. Jason is an only child. His mother, Ronnie, is a retired teacher and recently moved to North Carolina from Baltimore, Maryland where Jason grew up. Ronnie lives about a mile away from us. She moved both to be closer to us and also in anticipation of her first grandchild! She cannot wait to spoil her future grandchild. Jason’s grandmother played a big role in his life and was always there when he needed her. Ronnie plans to do exactly the same. Jason has an aunt and uncle, Tim and Michelle, who live in New Jersey but come down to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. While small, Jason’s family is very close and love spending time with each other. They also love Scott and frequently tell Jason that Scott’s the best thing that ever happened to him. Jason absolutely agrees!

Scott’s family is quite large but still very tightknit. Scott’s parents, Cindy and Jack, along with Scott’s siblings, Erica and Vanessa, and his extended family live in Louisville, Kentucky. Erica and her husband Shane have four children – “the twins,” Will and Riley (6), Abby (2), and little Luke (1). Vanessa and her husband Brian have two boys, Brayden (3) and Grayson (2). Cindy’s side of the family is very close and often gets together for what we call “jamborees.” On that side of his family, Scott has five cousins and in total they have seven children under six years old. Needless to say, family gatherings are a lot of fun, and very hectic! We LOVE spending time with our nieces and nephews, whether it’s wrestling, taking them to the local science center, or just cuddling up watching a movie.In many ways, when we’re with them, they become our life. We visit numerous times a year, and they come visit us a few times a year. In the summer, Scott’s family comes together and goes on a beach vacation. We all pile into one condo and spend a week together. We love being around our family for that period of time. Most of all we love being able to play and take care of our nieces and nephews. We cannot wait for our future child to be able to have an interrupted week playing with cousins, aunts and uncles, and Nana and PaPaw.




Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live in a four-bedroom home on a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburbs of Durham, North Carolina.Our house backs up to a beautiful tree line and we have a nice large fenced-in side yard for our two dogs, and future child to run and play in. Our neighborhood is very child friendly, with enough children to field a baseball team! Our neighbors are a mixture of families and young professionals, most with children. Our local elementary school is within walking distance and we often see our neighbors walking their children home from school. One of the first things that struck us when we moved to Durham was the number of trees. There are trees everywhere! There are also walking and biking trails as well as a public park with great play structures for kids just a short walk away from our house. Another thing we love about Durham is the weather. While the summer can be a bit humid, winters tend to be mild. We still get cold, but not enough to make winter unbearable. Fall and spring are gorgeous! We cannot wait to share our home and life with a child.

Meet Bailey & Shia: We have two dogs Bailey, a feisty Miniature Schnauzer, and Shia, a loveable lab mix. Boy are they different! Bailey is a typical terrier. He is very opinionated, often sitting down in from of us and lecturing us in “Schnauzer talk.” He is good with children. Shia is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. Unlike her brother, she rarely makes a sound. She loves to have her belly scratched and will often reward you with a big kiss. What amazes us the most about Shia is how good she is with children. Our nieces and nephews often climb on her, dress her up in a blanket as “Super Shia,” and lay down on the ground with her during visits. She loves every moment. We love our furry family and can’t wait to introduce our future child to our sweet pups.

Closing Thoughts: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, our family, our quirky sense of humor, and about our love and appreciation for each other. We promise you that we will devote the rest of our lives to ensuring that your hopes for the child you bless us with will become a reality. We hope that you have come to understand our excitement for and commitment to your child. We promise to give your child a wonderful education, a strong set of values, a loving family and devoted friends, and every opportunity for success and happiness that we can give them. Most importantly, we promise to give the unconditional love, support and understanding that your child deserves.