October 22nd, 2018
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Jason and Steph

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite Hobby

    Jason Hiking

    Steph Dancing

  • Favorite Movie

    Jason Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Steph Pride and Prejudice

  • Favorite Actor

    Jason Robert DeNiro

    Steph Kate Beckinsale

  • Favorite Food

    Jason Baby back ribs

    Steph Mac 'n' cheese

  • Favorite Animal

    Jason Dog

    Steph Penguin

  • Favorite TV Show

    Jason Game of Thrones

    Steph The Voice

  • Favorite Holiday

    Jason Thanksgiving

    Steph Halloween/Christmas

  • Favorite Destination

    Jason Switzerland

    Steph Hawaii

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    Jason Radiohead

    Steph Joss Stone

Jason and Steph


Hello!  We’re Steph and Jason from Southern California.  We both want to say a heartfelt thank you for looking at this little snapshot of our lives and considering us as adoptive parents.  We realize this must be a hard time for you and we are in awe of your courage and selflessness.  We want to assure you that we want nothing more than to be parents and to provide a loving home and wonderful life for this child.


We love…

  • To spent time outside hiking & camping with our dog, Carlo
  • Watching our favorite TV shows on Sunday night
  • Going to the movies
  • Spending time with our close friends & family
  • Traveling as much as possible (our favorite place we’ve been together is Kauai)


Our Story

When we first met online, it wasn’t quite love at first sight – we initially appeared to have very different personalities and weren’t sure it would work!  Steph is very outgoing, while Jason is a bit shy when you first meet him.  But after a few dates we realized that we were the perfect complement for each other and have been together ever since.  This summer we will celebrate our nine year anniversary.


We’ve wanted to have kids for a few years, but infertility issues have made it impossible for us to have a child biologically.  We were both very excited when we discussed the idea of adoption and we both agreed that was the right path for us to grow our family.



Our Careers

Steph is an Architect.  She started working at her job right after she finished Architecture school, and is now the senior designer at the firm.  She feels very lucky to love her job.


Since she has worked there for almost 20 years she has a lot of vacation time and some flexibility in her hours.  She is planning to take a few months off of work when we bring home our son or daughter!


Jason works as a transportation planner for Southern California’s railroad authority.  He enjoys work that provides a valuable service to the public, and is very happy that his agency provides a great day care facility right in the building where he works.  Jason plans on taking leave when the baby first arrives.  His job is flexible and understanding when it comes to putting family first.


Meet Jason

Jason is the love of my life and my best friend.  He is self-disciplined – if there is a task, deadline or assignment he will make sure it happens.  He is a good decision maker, weighing all the options and is the realistic balance to my optimism.  But he also has a very silly and fun side!!!  Jason plays with children the same way he plays with our dog Carlo, with extraordinary joy and boundless energy!


His happy place is the outdoors.  Hiking, camping, chopping wood, building a fire, BBQ’ing, trekking through the forest with a map, a compass and a smile!  I have learned so much from him and I know our child will too.


Most importantly, when I’m with him, whether it be climbing on a glacier in Switzerland or doing the grocery shopping, I always feel safe and loved.



A Bit About Jason

  • He is half Filipino and half Ukrainian
  • He moved to California to pursue a degree in Screenwriting
  • He served for 6 years in the Army National Guard
  • Has a Masters Degree in Public Policy
  • He believes that napping is a basic human right
  • He loves movie popcorn…we regularly go to movies just for the popcorn
  • He exercises all the time – he says it’s so he can keep up with our future children
  • He is very adventurous with food and is willing to try almost anything!
  • He sings songs to our dog that he makes up on the spot and sometimes they’re super catchy so I start singing them too…
  • He loves Filipino food
  • His favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark


Meet Steph

I think I knew she was the one on our third date – we went hiking and I got us a little lost.  The sun was starting to go down and I started to panic.  After all, I was trying to impress her.  She wasn’t bothered in the least, and pulled me close to her, remarking on how pretty the sunset was.  We kissed and I managed to get us back to our car before it got dark.  From that moment, I started to think she was pretty awesome, and nine years later, every single day, I still think to myself – Steph is pretty awesome.


Steph’s joy for life is contagious.  I’ve never seen her shy away from a challenge, and she has a way of bringing out the best in people.  I know she will encourage our child to seek out adventure and make the most of their talents.  Most of all, I know Steph will be there for our child no matter what, every step of the way.

A Bit About Steph

  • She loves dancing
  • She also loves karaoke
  • She loves dressing up for Halloween and basically anything else
  • Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a giant tree and a giant jigsaw puzzle for Steph to put together
  • She can say the alphabet backwards
  • She sews and knits
  • She is one test away from being a licensed Architect
  • Her favorite movie and book is Pride and Prejudice. She also likes anything with vampires or zombies!


Our Family

Steph’s family lives close by and we see them frequently.  She has an older sister who has two kids and two dogs.  Her sister has just started volunteering with a dog rescue organization so there are always puppies to play with when we visit.  Jason’s family lives on the East Coast and we get to see them once or twice a year.  We typically go at Christmas time and hope for a bit of snow while we’re there.  Jason has two sisters – one has two sons and the other has three dogs!  Our parents have each been together for over 40 years, something that we find very inspiring.  Everyone is overjoyed to welcome a new baby to the family!!!



Our Friends

We consider many of our close friends as part of our family.  Many of our friends have kids that we get to spend time with.  Everyone we know is really excited for us as we begin this journey.  They have already started stock-piling hand-me-downs for us!


Our Home

After a long search we recently bought a house in Los Angeles.  We are so excited to have more space and a yard – Carlo especially is excited to have so much room to run around and play fetch in!  We chose our home because the public schools are good and there are many local spots geared towards children.


Our neighborhood is a little oasis in the big city, with lots of trees, birds and critters.  We’re in walking distance of local cafes and shops as well as being close to the mountains for hiking.  Jason can’t wait to go on hikes with a little one riding in a baby backpack.  We are also close to the beach and a ton of theme parks including Disneyland, Universal City Walk and Knott’s Berry Farm!


Meet Carlo

Steph wasn’t looking for a dog on the day she met Carlo.  He was a rescue pup who someone had pulled out of the pound and taken to the local Farmer’s Market in hopes that someone would fall in love with him.  He sat in Steph’s lap and that was it – Steph was the one that fell in love.  A month later, Jason came into the picture and it was the same story – best buddies from Day 1.  Carlo is a little rascal and a born snuggler, and super sweet with little kids.  He’s an incredible dog to grow up with, and we have no doubt Carlo is going to love having a new best buddy.


Thank you!

Our goal is to create a home environment where a child can be healthy, happy, creative and inquisitive.  We believe that a stable and supportive home is vital for success in life – and by success, we mean happiness!  We are both fortunate to have families that love unconditionally and support each other no matter what comes our way.  We intend for our family to be the same way.


We want to raise a child who is kind, curious and active.  We want them to appreciate nature and experience many different parts of the world.  We want them to grow up knowing they are supported in all things in life, and that they can always rely on us.  Our promise to you is that we will always be there to guide this child through life to the best of our abilities, and with all the love we have to give.