June 18th, 2019
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JD and Ken

Hello and Welcome! We are JD & Ken.

Dear Expectant Parent: We’re so grateful that you have stopped by to meet us and learn about our dream of adding to our family. We are dedicated to open adoption, because we feel it offers the best opportunity for your child to not only grow, but to thrive. We know through personal experience that life is not easy nor always goes as planned. However, we also know that the challenges we have overcome in our lives and lessons we’ve learned along the way will make us more loving and effective parents. We can only imagine how hard your decision must be, and we thank you for your consideration.

From Friends to Family, Our Story: We were two friends living in New York City and one night in 2006 we went out to dinner, we spoke about our lives, our hopes, our dreams and for the first time about our powerful feelings for each other. We began to fall in love that night and all things became possible. With a job offer from Stanford University, together we decided to move to San Francisco and start a new chapter together in the city by the bay. Following his calling to help others learn to express themselves, JD teaches communication at Stanford University. Ken realized his gift for helping people recognize their self-worth, and became a Unity minister. In late 2007, we declared our love at our wedding in front of more than 100 friends and family members. Over these years, we have continued to accomplish our goals and strengthen our relationship, become parents to two wonderful children, Tobias and Roma, and are ready to add a third child to our family!

From Two, to Three, to Four (and hopefully more!): We’ve been dedicated to creating a loving home for children since we married (even before). Tobias, now 19, joined our family after years in the foster care system. Together we navigated the teenage years, high school, and cars. As he nears 20 he spends most of his time with his girlfriend, friends, work and collage (in that order!) Roma, now 2 and a half, has been with us since birth. She’s experienced two foster brothers in her short little life and longs to have a permanent little sibling with whom she can play (and okay sometimes pester!).

Meet Ken

Introducing Ken: Ken grew up in New Orleans, the second of four children. As a young boy he often would spend time with his maternal grandmother who took him on streetcar rides to the French Quarter and taught him to garden. As a teenager in high school, Ken developed an interest in theatre and dance. His parents, who at the time didn’t see a future in the career path, didn’t encourage his dream to perform. But Ken had the courage to continue and eventually moved to New York and became a succesful Broadway performer. His parents, quickly became his biggest fans. Ken has a close and loving family with 26 nieces and nephews in California, New York, New Orleans and Atlanta.

A Look at Ken’s Work: Ken serves as an ordained minister for Unity San Francisco that affords him great flexibility in his work hours and a thriving community of families excited to welcome in another youngster.Meet JD

Introducing JD: JD is the youngest of three children and was raised in Catholic western Kansas. His parents were not expecting him, but considered him a surprise blessing. His mom passed away 12 years ago in JD’s arms and in the same hospital that she gave birth to him. Because of her and his dad’s encouragement and dedication JD was taught that he could do anything he set his mind to and has created a career in Higher Education that allows him to help people communicate and understand each other better. JD teaches Sunday school at Unity San Francisco and loves to ski, run and see theater. JD has two wonderful older sisters and three nieces and nephews in Texas and Colorado.

JD’s Career: JD teaches communication at Stanford University and enjoys the freedom of several long breaks each year.Our Family & Friends

Introducing Our Kids, Tobias and Roma: We have been blessed with two incredible children, Tobias and Roma. Toby was 16 when he joined our family in 2014 and we adopted him ten months later. In a double blessing Roma was born that same summer, and we were there in the hospital to welcome her into the world. Roma is a funny, thoughtful, and engaging child. She’s learning both Spanish and English and will immediately welcome a younger sibling into the home.

Meet Our Friends and Family: Our family is so excited to welcome another child, traveling to visit Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins has been one of our favorite activities. Our nine siblings have all promised to give our child all the annoying toys they can find! We have a rich circle of friends in San Francisco, and that will be the “village” which helps raise our next child too.

A Note From our Family: “Hi! We’re Erin and Connor, Ken and JD’s niece and nephew. As you read this and wonder if it’s too good to be true, we’d like to enthusiastically chime in on behalf of “Uncle Kenny” and “Uncle JD”. From the bottom of our hearts, you really couldn’t find more supportive, loving or honest people. How do we know this? Because we grew up experiencing it. We know what it feels like to be unconditionally loved by them, taught by them, shaped by them…and the depths of their generosity and integrity are just inspirational. Plus, they are downright cool and always keep their sense of humor – despite the fact that we might have given them a little grief growing up! We hope your little one gets to experience this bottomless love and can’t wait to welcome them to the family!”Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We own a home on top of a San Francisco hill, where your little one will have their own room overlooking a great garden full of flowers and San Francisco Bay. We’re close to a park and school, and can easily imagine your child learning to ride a bike in McLaren Park or feeding the ducks at the duck pond. We’re fortunate enough to still keep an apartment in New York that we share with our niece Erin, who works in the theatre. When visiting NYC, we look forward to taking our child to Central Park, the Natural History Museum, or Broadway theatres, which are all just blocks away. Your child will grow up around great communities at Ken’s church and JD’s school. Both places are child friendly and will welcome your son or daughter any chance they get. We believe that having jobs we love will encourage your child to pursue their own dream! In addition, we can offer a solid support system of friends and family, along with nurturing communities at JD’s school and Ken’s church. We look forward to bringing our child on regular family vacations, and to filling the years with adventure, love and togetherness.

Our Promise To You: We know that you are seeking what is best for your child and we are honored that you have looked at us as a possible family to raise your child. We want to close with this promise: Your child will grow up in a home filled with love, laughter and life. We both have strong spiritual lives, Ken at Unity and JD as a Catholic. We will raise your child to respect all faiths until mature enough to choose his or her own path. We value education and will be involved parents in whatever school we select. We want him or her to know you, where they came from and the incredible amount of love that went into making this decision. We welcome the chance to speak with you and get to know you. We hope to hear from you soon!