June 18th, 2019
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Jean and Brian

Hello! We are Jean and Brian from Los Angeles, California

Thanks for taking a look! We are unable to have children of our own, and are grateful and humbled by the opportunity to adopt. We have several friends who have adopted children, and our future child will have lots of cousins and aunts and uncles all over the country!

We can’t imagine what it’s like to be in your position right now, but we can let you know that there are so many options for you, and maybe we are the right one! We are two East Coast people who now live in California. We are grateful for your time and consideration, and if it’s a match, we look forward to meeting you and giving your child all of the advantages and resources we can offer for a bright and happy future.

Here’s What We’re Like: We are both performers—Brian is a comedy writer and storyteller, and Jean is a comedic actress who does improv. Seven years ago we both saw each other perform in different shows in Los Angeles. We had several friends in the comedy community and they connected us and encouraged us start a relationship…and so far it’s been the greatest! We got married in Santa Barbara and honeymooned in Hawaii. And since then we have both been working in California and all over the country (Brian even goes to Perth, Australia for shows!). Most of all, we are looking forward to having a family. If you and the two of us are a match, we would be honored to give your baby a loving home with an incredible sense of humor and an amazing creative community. Our friends are musicians, artists, writers and actors. And in California we live right next to Griffith Park—an incredibly beautiful park with hiking, walking, a carousel, pony rides and “train town.”

We have been married for almost five years now, and almost all of our friends have kids. We can’t wait to join them. Several of our friends have adopted or fostered babies, too, so it’s a real diverse community that’s open minded and totally supportive. We aren’t able to have kids of our own, but we are absolutely able to be the best parents possible, and to have a an amazing family soon!



Meet Jean

What’s Up With Jean, by Brian: Jean is a really special person. She grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Chicago and has since lived in New York and now Los Angeles. She has friends all over the country and keeps in touch with lots of them. She is an actress who also does improv—she worked at The Second City in Chicago, that famous place where Tina Fey and Steve Carrell got started. She is very funny, but not the kind of funny person who is “on all the time.” Jean is a great listener. She is a gentle person and very nurturing. She was a babysitter and a nanny, and absolutely loves kids. Whenever our friends come over with kids, Jean immediately gets out the paints and crayons and puts on fun music and has a great time. She also plays music with her friends, and writes, too. She tries new creative things and is totally open to learning and growing. It’s awesome. Whoever gets to have her as a mother is a super-lucky kid.

Jean also does great things like Habitat for Humanity and volunteers to go clean up the LA river. She is really passionate about the environment and about spreading kindness. She has a women’s group that meets up every once in a while and they talk about how to make the world a better place. Her friends are so great. She is beautiful inside and out. I first fell in love with Jean watching her perform, but when I got to know her, I was even more blown away. She has so much patience and optimism. Every morning she opens all the curtains and puts on music and lights up our home. It’s the best.

Professional Stuff: Jean is an actress who has been on shows like The Office and 30 Rock and Up all Night and Modern family. She did improv at the famous Second City theater in Chicago and still does improv shows twice a week in LA. She has also been on TV commercials and sometimes teaches corporate people improv to help them do their jobs better.



Meet Brian

What’s Up With Brian, by Jean: Brian is the best! I’m so lucky I got to marry this guy. He makes me laugh every day.  Brian is the kind of guy who spontaneously cooks a bunch of food and calls his friends and invites them over for dinner. He has traveled all over the world—even to India. He does story telling shows all over the country: Aspen, San Francisco, New York, and also teaches. Anyone who has had class with him always pulls me aside and tells me he is the best teacher they ever had. And they are right, because he has all the great qualities for it: patience, thoughtfulness, compassion and a wicked sense of humor. Brian loves music and can tell you almost anything about any singer or band. He made me a mixed CD to listen to on a car ride right after we first met and that’s when I knew he was the one.

One of my favorite memories of Brian is when our friends asked him to perform their wedding ceremony. He took it so seriously and not only prepared a great ceremony, but surprised the bride—her favorite movie is Love Actually, and he had us all, one by one, stand up and recreate the wedding scene where they surprise the bride and groom singing “All You Need Is Love.” It was incredible. They loved it, and I’ll never forget how it made all of us feel.

Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life. I say it all the time. I could not be luckier. And when my father passed away last year, Brian was with me. He took care of me when I was so sad and so scared. He’s also an incredible writer! He writes for TV and writes his own shows … I could go on all day. This man is the absolute best. And babies love him—I always want them to love me more, but there is something about Brian. They can’t get enough. And neither can I.

Professional Stuff: Brian is a writer who has worked in television for shows that are already running, or creating new shows for TV. He also does storytelling performances and travels all around doing that. Sometimes Brian teaches improv too, for the very famous Upright Citizen’s brigade theater in Los Angeles. He is also working on a book. He has many talents.



Our Family & Friends

The People We Love: Our friends are our family! We see friends a lot—for movies, for dinner parties, and we perform with some of our friends, too. In our immediate family, Christmas is a big deal. Each year we visit one of our moms—in North Carolina or in Pennsylvania. We all play games, watch movies together or go to museums or to the beach in NC. For Thanksgiving we always cook, and we invite cousins from Big Bear, San Diego and San Francisco to come, as well as any friends who don’t have a place to go.

Jean’s sister lives with her family in Maryland and has a son who is 5. Brian has two brothers and two sisters—in New York, Miami, Denver and Pennsylvania. Every year there is a wedding or family reunion or some reason to get together.

We take turns hosting movie or game nights with our friends. In October, we all go to the Haunted Hayride in Griffith Park and meet up for scary movies on Halloween. We take day trips to Santa Monica and hang out with their kids at the beach, or set up volleyball in the park. Jean’s birthday is in April, so we always have a big party in the park to celebrate.

We watch our friend’s kids when they can’t get a babysitter. Our community here is very tight, and we are so grateful for it. Even though our moms live far away, we visit them each once a year. They come out here for long visits and road trips up the California coast. They are never too far from us. And we FaceTime…all the time.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

How We Roll: It’s our intention to give our child every opportunity possible—a great education, creative opportunities and athletic opportunities. We think parenting is helping a child grow in the direction they are leaning. We won’t impose our own needs on our son or daughter, but we will see what makes them shine and help them become the most successful and happy person they can be. Self esteem is number one! With lots of love and support, we can make that happen.

We work hard and play hard. It’s just as important to relax and laugh as it is to have drive and ambition. Our aim is to give our child balance and lots and lots of support. Oh, and a great sense of humor too. That’s pretty inevitable. Our child will travel with us, will learn lots of different kinds of cultures and music and foods, and will be empowered to make great life choices and to reach for the highest goals.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Downstairs is where it’s at in our home. Our kitchen connects to our dining room. The main living room is the best, we have a huge couch where we can lie down, read, listen to music or work on projects on our coffee table that Brian refinished last summer. There’s a nook in the window where Jean’s guitar is, and she practices her music there. The living room is where we live, where we spend or time when family and friends visit and where we relax and enjoy.

Upstairs is our office where the writing happens. It looks out onto beautiful trees and the sun rise in the morning. We have a big guest room too, which will soon be a baby room, and our room looks west for beautiful California sunsets. In the back, jean grows tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and flowers, too. Sometimes we hang out outside there with our neighbors, who are expecting a baby.

One Last Thank You From Us To You: Family is everything to us. We have lots of relatives and see them all the time. Our friends are an extension of that. We have had several sad losses trying to have a family of our own, which was so hard. Getting through that made our marriage better. The idea of adoption gave us hope for the first time in a long time. There is no job more important than being a parent—we take it very seriously and know that it will be the biggest responsibility in our lives. We can’t wait to find a match and start the next chapter of our life. Thanks for checking us out and considering us. We wish you luck and happiness however you choose.