August 23rd, 2019
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Hi, I’m Jeanette.

Thanks for visiting my page. As I write this, I’m thinking about you and how it must feel to be making an adoption plan, sifting through sites and profiles. It’s hard to know what information will help you make what must be a pretty difficult decision, so those of us hoping to adopt a child tell you about ourselves, our hobbies and histories, and hope something clicks.

So what sets me apart? It may be a feeling you get from a picture or something about my experience or outlook – an overall sense I can provide the kind of home and upbringing you would want for your child. Maybe you’ll like that I’m independent and love to play ice hockey. Or that I own my own business and work from home.

Maybe you’ll never be able to explain it exactly. I have always wanted to have children and sometimes I have trouble explaining it exactly. It’s just something I have always felt deep in my heart.

I love spending time with little ones and moved from Colorado to Maryland to be closer to my niece and nephews as they are growing up. (You’ll meet my niece in a note in my profile book.) I feel like things are more joyful, funnier, just better with kids around. And I want to open my heart and home to a little one of my own.




I am a curious and active person but have also been described as chill. I’m usually game to try something new and have a lot of different interests, but a weekend morning finds me reading the paper and doing the crossword puzzle with a hot cup of coffee. I love team sports and play on a hockey team and also like to write so have a regular writing group.

Making stuff: I knit and crochet and recently learned how to do amigurumi – making little crochet animals. Can’t wait to make a whole collection for my little one. I like to bake, too – funny things like baking show challenges and fancy things like croissants – and bread!


I live just about a mile from my brother and his family. My niece and two nephews are awesome, and I see them all the time for recitals, games, sleepovers, and just to hang out. My parents taught me about crossword puzzles and reading and appreciating nature. I’m excited to share these things with my child and instill a sense of curiosity, creativity, and fun.

Good friends are like extended family. We get together for game nights, dinners, hikes, and heart-to-hearts. My friends are kind and fun and will be so excited to welcome a new child into their lives. Lots of them have kids and several are adoptive parents. They will be great role models for my child.




I live in a cute community, across the street from an elementary school and playground and down the street from a coffee shop and library. I love the library and look forward to walking there with my child someday. There’s a little band of kids that plays ball, hide and seek, and other games out on the lawns.


I used to play school when I was a kid – had a real gradebook! – and brought that interest in education into my work. Whether training volunteers or working with students, I love teaching and learning. I used to be a classroom teacher and, now, I have my own gig creating materials that make learning fun for kids in grades K-12: lessons, articles, and activities. I love working with a variety of organizations and corporations on really interesting projects. And, my schedule is flexible, and I work from home!



Life Lessons I’ll Pass Along to My Kid

  • You can fall down in front of your whole class while turning in a test and be alright (true story). Embarrassment is temporary.
  • It is okay to be a beginner – everyone is at some point. I have taken snowboarding and cello lessons as an adult.
  • People often like you most for the things you think are weird about yourself. Also: everyone is weird.
  • There may be nothing more fulfilling than taking care of something or someone else. They’ll get practice with that because we’ll always have pets.


Speaking of Pets – My Kitties Are Magical and Fun

  • Oliver (aka Ollie) plays hide-and-seek behind any curtain and loves to “surf” on giant pieces of paper or cardboard I drag around.
  • Tibbin (aka Tibby) plays fetch with balled up paper or plastic sticks from Starbucks and is an expert at sitting up and begging for treats.



One of the things I learned from teaching is that every kid is awesome in their own way. I adored the straight A student who did all her homework, the kid who could never remember to even bring a pencil, the shy kid, and the class clown. I know that I will love and cherish the child that I am fortunate enough to adopt, and I honestly feel like I can’t even imagine how much, yet.

One final thought, I imagine reading a stack of adoption profiles is like looking at social media – all the best moments. But everyone faces challenges and any child will have his or her own hurdles. I am here for that, too, with love, support, guidance, a boost, and a safe place to land.

If you’ve made it this far (or skimmed the whole page), thanks for finding out a little bit about me. There are a lot of wonderful people out there hoping to be parents and I know one of these profiles will speak to you. I hope it’s mine and, if it is, I’d love to have a chance chat. I wish for peace and happiness for you.