June 16th, 2019
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Jeff and Josh

Hello! We are Jeff, Josh and Hudson from Southern California.

We feel truly honored to be considered as ADOPTIVE PARENTS. We respect and admire your brave path in choosing adoption. While we have never met, we do have one thing in common which is to give your child the best life possible. Thank you again for your consideration. We are blessed every day to have our GREAT LOVE, LIFE’S ADVENTURES, WONDERFUL CAREERS and a SUPPORTIVE FAMILY. But there’s room in our hearts for more.

Our Life Together

Our story begins 11 years ago when we met online. We were living on opposite ends of the country and took a gamble and met for the first time in Los Angeles. It was a memorable weekend we’d never forget and as cliché as it sounds, after that…it was history. We began our lives together in California and it has been one fairytale life adventure since.  More than anything we just love spending time together. Whether it is traveling to a new and exciting destination or relaxing on the couch, watching TV and eating pizza. Living in Southern California offers us so many opportunities for adventure!

How We Work: WE ARE EXTREMELY LUCKY. Not only do we have our dream jobs, but we also work at the same place! We both work (and play) at Walt Disney Imagineering. Every day we help create magical experiences for our guests at Disney theme parks and resorts all over the world. Jeff is a creative producer and helps to guide the creative team to execute their vision for Disney attractions and parks. Josh is a Project Coordinator who is just finishing up working on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. Our careers bring us many great benefits including going to any of the Disney parks all over the world. We love enjoying the parks with our family and friends. We are fortunate that we work for a company that is so supportive of families and we intend on taking extended time off when we bring our newly adopted child home. There is also a company daycare right across the street from our offices. We intend to enroll our future little one there so we can go and check in during the day. How convenient is that?

Interests: We love to travel and see the world! We got engaged in Hawaii and have gone back a couple times since. It’s one of our favorite places. A few years ago, we honeymooned in England, France, Spain, and Italy. Experiencing the different foods, museums, and sights of Europe was incredible! We find ourselves on the east coast of the U.S. quite a bit too. We have family spread from Florida to West Virginia and love spending the holidays with them (and any other time we can get together too!) When at home, we love to cook – Jeff enjoys cooking the meals while Josh is an amazing baker. One of our favorite things we look forward to every year is Josh’s cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning we only get them once a year!  Josh is an artist who loves to paint and Jeff enjoys picking up a dance class every now and then (he danced professionally in his early 20’s.) We love to hike with our dog Addison and enjoy as much Malibu beach time in the summer as we can get.Meet Josh

Meet Josh, By Jeff: Fom the moment I met Josh, I saw my future at his side. His compassion and kindness are just some of his trademarks. Anyone who meets him instantly is drawn in by his warmth and his wonderfully upbeat personality. Josh is the oldest of two in his immediate family and the oldest of his cousins. I think that shows in how he cares for and looks out for his family constantly. His love for the people around him is definitely one of the things that drew me to him. We have built a wonderful life together and he makes sure every day is a new adventure no matter what we do. I am incredibly lucky that Josh is my love. AND my best friend. He makes me laugh constantly and always makes my heart smile. He is my rock, my cheerleader, and I couldn’t imagine a better partner and father for our son, Hudson. He inspires me to be a better person every day and I know he will do the same for our children.

5 Things Josh Does That Make Jeff Laugh:

  • He make’s a lot of silly faces. It get’s me everytime.
  • His laugh is contagious. His whole upper body shakes.
  • He can never stay awake watching a movie I want him to watch.
  • He sends the wittiest text messages. His timing is impeccable.
  • Listening to him make up new lyrics to songs.

Meet Jeff

Meet Jeff, by Josh: Where can I start with Jeff? He is a Florida boy, born in Miami and the youngest of 6 children. He loves the warm sunshine, being near the water and Southern comfort food. The first thing you’ll notice about Jeff is his charm, gentleness, and a smile that will brighten any room. I can’t imagine a world without him. Jeff is one of the most inspiring and influential people I know. There is an enduring spark in him that had me in love from the moment I met him. No matter what life hands him, he overcomes it with a smile on his face. He is genuine, caring, but at the heart of it all, a big kid. If there is one thing you should know about Jeff it is that he never gives up on his dreams. He started out as a performer at Walt Disney World in Florida, but after moving out to LA to work in television, he eventually wanted to get back with Disney in a big way. After several years of networking, studying, and determination he became a Producer at Walt Disney Imagineering where he helps create magic everyday at Disney’s theme parks. I am so proud of how far he has come! Jeff is living proof that if you work at something hard enough you can do anything. He instills confidence and a world of love for our son, Hudson and I can’t wait for him to extend that to our new addition.

5 Things Jeff Does that Make Josh Laugh:

  • His secret (not so secret) love of McDonald’s food. He perk’s up like a child when I mention the name.
  • He is clumsy with objects, especially in the morning. Something always falls out of the medicine cabinet. He would be a horrible burglar.
  • When he does his Kermit the Frog voice.
  • When he sings the wrong words to songs.
  • Listening to him laugh uncontrollably.

Our Loving Families

Meet Future Big Brother, Hudson: Hudson is a two-year-old through and through. He loves exploring the outdoors, coloring, and is always up for playing with or learning about dinosaurs. He’s goofy, loving, and very inquisitive. He’s happiest playing with friends and can’t wait to be a best friend to his future little sibling!

Family is where the heart is. We are true believers in family is the most important thing life has to offer. We both come from large family backgrounds. Jeff has most of his family back in Chicago. He has 13 nieces and nephews. Josh has over a dozen cousins he was raised with and while they all live in different areas of the country now, they are all still very close. All of his cousins are growing their families right now, so it’s fun to see it happen all over again. They affectionately call the group ‘Cousins 2.0’. Along with his cousins, Josh has one younger sister, a step-brother and is lucky enough to have two loving sets of parents. His mother and step-father live in West Virginia and his father and step-mother live in Florida. Needless to say, having extra grandparents on hand to one day spoil Hudson and our future child with love is always a good thing. OUR FAMILIES ARE SO EXCITED TO WELCOME ANOTHER MEMBER TO OUR GROWING EXTENDED FAMILY! We are also lucky enough to have a large support system here. We have many friends in the area who are more like family to us. Jeff’s best friends of 18 years live just minutes away and we get to spend a lot of time together. Our families around the country visit very often too- they look forward to their Southern California vacations and take them every chance they get!Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We are so proud to call SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OUR HOME. With sunshine almost all year round, beaches and mountains just a drive away, it is hard not to love it here. We recently bought a home in family-friendly Santa Clarita which is a suburb of Los Angeles. The community is known for their tree-lined streets, plentiful parks, and award winning schools. In fact, we have a park, elementary school and our community pool all within a 5-minute walk. We love to get out and explore! We frequent the LA Zoo, Natural History Museum and even hop down to San Diego every now and then to take Hudson to Sea World.

Meet Addison: Addison is our LOVABLE and ADORABLE 3-year-old Chocolate Lab. She is so much fun! Some of her hobbies and interests include constant tail wagging, chasing squirrels, impressing friends and family with her tricks, and giving lots of slobbery kisses. LOTS of slobbery kisses. Addison brings us so much love. She loves people – children and babies in particular- and she is so patient with them.

Our Dream for a Family: We know how lucky we are to have found each other, and to be able to grow our family is the biggest blessing we can think of. We have both been raised to be respectful, courteous, and kind. We want to instill that in our children. We want to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is and to teach them to leave the world a better place than they entered it. We believe that family is the most important thing in life and that family isn’t always blood, but the people in your life that love you and will always be there. We want them to know that home will always be a place that you are safe and loved and that their dads will go to the ends of the earth for them.

One Last Thank You: We can’t tell you enough how grateful we are for considering us to parent your child. Our promise to you is that your child will be raised with laughter, adventure, traditions and most importantly endless and unconditional love.