June 18th, 2019
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Jeff and Kelly

Hello! We are Jeff & Kelly (also known as “Jelly” to our friends!) from Southern California!

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us as you make plans for your child’s future. We so admire your courage and strength, and have so much respect for the love you are showing your child.  From the moment we began to imagine our life together, we talked about our future children, and what our life as a family would be like. It took us some time to discover that biological children just weren’t in the cards for us, but we feel so fortunate to be realizing our dream of a family through adoption.  We hope that our profile allows you to get a glimpse into who we are, the life we have built together, and the village of people we are so lucky to have in our lives. Welcome to our “Jelly” little world.

About Us: Our relationship began in 2008, when we met on Match.com. As a couple, we work because we complement each other. Jeff may push Kelly to do things she’s never done before (while supporting her every step of the way), but Kelly forces Jeff to get in touch with his mushy and goofy side. We love each other unconditionally, and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We aren’t afraid to spend time apart, pursuing our individual passions, but we absolutely cherish the time spent together as a couple, living in our “Jelly” world. It’s one of the reasons why we love road trips so much…that time together, hitting the open road, listening to an audiobook or podcast and holding hands while we watch the scenery go by. We just can’t wait to add some passengers.

Our Travels: One of our favorite things to do as a couple is to travel. We love having the kind of adventures you can only have when you leave your everyday world behind. We’ve often talked about how much fun it would be to pack up our future kids for a year in an RV and travel the country, seeing all there is to see.



Meet Jeff

About Jeff, by Kelly: Jeff makes me a better person every single day, and I feel so lucky to have him as my partner in crime. I love the passion he has for life, the twinkle he gets when he thinks of a crazy (but brilliant) idea, and that he refuses to take no for an answer, always finding a way to make the important things work.  When I see Jeff with our friends’ kids, I see just a glimmer of the amazing dad I know he will be. In between teaching our future kids how to roast the perfect marshmallow, and getting Winnie the Pooh painted on his face just to see them smile, I know that he will also teach them to work hard, think of others, and push themselves past what they ever thought possible. He will teach them to love just by showing them how much he loves them, every single day.

More By Jeff: I grew up in Chino Hills, CA and moved away to be closer to the ocean. Spending time outdoors is the driving force of most my hobbies. My work week is spent as a tax accountant consulting people and businesses how to manage their financial affairs. I have a strong love for life and love sharing all the things I think makes life great. As someone who is adventurous, it is important to me that we teach our future child that they can do anything they put their mind to. I HAVE MASTERED THE ROLE OF FAVORITE UNCLE TO ALL MY FRIENDS’ KIDS, AND can’t wait to see the world through our kids’ eyes, love them like there’s no tomorrow, and begin our new adventure as a family.


Meet Kelly

About Kelly, By Jeff: Kelly has the largest heart of anyone I know, and her moral compass is true. She is also one of the goofiest people I know. Sometimes she snorts when she laughs, and she knows just when and how to make me laugh. She is also a little bit of a dork (in the best way possible), reading books like they’re going out of style (she read the final Harry Potter book before sunrise after attending the midnight release party), and belting out show tunes in the car.   One of the things I admire most about Kelly is that she pushes herself outside of her comfort zone. Kelly will teach our future kids that being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid. It means that in spite of your fear, you try new things. Our kids will learn to be kind and compassionate through Kelly’s example, and they will never doubt that her love for them is unconditional.

More By Kelly: Growing up in Irvine, CA, I loved theatre and reading, two hobbies that I continue to be passionate about. As a teacher, I am able to take several months to bond with our future newborn, in addition to the option of working part-time, with time off for holidays and summer vacation to be a stay-at-home mom. BEING A MOM HAS BEEN MY LIFELONG DREAM, and I’m beyond excited to help my own future kids pursue their dreams, and show them the support and unconditional love my parents have always provided me.



This Is Our Village

Some people are blessed with an amazing family from birth, and some people are blessed with friends who are like family. We are lucky to have been blessed with both. Both Jeff and Kelly’s parents (married for a combined total of 88 years!!) and siblings live between 20-40 minutes away, and the eight of us have a blast when we all come together. Our family cannot wait to have a little one join the bunch, as your child will be the first grandchild and niece or nephew on both sides.

As far as friends go, we have some of the best ones around. Our close circle includes people we’ve known for decades. Most of our friends are parents, and we love being an honorary aunt and uncle to their kids, going on camping trips, celebrating holidays like Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve, and generally spending as much time as we can with them. Babysitting the next generation of our “posse” is one of our favorite things to do.

Quotes from our friends and their kids about us:

“Me and Casey like Auntie Kelly’s big sweet eyes and I like Uncle Jeff showing me different things in their garden.” – Jodi, 5

“I like when we go to your house for Halloween. I like when you come over because you’re part of the family. You’re special to me!” – Caleb, 8

“I love watching Kelly play with my son; she gives the best hugs and makes him giggle like crazy, and Uncle Jeff is a blast with his adventurous nature and his willingness to try anything. Sawyer already loves her Aunt Kelly.” – Amanda, mom to Seamus (17 months) and Sawyer (3 weeks)

“I’d say that, for most people, they never are truly “ready” to have kids. Not true for these two. I’ve never met anyone more ready to be great parents.” – Jay



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home is where the heart is: In addition to being 5 minutes from the beach, with hiking trails right outside our front door, our neighborhood has great schools, tons of parks, and pools galore; whether it’s visiting the farmer’s market or watching the Fourth of July fireworks set off from the pier, we love the community where we’ve put down our roots.  We can’t wait to cook breakfast as a family, decorate for the holidays, pick fruit from the trees in the backyard, and build projects in the garage. There’s a sunny room that is just begging to be turned into a nursery, and our downstairs great room is perfect for fort-building and sleepovers. We’ve loved hosting our friends’ kids for Halloween Pumpkin Carving, not to mention countless barbeques in the backyard, and we absolutely can’t wait for our child to run downstairs on Christmas morning to open their stocking, just one of the many memories we will make with our children in our home.

Norah Jones, the best dog ever! Whenever we come home, we are greeted by our three year old “mixapoo,” Norah Jones, running across the wood floor, twirling around in happiness. Norah Jones, a huge cuddlebug, has been a frequent house guest of our friends with young kids, and has been complimented time and time again about how gentle and protective she is of the “littles.” We can’t wait for her to have a “little” of her own to watch over.

In Closing: Thank you again for showing a commitment to your child’s well-being that leaves us in awe of your strength and love for your child. Our hope is that we have shown you that we have the ability to make our greatest wish come true: to provide our future children with everything they need to become happy, fulfilled adults.