August 23rd, 2019
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Jenn and Alan

We are Jenn and Alan from Northern California!

Dear Birthmother, Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We have been waiting for the right time in our life to grow our family and that time is now! We have decided that adoption is the perfect way to complete our family and would love nothing more than to open our hearts and loving home to your child. We are both grateful for the amazing gift of adoption and thank you for the courage to help families like us. We’ve heard from others that adoption is a life-changing experience and it would fill our hearts with so much joy to be able to provide a safe place for your child to live and grow. We promise to raise him or her with unconditional love and all of the compassion our hearts will allow. We promise to provide your child with the most opportunities possible.


Our Story, By Jenn: Alan and I first met in junior high. We were close friends throughout Jr. High and High school and even tried dating for a little while. When we started college, we lost touch. However, one day I casually asked a mutual friend how Alan was doing. Later that night I got an instant message from Alan and we’ve been together ever since.   We started dating soon after reconnecting and were married in April of 2004. Although initially we had jobs that required commutes in opposite directions, we were always able to find time for our walks to the grocery store or challenge each other to Tetris battles on the Xbox. We now both work 5 minutes away from the house and are able to spend more quality time together. We now have time to play games, travel, binge on our favorite TV shows, and spoil our sweet dog Kona.


The best thing about Alan and I is that we are best friends and have been for more than half of our lives. We understand each other even when we ourselves don’t know what we are trying to say. We laugh at silly things that no one else would understand. We dance in the kitchen when one of us has had a bad day. We can’t wait to share all of this with our future child.




Meet Jenn


Introducing Jen, by Alan: I can’t put into words exactly how amazing it has been to have Jenn in my life as my best friend and wife. More than anything we just love being together whether it be curled up together on the couch, on one of our spontaneous road trips, or laying out at the beach. She makes me laugh and cheers me up after a long day at work, is understanding when I have to work late, and will just sit next to me while I play the piano just to be near me. She loves being crafty and always has at least a couple of projects in progress. From scarfs to blankets, jewelry and art, she surprises everyone with new and amazing gifts each Christmas. We even had to install extra cabinets in the garage just to keep all of her craft supplies and completed projects. I can’t count the number of baby blankets and clothes she has made over the years for our friends and family, and I know that she can’t wait to finally make something for our own child.

She is the most loving and caring person I know. Jenn loves being an Aunt and loves spending time with all of our nieces and nephews. When her sister was giving birth, Jenn took time off from work just to be with them and help out any way she could.


More About Jenn, by Jenn: I am the oldest of three sisters. We are very close and I often take trips down to Southern California to join my sisters for a Fun Run or to get in a day at a theme park with them and my nephews.


I was born in Southern California, went to school in Central California, and now live in Northern California. I love being so close to the beach and can even remember my grandparents stealing me away to spend a day at Santa Monica Pier. I know that my parents will do the same to our future son or daughter, just as they currently do with my nephews.


I love to play games. I have to sleep on the way to family gatherings so that I can be sure to have the energy for the all night game play that happens. I can already imagine our future son or daughter sitting on my lap as they help me pick the next card to play in Uno.




Meet Alan


Introducing Alan, by Jenn: I feel so lucky to have married my best friend. He does everything in his power to make me happy every day, which sometimes includes going to get me ice cream for dinner when I’ve had a bad day. He loves to make me laugh, whether that’s telling me a joke he read online, quoting a silly phrase he heard from a TV show, or making such a ridiculous play on words that I have to roll my eyes and giggle. Alan is amazingly understanding, accepting and supportive.


Alan has grown to be an amazing dog person. He not only spoils our dog Kona with treats, but spoils her with his unconditional love. Though she’s a large dog, she will still try, and often succeed in cuddling up on the floor or in bed with him. What I love most about Alan is that we fit together. I do the dishes and he loads them into the dishwasher. He washes the laundry and I put it away. I fill the trash and he empties it.


My sisters were in a car accident a while back and he was the first one to grab the keys and jump in the car when that happened. He knew it was time for me to quit a higher paying job for one closer to home and supported me in that decision. Though we love to do things together, he understands when I hop on a plane to have some one on one time with my sisters.


I know Alan is going to be a great father because of all of his wonderful traits. I can’t wait to see him teach our future child to be as loving and caring as he is and though I love having him to myself, I can’t wait to share the experiences I have with him with our child.


More About Alan, by Alan: I grew up in Bakersfield, CA. My brother and I were very active growing up playing soccer, baseball, karate and scouting. My parents were always so supportive in everything we were involved in and I know that I want to be the same for future our child.


My parents like to say I started playing the piano before I could walk. My dad would sit me on his lap while he would play all his favorite songs. He taught me how to play and I have been playing ever since. I love playing for the whole family during the holidays and recently played for my brother’s wedding ceremony which was amazing to get to do for him. My nephews love to sit with me and play along and I can’t wait to get to teach our future child the way my dad taught me.




Our Family, Kona and Promises


Our Family: We both grew up in Bakersfield which makes it easy to visit both of our families, and we celebrate the holidays and birthdays together as one big family.


Alan’s parents Don and Aggie both grew up in Bakersfield so all the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were always around for holidays and birthdays. Don is a math and science teacher, and Aggie runs the top rated pre-school in Bakersfield. Alan has a younger brother Jason who recently got married to Evelina, growing our family even more.


Jenn has a large family. Her father, step-mother, step-sisters, half-sister and their families live about 45 minutes away. Her step-mother runs a day-care and is always willing to babysit at a moment’s notice. Jenn’s mother and step-father, along with her sisters and their families, live in southern California.


Several times a year we get to spend time with our nephews including participating in the local 5K fun runs, attending the annual air show, and going to Oregon for our yearly summer trip.


Meet Our Dog, Kona: We rescued Kona from a local pet rescue agency in 2013. Kona loves the beach as much as we do. At home, you’ll often find her running around the backyard with a toy or sunning on the grass. Kona’s favorite thing is to go for a walk, especially when it’s a place where she can explore! She loves to be around people. Kona is extremely gentle with kids and we have no doubt that she will love any child that we are lucky to bring into our home.


We Promise To: Always remember this gift you have given us, love unconditionally, laugh and smile every day, be present and involved, camp out in the living room, be patient, provide the best education, play and have fun, always be encouraging and supportive, sometimes eat ice cream for dinner, never take any moment for granted.




Our Home, Careers and Hobbies


Our Home: We live in Folsom, a small town just outside of Sacramento. Folsom has amazing nature trails that are almost always filled with bicyclists and runners. The communities are all filled with local playgrounds that are kept in excellent shape. We are walking distance to the public pool and softball fields.


Folsom is perfect for raising a family. It has a great public school system as well as many private schools. It always has fun activities for children to do like story time at the zoo and swimming at the local pool. Our future child will have the opportunity to enjoy the carnivals that are sponsored by the local marketplaces or even get a hand car ride on the retired train tracks. There are also the holiday events like Easter egg hunting, the winter ice skating rink, and summer concerts in the park. Folsom is close to everything and we can’t wait to share our weekend mystery trips with our child. One weekend might be the snow in Tahoe, another might be the beach in San Luis Obispo. We might drive to see the big sequoia trees in Redwood National Forest, or maybe even visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Our Home Away From Home, Maui: We honeymooned in Maui and it has always been a special place for us. We kept coming back because we loved it so much and eventually purchased our vacation home there which we enjoy 2 or 3 times a year.


Our Careers: Jenn’s Work: Jenn is a process improvement specialist working at a company that helps manage the electricity grid. She works with teams to help make them more effective and efficient. The work Jenn does is very rewarding and she enjoys helping people do their jobs better. One of the core values of Jenn’s place of work is work-life balance and her office is only 5 minutes away from home. This makes it extremely easy for Jenn to step away from work for an appointment.


Alan’s Work: Alan designs and builds computer chips for 3D gaming. Alan has worked at his company for 14 years. He has gone from a college intern to being a lead subject matter expert in validation and testing. He has traveled across the world to train and mentor teams in the methods and tools that he has developed. He has received several awards for his inventiveness and creativity. His job also allows him to be very flexible with his schedule including working from home when needed.


Thank You! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We would be honored if you considered us in your adoption plan. We have so much love to share with your child. You will be giving us the greatest gift someone could give. We can’t wait to begin this journey with you.