September 20th, 2018
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Jenn and Mark

Warm Greetings To You! We are Jenn and Mark (and our dog Zoe)

Hello and thank you so much for considering us. You’ll learn more about us below, but we wanted to tell you first how much we admire your courage for choosing adoption. We are so excited to start our family and we can’t wait to bring a baby into our lives who we promise to love each and every day.

Getting To Know Us: The day we met was already a day to celebrate. It was July 4th, Independence Day, and it was a beautiful sunny day. But we didn’t know when we woke up that morning that there would be an even bigger reason to celebrate…the day we fell in love! We were married a year later, under the trees in the Methow Valley in Washington State, one of our favorite places, surrounded by family and friends. Mark’s sister and Jenn’s brother performed the ceremony with lots of laughing. Zoe, our dog, supervised the entire event! We’ve had lots of adventures and fun together since then…going on hikes with Zoe (our dog), visiting our family and friends, riding our bikes (we love road biking), and taking a three-month road trip in our little trailer. Having a family has been central to our relationship since the beginning and we are so excited to have the opportunity to start our family through adopting. Mark’s brother and his wife are also adopting their first baby. We can’t wait for the cousins to meet each other and grow up together.

Things We Love To Do: We love to be outdoors, we love to be active and we love to travel. Sometimes we get to combine all three…like the time we rode our bikes from Seattle to Vancouver, Canada (a two-day ride). Mark rides a bit faster than Jenn, so he probably rode twice the distance with all the looping back he did to check on Jenn. We can’t wait to take our future little one on their first bike ride. Mark has already picked out the perfect training bike. We  are lucky to have travelled and lived in many places. We are also lucky to have many friends across the world. Mark’s best friend (Harry) lives in Washington, DC and Jenn’s best friend (Sacha) lives in Vancouver, Canada! We are very excited to introduce our future child to all of our friends and to show them the many different and wonderful cultures across the world. At the end of our day, our favorite activity is to sit together, talk, read or watch a movie and snuggle with Zoe. We strongly believe that making time each day to share all the good and not so good things about our day is important in supporting each other and in growing a strong family.Meet Mark

A Little About Mark, as seen through Jenn’s eyes: One of the first things I remember thinking about Mark was how much he cared about doing the best he could for his family and friends. My first gathering with Mark’s family was at a family BBQ only a couple of weeks after we met. He had told them that I was a veterinarian and they insisted that the first thing I do was meet their pets – a hamster, a lizard and two cats! However, after meeting the pets, I met the rest of the family, and what I learned that night was how important Mark’s family was to him. Now Mark and I are a family and I know how important building our own family is to him. Mark works as a forester, conserving and restoring forests. He has worked in many places around the world and speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. He works very hard and is very smart. He’ll be embarrassed that I said that, but it’s true! Mark’s favorite hobbies are road biking, reading and hanging out with Zoe and me. He has done two Ironman triathlons, but lately he enjoys road cycling. When we bought our house, one of Mark’s biggest concerns was that we have a good space for him to teach our baby how to ride a bike! Mark will be a wonderful Dad. I know it is easy for me to say, but he cares very much about the people in his life and is always willing to stop what he is doing and take the time to listen and work together, whether it is solving a problem or exploring a new idea. He is a great teacher; although, he and his Mom often tend to give very, very, very long explanations (but they are loveable)! I can’t wait for Mark to become a Dad.Meet Jenn

A Little About Jenn, as seen through Mark’s eyes: One of the first things that people notice when they meet Jenn is her warmth and ease with other people. At home and at work, Jenn is genuine and kind. When you are with her, you can always feel that you have her full attention. Family and friends are the center of her life. Jenn has a very close group of friends from elementary school, and she makes sure to regularly see them as a group and one-on-one. She is her friends’ favorite babysitter, and her friends’ children love spending time with their Auntie Jenny. Even though Jenn doesn’t have a sweet tooth, she loves baking, and her extended network of friends and family are the regular beneficiaries of lemon loaves, cinnamon cakes, and chocolate chip cookies (and this includes my side of our family now, too!). Now that her niece and nephew have learned how to use “Facetime”, we get regular calls and occasionally urgent consultations with “Dr. Jenny” when pets seem to be under the weather. Since we first met, Jenn and I have wanted to start a family together. I know that neither of us will be perfect parents. But, I know how much thoughtfulness, care and love Jenn has to give to our family. I can’t wait to see her become a wonderful mom.  Our Loving Families

The People We Love: It’s hard to fit a description of all the wonderful people we have in our lives in a paragraph, but let’s try! Mark has a big family, with five siblings and four nieces, nephews (so far!) Birthdays are the best (according to Jenn) because his sister and niece and nephew sing a very special song that lasts at least five minutes. Jenn’s family lives in Canada, where she grew up. Her Mom and Dad are retired and their new favorite activity is driving to see the grandkids. They can’t wait to make the drive to California to visit their future grandbaby. Jenn’s brother has two children (Avin and Everleigh) who have recently learned how to Facetime when their Mom isn’t looking. Both Jenn and Mark have a big group of lifelong friends who they are very close to and visit often. Mark loves going home each year for a big potluck Thanksgiving at his friend Hans’ house. Jenn has a group of girlfriends from high school who will be best friends forever. Jenn, also known as “Aunty Jenny,” gets lots of fun time with her friends’ children. Everyone is so excited to welcome our future little one into their lives.Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Neck Of The Woods: We live in Central California. We are very excited to introduce our future baby to our home and community. We live right beside the University where Jenn works as a professor of Animal Science, so she can come home on her breaks each day. Mark is very lucky to be able to work from home. There are all sorts of field trips that we have planned for our future child as they grow up. We live close to lots of parks and are only twenty minutes from the beach. Zoe (our dog) is scared of water, and we’re hoping our future child will teach her how to swim in the ocean! Best of all, we have a cozy house that we love. We chose an area with great schools that we can walk to and a home in which we envision our family playing, laughing, cooking, doing homework and loving. We both love reading and have shelves full of books. Now we’ll need a new bookcase just for the baby’s books!

Meet Zoe: Our family description wouldn’t be complete without introducing Zoe! Zoe is our very sweet 5 year old dog. She was rescued when she was six months old and our best guess is that she is a mix of black lab and pointer. She LOVES to run and goes for long runs with Mark whenever she can convince him to take her out. Her second favorite activity is eating (or watching Jenn cook in the kitchen in hopes there might be some treats) followed by snuggling.

Our Hopes and Dreams: Having a family is at the center or our life as a couple. Our hope is to build our family so that our future child will grow up with siblings with whom they can share their dreams, struggles, successes and love. We want our future child to have a close network of friends and family surrounding them who will always be there to support them. Education and exposure to different cultures is important to us and we want to teach our future child about many different subjects and cultures. With a forester and veterinarian in the family, there will be endless fun facts to learn! Mark also speaks Spanish and Portuguese and plans to teach both Jenn and the baby how to speak them as well!

We promise to love our future  child unconditionally and encourage them, in whatever their choices may be, to grow up into confident and happy individuals. Always talking to each other is one of our wedding vows and we have made a family vow to be sure that our future child feels comfortable talking to us about anything. We can’t wait to be parents and love our future baby with all our hearts. Thank you again so much for considering us. We are very honored to have the chance to become parents. Having a family is the most important thing to us. We commit to be the very best parents we can be. We will all grow together, learning from one another every day, and love each other with all our hearts. We hope to hear from you soon!