April 20th, 2018
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Jenn and Sean

Hello! We are Jenn and Sean from Los Angeles, California!

Dear Birthmother: Thank you for having the courage, love and strength to choose adoption. Your selfless act of love and bravery is inspirational. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about us and hopefully come to love the life that we can provide for your child. Our lives are filled with family, friends, laughter, music, learning and love and we are so excited to share this with a child. If we are blessed enough to be chosen, we assure you that your child will feel loved, encouraged, supported and believed in every moment of their lives. Over the last four years we have had many difficulties making a baby of our own and have what is known as unexplained infertility.  This hasn’t deterred us from our deep desire to raise children and we will feel honored to be adoptive parents. We have experienced the beautiful journey of adoption through our family and friends and believe it is the right path for us to start our family.

Our Story: Our love was 10 years in the making! We met at work and became fast friends. We bonded over movies, music, dancing and bringing the people we love together. Over the years that friendship bloomed into love, but we didn’t want to date in the workplace. Once Jenn got a new job, Sean knew he had to get serious because he couldn’t imagine a day without her. Jenn was so happy he did! The beauty of falling in love with your best friend over 10 years is that you know everything about each other and have a relationship based on trust, honesty, shared experiences and mutual respect. We have outstanding role models for relationship goals…both of our parents have been married for over 50 years!

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We have been to over 15 Foo Fighters Shows together
  • Our first international trip together was to the 2012 Olympics in London
  • Jenn loves the LA Lakers and Sean loves the Portland Trailblazers but we still love each other
  • We have visited 13 US states and 5 European Countries Together
  • We are avid movie goers often seeing more than 26 a year
  • We read at least one book each a month
  • We love to make brunch and read the Sunday paper together
  • A typical Saturday night is a Jenn and Sean Sing-a-long. Sean on guitar and Jenn on vocals

Meet Jenn

Sean on Jenn: I loved Jenn the moment I met her…I just didn’t know how much! Jenn makes me laugh every day. Whether it be singing overly dramatic renditions of Christmas carols year-round or displaying her latest dance moves, she surprises me every day. Family is everything to Jenn and Jenn is everything to her family. She was born into a big, loud and loving family but Jenn is at the center of it all.  Rarely does a week go by without her parents, siblings or cousins stopping over for a visit. My favorite thing about Jenn is that she fiercely protects and encourages the people she loves. She’s not only a shoulder to lean on when things are hard, she’s the person who pumps you up to overcome the challenges that may seem out of reach. I have a better life because Jenn is in it. She always encourages me to go after my dreams and loves me regardless of my success. Everywhere we go, children always flock to Jenn. I can’t wait to see how great she will be with a child of our own.

Jenn on Jenn: I was born in Petersburg, Virginia as the youngest of four siblings. We moved to Southern California when I was five years old. Some of my favorite childhood memories include swimming all day until our fingers turned to prunes, singing karaoke, going to Laker games and taking family vacations. My parents are originally from the Philippines and moved to the US in 1964, so my siblings and I benefitted from being influenced by two different cultures. We celebrated both American and Filipino traditions like eating pancit (Filipino noodles) on Thanksgiving! When I was 18 I decided I wanted to experience more seasons than just the beautiful year-round California sunshine. I attended college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I made wonderful friends and memories while receiving a great education. After graduation, I moved home to California to pursue a career in Advertising. I love the excitement of my job and am lucky to live one mile from the office. I plan to work a shortened work week when our future baby arrives and the proximity to home will make it easy for me to be available to our child at a moment’s notice. I have always dreamed of motherhood and will be devoted to providing all the nurturing and care a child needs for a happy life.

Jenn’s Favorites:

  • Food: Italian
  • Album: U2’s Joshua Tree
  • Movie: Father of the Bride
  • Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • TV Show: The Voice

Meet Sean

Jenn on Sean: Sean is by far the kindest, funniest, most generous, and most talented human being that I have ever met. People are drawn to his sincere friendliness and positive outlook on life. He never stops giving to the people he loves and to strangers he meets on the street. He is a talented musician who taught himself to play guitar, drums, keyboard and the bass. He often serenades me despite the fact that he hates his voice (I love it)! Sean is thoughtful and considerate; he does little things to surprise me because he knows it will brighten my day. I will often come home to a beautiful flower arrangement, “just because” or he will plan a surprise weekend getaway when we need a break. But most of all, he makes me laugh out loud on a consistent basis. I am 100% confident that he will be an amazing, supportive and caring father.

Sean on Sean: I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and was also the youngest of three siblings. My parents met in college and my dad went on to become an attorney and my mom a high school teacher. My parents still live in the house we grew up in and my brother and sister both live within five minutes of them. My childhood was filled with music, sports and art. My brother had an incredible record collection and I spent hours listening to them and trying to learn how to play them on guitar and piano. I ran track from the time I was 6 and played football, basketball and ran cross country in high school. I still run almost every day! I moved to Los Angeles after I graduated from college and opened a small chain of restaurants with my brother and some friends. When my brother moved back to Oregon, I changed careers and started working on film marketing at an advertising agency for a major film studio. I recently started a new job servicing the movie studios that has a lot of flexibility on hours so I can be more available for my family. I am so excited to share all of the incredible things I love about life with our future child!

Sean’s Favorites:

  • Food: Italian
  • Album: Led Zepplin’s IV
  • Movie: Tropic Thunder
  • Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • TV Show: The Simpsons

Our Family & Friends

Our Loved Ones: We are so blessed to each have big, loving families who we spend a lot of time with. They cannot wait to welcome another addition to the clan! Sean’s family lives in Portland, Oregon. We see them quite frequently because it is an easy two hour flight from Los Angeles. They also make their way down to see us and to escape the rainy Northwest! Sean has a sister, Erin and a brother Riley. Riley has three children – Alexa, Landon and Katherine, all who adore their Uncle Sean. We typically gather for family BBQs over the summer in the home that Sean grew up in. When Sean’s family visits California, you can find us all at Disneyland or a Dodger game. Jenn’s family lives in Southern California and are no further than a 45-minute drive. Jenn has a brother Ron and two sisters, Josie and Christina. Ron has twin two-year-old boys – Sebastien and Valentino and Christina has three children – Jade, Sofia and Keoni. Jenn is Godmother to the twins and her eldest nephew, Jade. Jenn also has a huge extended family with four uncles, four aunts, 24 cousins and 33 nieces and nephews. The entire family gathers every two years for a weekend in the summer. The reunions are filled with games, food and fun.

Our Furry Friends Bonham and Page: They are named after the drummer and guitarist from one of our favorite bands, Led Zeppelin. They are French Bulldogs and come from the same parents but different litters. We welcomed Bonham to our family in 2013 and got a call from his breeder in 2016 that his sister Page was still waiting to be rescued but was having trouble finding a family because she was the runt of the litter with some health issues. We hadn’t planned on a second dog, but we couldn’t resist when we saw her sweet face. Bonham and Page love to romp around our yard and are so loving and gentle with our nephews and nieces.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Community: We live in North Hollywood, California. We absolutely love our neighborhood as it is a tight knit community. We love visiting with our neighbors, going to the farmers market on the weekends and popping over to Dodger Stadium to watch a game with friends. We recently remodeled our backyard and put in a BBQ, a fire pit for S’mores and a ping pong table for entertaining. We love having a home where people gather for fun, food and games. One of our favorite gatherings is the annual  Christmas parade that features a Semi-truck pulling Santa’s House and Sleigh filled with Christmas Carolers  from all around our town. We follow the truck for blocks singing along. We are excited to see all of the things we love about our community through our future child’s eyes.

Our Adventures: We can’t wait to share the world with our future child. We believe seeing the world will help them grow up to be accepting, diverse and loving individuals. We love to travel because it’s so fun to share new places, people and cultures together. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to many interesting places in the world and here in the US. Some of our favorite places are Italy (Pizza!) and Chicago (Deep Dish Pizza!). We also travel to see our favorite bands. We’ve been known to pop up in Denver to see the Foo Fighters or New Orleans to see Bruno Mars. We have family travel traditions that help us stay connected to the ones we love! Once a year we go to majestic Sunriver, Oregon to spend a week biking, hiking, rafting and relaxing. It was Sean’s favorite place growing up and has become a place where we always go to bring our families together. We also go to Maui, Hawaii as often as we can to play in the sun, paddle board and whale watch.

Thank You: We want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will devote our lives to making sure they live theirs to the fullest. They will be surrounded by love, joy and security not only from us but their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. We want your child to know where they came from and of the loving act that brought them into our lives. They will always understand the beauty of adoption and the amazing sacrifice you have made for them. They will always feel love and know the great love that you have for them as well. Thank you for considering us!