July 23rd, 2019
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Jenn and Shane

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. Learning something new
  • 2. Teaching a child
  • 3. A good story (book/song)
  • 4. Singing to Celeste
  • 5. Music
  • 1. Celeste
  • 2. Baby smiles
  • 3. Outdoor concerts
  • 4. Relaxing on the beach
  • 5. A good meal

Hi! We are Jenn and Shane (and Celeste!)

THANK YOU for taking time to read our profile and learn a little bit about who we are. We admire your strength and courage while making this decision.  We love being parents to our daughter (our first adoption miracle) and cannot wait to complete our family with another miracle.

We are a loving, caring, stable, well-educated couple that looks forward to offering everything to our children. Since Jenn is a pediatrician (a doctor who only treats children), we understand how truly precious a child’s life is and what a miracle each child is. We have been married for almost 9 years and, after several years of infertility treatments, we realized we were meant to adopt. It has been thrilling to get to know our daughter through the miracle of adoption. We feel our diverse backgrounds and stability will give our children a broad and balanced life. We thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us.

We will teach our children…

  • What unconditional love is
  • To be proud of who they are and where they come from
  • How to have fun!
  • That they have the potential to do anything
  • How to treat everyone equally and with kindness

A little about us

We both separately moved to the suburbs of Washington, DC seeking the culture and excitement of a big city with a small town feel. Trying to meet people and being open to new experiences, we met speed dating. It sounds strange, but you can learn a lot about a person in four minutes! Jenn was attracted to Shane for his humor and intelligence, and Shane was attracted to Jenn for her attractiveness, kindness, and intelligence. That was ten years ago, and as our relationship developed and we got to know each other better, a deep love and understanding developed. We married eight years ago in a simple ceremony with our friends and family.

We are in some ways very different people, but those differences make our relationship and our family stronger. For instance, our cultural backgrounds are quite different, but this allows us to offer your child a broader view of life and interactions with a wide variety of people. Shane is quieter while Jenn is more outgoing. But Jenn brings out the social side of Shane. Even when he doesn’t want to go out, she convinces him to attend social activities that he enjoys once he gets there. Jenn is also excellent at the day-to-day planning and organization of running a household, but sometimes gets a bit mired in the details. Shane helps to ground her by helping her look at the bigger picture. Jenn loves to take care of Celeste by picking out her clothes, cooking food that she likes, and dancing with her. Shane loves to read to her, teach her new songs, and rock her to sleep.

Introducing Jenn, by Jenn

I was born in a university town in Delaware, where my parents still live, and lived my entire life there until finishing college. I still have friends from preschool that I also went to college with! My parents instilled a strong work ethic but were always supportive of my siblings and I. We spent a lot of time playing in the yard, at the library, and going on shopping trips. After college I went to Philadelphia for medical school and then to New York for my residency. After spending several years living outside of New York City, I moved closer to my family and settled down in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. I joined a private pediatric practice and see everything from broken arms to ear infections to children with ADHD. I am now a partner in the practice, providing stability and security for the rest of my career. I currently work part-time in order to spend as much time as possible with our daughter, but I am still able to pursue my dream career as a pediatrician. I find I love being a mother even more! I find happiness in not only taking care of Celeste but also feeding her and shopping for her. It is amazing to watch her learn and grow, and I cannot wait to do it again soon with your child.

About Jenn, by Shane

Jenn is by nature a very kind and caring person! She is truly concerned for the well-being of all living things. I see this in the way she worries and genuinely cares about the health and lives of her patients, in the way she interacts with our two cats, and especially in the way she lovingly and patiently cares for Celeste. She has a strong maternal instinct that is seen everyday, around Celeste as well as other children. If we are at a gathering she is usually the first to notice a child that is hungry, needs some attention, or about to teeter off their chair. Jenn is also a very positive and optimistic person. Despite the difficulty of our infertility treatments, after each setback she would immediately start figuring out how to turn the negative situation into a positive one and move forward. While often serious, Jenn also has a lighthearted side and loves to host a good party. She is always trying to find a reason to gather people together, and is usually the person among our group of friends who organizes an outing.

Introducing Shane, by Shane

I was born in northern Louisiana, and lived there and in Texas before my family moved to Virginia when I was a teenager. I then spent 9 years at the University of Virginia obtaining my undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics. Although I loved academia, I currently work for the federal government as a senior software engineer. I am able to work from home most of the time, which is very helpful with children at home. Despite spending more than half my life in Virginia, I am still a Louisianian at heart and enjoy sharing with Celeste the unique culture of my home state. My parents were strict, but I am thankful for the strong values of honesty, hard work, and integrity that they instilled in me. Having come from a fairly poor family, I enjoy being able to offer Celeste the opportunities that I wanted but couldn’t have growing up such as music lessons and exciting travel destinations. I hope to have the chance to share the same opportunities with your child.

About Shane, written by Jenn

Shane is one of the most amazing people I know. He grew up in humble beginnings in rural Louisiana and became the first person in his family to go to college. He received his Bachelor’s degree and went onto graduate school and received his PhD! He is the type of person everyone imagines their father should be. He loves and cares deeply for Celeste and the rest of his family and friends. He would do anything and everything to protect his family and those he loves. He is knowledgeable, not only about science, but about everything. He is also hilariously funny; all of our friends enjoy his stories and jokes. He is honest to a fault and cannot lie. What he enjoys most about being a father is being able to help Celeste learn new things. He loves to teach her new songs and do puzzles with her. He is also excited to be able to offer our children experiences that he was not able to enjoy as a child.

Introducing Celeste (future big sister)

We were blessed to adopt Celeste two years ago and we love her endlessly.  She is happy, kind, intelligent, and very social. Celeste loves being around other children and making friends, and she is constantly asking to play with other kids. She loves to play with and care for her baby dolls and is very empathetic to other children when they cry. Celeste immediately becomes concerned when hearing friends or strangers cry and wants to go comfort them. She is going to be a great big sister! She also loves to dance and go to gym class; she seems to have boundless energy! We are still in frequent contact with Celeste’s birthmother and hope to continue that contact with meetings and phone calls throughout Celeste’s life.

Our home and community

We live in a suburb of Washington, DC in a neighborhood that feels like home. We visit with our neighbors constantly, and the kids are in and out of all the houses on the street all the time. We babysit and pet sit for each other and consider many of them to be very close friends. It is a very culturally diverse neighborhood so no one feels left out or different. The larger region that feeds into the local schools is also very ethnically and socially diverse, which is one of the reasons we were drawn to this area. We can experience a county farm, the Air and Space museum and mediterranean food all in one day! We are excited to share with your child the unique cultural and educational experiences that DC offers, such as preschool art classes at the National Gallery of Art, kid-friendly concerts at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and exhibits for children at the National Zoo.

Our cats

We rescued Tulum (our gray tabby) and Salem (our tuxedo cat) from our local animal shelter. They are best buddies, and they love to romp around the house together! They are protective of Celeste and, although they are sometimes wary of her intentions, they never scratch, or bite. Celeste loves feeding the cats treats!

Introducing our loved ones

Our family and friends were extremely supportive of our decision to adopt Celeste and are incredibly excited for us to complete our family with another child. Jenn’s parents live close by in Delaware and are just waiting to babysit and spoil a new grandchild. Jenn’s sister lives in Boston with her husband and their two sons, who Jenn loves dearly. The boys are so excited about having cousins! Jenn’s brother, his wife, and their son Ethan live further away outside of Seattle, but we try to get together or Skype as much as possible. Ethan is only three months older than Celeste and they are besties!

Shane’s mother lives in Louisiana, while his father and three siblings (one sister and two brothers) live only a few hours away. Shane thinks his siblings make great aunts and uncles, and we even have a new niece for our children to play with!

We have many friends with children of all ages that we get together with as often as possible for parties, playgroups, and various activities. Of course, as a pediatrician, Jenn has contact with many families (many with adopted children), so we will have a wide network of children for playdates and parties!

How we like to have fun

We enjoy traveling, both abroad and in the US, and we cannot wait to explore new places as a family. We enjoy hiking through the desert landscape of the western US, swimming in crystal blue Gulf waters and exploring Mayan ruins, or touring a medieval European city.

We get together with friends and family as often as we can. There are many young children that live on our cul-de-sac, and most nice days will find a various assortment of them in front of our house playing with Celeste. We have playdates almost every weekend with friends, neighbors, or Celeste’s classmates. We throw an annual summer barbecue in our backyard and love to celebrate both Celeste’s birthday and adoption day. We can’t wait to throw parties for your child!

We enjoy attending musical performances and plays. We are fortunate to have the Kennedy Center close to us. We also attend community theater performances in the DC area. Shane plays the guitar and can’t wait to add a third member to the house band!

Thank you for learning about us!

We promise unconditional love and support to your child, and we will do everything we can to help realize his or her true potential. We are committed to teaching your child about love, kindness, and the value of education. Your child will always know where he or she comes from and what a difficult but loving decision this is for you.

We wish you strength and peace in making this decision.