October 21st, 2018
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Hello! I am Jennifer and this is my son, Theo.

Dear Birthmother: THANK YOU so much for taking the time to read our profile & consider us as an adoptive family.

I know this is an extremely difficult time in your life, and I am so in awe of your consideration of adoption for your baby. It is such a beautiful, selfless thing to consider doing. I have always felt that we humans are one big family on this earth and we must love and care for each other as family.

I hope it will ease your mind to know that I will love your child with my whole heart and soul. I will always support and encourage their dreams and will give them a life filled with laughs and love, adventure and family.

What makes me happy: Being active, yoga, hiking, bike riding and playing in the sunshine are important to me. Theater, I love being swept away and transported into another time and place through the magic of the stage. Museums and galleries, art feeds my soul. I am always amazed by how an emotion or an entire life story can be told through an artist’s paintbrush. Volunteering, I’ve always looked for ways to give back, such as serving food to the homeless, tutoring English as a second language, helping seniors through LA Works and mentoring student writers through a program close to my heart, Young Storytellers.

My Thoughts On Parenting: I have learned a lot about parenting over the years – from my own amazing parents, from my years as a Preschool Teacher in college, from my growing nieces and nephews, and now, from being a Mom. I’ve seen that children’s needs change as they grow, but the constants in their lives – love, support, inspiration – are most important. As a parent I promise to always provide these constants and to set appropriate boundaries as they grow. And these boundaries will be filled with joy and fun, creativity and exploration, respect and understanding, and endless kisses and cuddles (yes, even in the teenage years!).



A Closer Look

Our Story: I was raised in the coastal town of Branford, Connecticut, but have spent most of my adult life living in New York City and Los Angeles and I love them both! I love the energy, the arts, the culture and the people of NY and I love the laid-back-vibe, the sunshine, the nature and the people of LA. But while I feel very lucky to be able to spend time in both cities, LA has finally won my heart. I bought my beautiful California home five years ago and couldn’t be happier.

I have always loved my family and friends beyond measure and cherish our time together, whether it’s a holiday feast, a concert in the park or an afternoon hike in the Hollywood Hills. As long as we’re together and making each other laugh, I’m happy.

I had always wanted to be a Mom and I always felt in my heart that it would happen through adoption. When I reached a point in my life where I was really ready, both emotionally and financially, I adopted my amazing son, Theodore Scott.

Do What You Love: I’m a Television Director. I had wanted to be a storyteller since I was a kid. My Dad’s work in TV at the local ABC station inspired me and I set my sights on becoming a Director, even though there were so few female directors out there.

After studying Film & TV at Boston University and then working for years on various projects, like  Sex And The City and The Devil Wears Prada, I finally became a Director on the TV show MAD MEN. It’s fantastic! I love directing – working on performance with the actors, setting up shots with the camera crew, telling stories. Through hard work and perseverance I am very proud to say that I am a successful TV Director (which is still rare for women) working on shows such as How To Get Away With Murder, Orange Is The New Black, Good Girls Revolt and Law & Order: SVU. I hope to inspire my own children’s passions and give them the strength to follow their dreams!

The best part is that I am now established enough in my career to make my own schedule – which means I can work as much or as little as I want to – and have plenty of time and financial security for being a Mom!

Travel & Adventures: I love to travel! Theo has already travelled quite a lot in his short life! We go to the east coast to visit family and friends and we travel for my work sometimes too: we’ve been to Santa Fe, New Mexico; Vancouver, Canada; and Glasgow, Scotland; and we’re heading to Berlin, Germany and Budapest, Hungary soon too! Although it will be harder to travel once Theo begins school I want it to always be a priority in our lives. I believe that traveling opens our minds and our hearts to new people and new cultures – and allows us to fully participate as citizens of this world.



Meet Theo and A Look At Our Community

Introducing Theo: My son Theo is truly the light of my life. He is smart, curious, brave and thoughtful. He is full of love, sunshine and tons of energy. I adore being his mom.

Theo is very adventurous – he loves to run and climb and explore, whether it’s in our beautiful backyard or nearby hiking trails. He loves books and already has a very big vocabulary. He has attended so many fun classes – swimming, music, dance and his favorite, tumbling. He loves outings – to the botanic garden, beach, children’s museum or our standing playdate at the park with friends from our Mommy-and-Me class – friends he’s had since he was born. He’s very excited to be starting preschool this fall!

Theo will be an astounding big brother! He has the biggest heart and the warmest hugs and is so sweet with younger children – always playing more gently with the little ones or stopping to say hello to babies on the street. He’s very excited to help with the new baby!


Our Community: We love our neighborhood! The great thing about LA is that it’s a city made up of beautiful, suburban little neighborhoods. Our street is lined with trees (they’re purple in the spring) and filled with families, kids, dogs. On our evening walk with our dog, Clarence, we always end up stopping to chat or play with neighbors. We can go right up the street to many great cafes and shops, including a pet shop with adorable kittens in the window, a library and a Farmers Market on Sundays – Theo loves all the delicious samples! There are several lovely, lush parks nearby – and LA is surrounded by Beaches, Mountains and the Desert, all less than an hour away.

And, of course, this is a vibrant, multi-cultural, artistic city with some of the most exciting museums, theaters, and concert venues in the country – and so many amazing restaurants with food from every ethnicity under the sun.



Our Family & Friends

Our Family: I grew up a middle child of six kids – three boys (Ron, Scott, Mike) and three girls (Ann, me, Heather) – with amazingly supportive and loving parents. We’re a big, fun family full of love and laughter. When we were kids my Dad was a local TV personality and had many shows on the air, including his children’s program, Mr. Goober and Friends. It was so fun to have Dad come home at night, still in his Mr. Goober overalls, and practice his jokes and songs on all of us. We were his biggest fans!

Our family has grown over the years and now includes my superstar nieces and nephews and my son Theo, who, as the baby of the bunch, currently gets most of the attention. My three sisters-in-law, one Irish Catholic, one Jewish and one African American, along with my Chilean brother-in-law, have made my family multi-cultural as well.

Our family gets together whenever we can – holidays, birthdays, special events, pretty much any excuse we get. Most of the time we meet up at my Mom’s house in CT, the same house we all grew up in, and are spoiled by my Mom’s cooking. Somehow she remembers everyone’s favorite dish (Mine is crab dip; Theo’s is chicken wings) and she makes them all. Our time together is filled with food and stories, games and laughter, music and ridiculous dancing, and so much love. And everyone is so excited and supportive of my decision to adopt again – they’re just waiting with open arms to welcome a new child into our family!



Closing Thoughts

About Adoption: There is no way we can know how it feels to be in your shoes and to be making this difficult decision for your child’s future. But we do know that we are ready and waiting with open arms and open hearts to make that future as bright and full of joy and endless opportunities as we possibly can.

THANK YOU again for taking the time to get to know us. We wish you all the best in your journey.