October 22nd, 2018
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Jeremy and Erin

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    Jeremy Golf

    Erin Shopping

  • Favorite TV Show

    Jeremy The Office

    Erin Friends

  • Favorite Dessert

    Jeremy Banana Pudding

    Erin Anything Chocolate

  • Favorite Musician

    Jeremy Chris Tomlin

    Erin Casting Crows

  • Favorite Movie

    Jeremy Karate Kid

    Erin How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

  • Children’s Book

    Jeremy Just Me and My Dad

    Erin If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

  • Afraid Of

    Jeremy Snakes

    Erin Planes

  • Favorite Season

    Jeremy Fall

    Erin Winter

Dear Birthmother:

We are so grateful that you are taking the time to learn more about us. We can’t even imagine how hard this decision is for you, but we are so honored that you would consider us as adoptive parents for your baby. We have seen the blessing of adoption first-hand through our niece, and we count it as an amazing gift to be able to welcome a child into our home. Adoption was our first choice for bringing children into our family. Thank you for making that possible for us. We truly admire you for your courage and strength. We hope you get to know us well throughout the next few pages.

Our Story: We met at church in 2004 where we became friends through a singles’ group. Soon after, we started dating and dated for about four years before getting married. Jeremy proposed to Erin on the beach near the little beach cottage his parents own. Of course, Erin didn’t know that was the plan when they went to the beach and made Jeremy walk a mile first! We are on our way to our 10 year anniversary, and we really credit our solid marriage to an important ideal that we learned from our parents – love is not just a feeling, but an action. Life can be hard, and we deal with difficulties together, but we also love to laugh. Making up dance moves to the songs we hear on the radio is not uncommon, and we often find ourselves making rhyming songs out of our ordinary conversations. We have a sweet YorkiePoo doggy named Jojo, but we do not have any children.

Our Favorite Pup: Jojo is our little Yorkiepoo. She is loving and enjoys playtime and nap time! She is cuddly, energetic, and very good with kids. Our nieces and nephews really like playing with her. She likes to sleep with a blanket and really treasures her toy turkey! Giving kisses is her favorite thing. She just loves people!

Adoption In Our Lives: Our niece is adopted from Vietnam, and this has given us a heart for adoption. We were the first to meet her, welcoming her home at the airport, and we are still very close to her now. She gave us a gift – she showed us the way adoption touches the lives of everyone it comes in contact with, and for that, we are eternally thankful. We can’t wait to experience adoption again; this time as adoptive parents.

Introducing Jeremy, by Erin: Jeremy is a fun guy to be around. He is laid-back, has a quick-wit, and loves Jesus. He is always making people laugh! I never know what he will do next, whether it is dancing around the house or making funny faces. He has a servant’s heart and is a hard worker. He will sacrifice anything to care for those in need. He is the best at entertaining kids, just ask his nieces and nephews! He is great with children and will be an amazing dad to our little one. He will be able to make our child laugh when they are sad and be a source of strength in any trial. He is an incredible man!

Jeremy’s Work: Jeremy has a degree in Religious Studies and currently works as a Fire Captain. He is well-respected and liked. He knows how to lead, and at the same time, can joke and enjoy fun times with his crew. He enjoys his job because it keeps him active and he knows he is making a difference in peoples’ lives. He will have a few weeks to spend home when our child arrives but then will go back to work full-time to provide for us. However, he will still have plenty of time at home and will always be available to our child.

Introducing Erin, by Jeremy: Erin is definitely my better half. We always find a way to have fun together, and she is one of the few people who can really make me laugh. She is truly my best friend and someone I can talk to about anything. She is very supportive of me and the most encouraging person I know, giving me advice and being there for me when I have problems at work. She does an excellent job of keeping our lives organized. She makes our house a home. She really has a special connection with children. She is the best aunt to her nieces and nephews, which is one of the reasons I know she’s going to be an awesome mama to a very blessed child. One time our niece was very upset about going to the doctor and asked her “Aunt E” to go with her. Erin prayed for her, hugged her, and went with her, and our niece instantly felt so much better.

Erin’s Work: Erin has a degree in English and does freelance work from home, which will give her the flexibility to stay home with our child and give them the loving attention they deserve, helping them to learn and grow. She has the voice of an angel and will love singing our child to sleep. She is a warm, caring, and compassionate woman.

Home Sweet home: We live in a nice, all brick home in a very quiet neighborhood in North Carolina. We enjoy hosting get-togethers at our home and also relaxing in our front room. It has a large window where we can watch all the little critters play in the yard. One time, Erin even got to see a man riding his unicycle down the street. That’s not common, but it sure was fun to see! Our home sits on almost a full acre of land within really close distance to several nice parks, a fun indoor water park, and both of our families! This is great because we like to be able to just drive over and say hello. Our backyard is fenced-in and makes for a great space to run, play, and sled in the winter! There are people of all ages in our neighborhood, and one neighbor often brings us fresh veggies from his garden that we use to make a yummy and healthy dinner. We love it here, and we know that bringing our child home will make it even better!

Things We Love To Do: Jeremy is very active. He is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and used to teach classes to children. He is also an avid golf player and received a golf scholarship to college. He likes fishing, hiking, and coffee, of course! Erin likes baking, but her sweet tooth makes that dangerous! She is a techie and the one family comes to if they need help figuring things out on their phones. She enjoys photos, organizing, and decorating. And, without a doubt, chocolate! Both of us really enjoy music, so you will often find us at concerts or having our own little concert at home. Another thing we like to do is hangout with our nieces and nephews because it helps us see joy in the little things. Speaking of enjoying the little things, it is not uncommon for us to be in the mountains or at the beach because Jeremy’s family is fortunate enough to have a place at both.

The People We Love: Our families are fun-loving and close-knit.We were both born and raised in North Carolina and were blessed to have stay-at-home moms and dads who worked to provide for our family while also being available in our lives. They raised us to love Jesus and to be kind to others. There is never any lack of support, and our parents always show us their love for us. We can truly count on them, and we love them very much. Both of us have one sister, and each of them have four children. We are really close to them as well. All of our family, including aunts and grandparents, live nearby, and we spend time with them often. We take trips with them, celebrate holidays together, and get together for a meal just because. They are all incredibly supportive of our adoption journey and are looking forward to having a new child to love. We can always count on them to be there for us. There are no words to describe how great our families are, and we know that our child will be embraced and loved unconditionally by them.

Our Promise To You:

1 • We promise to love your child unconditionally & support them always.

2 • We promise to teach them to love God & people, to always be kind.

3 • We promise that your child will always know that their birth mother loves them.

4 • We promise that your child will be adored by our families & make lots of memories with their cousins!

5 • We promise that your child will always be safe & will never go a day without hearing “I love you.”

6 • We promise to comfort them when they are afraid, to encourage them when they are down, and to celebrate their accomplishments.

7 • We promise to teach them right from wrong & that we will do so lovingly.

8 • We promise to provide everything that they need.

One Last Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope you were able to get a glimpse of who we are and how much we will love your child. We are praying for you and the baby through this season of your life. We know God has the perfect child for us and a perfect plan for you. He always has a plan. We pray that God would give you guidance and peace as you make this decision. We appreciate you more than you could ever know.