August 23rd, 2019
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Jeroen and Jennifer

Hello! We are Jennifer and Jeroen.

To A Very Special Someone: We hope that our life and love will match your hopes and dreams for your baby. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We are Jeroen, Jennifer and Jason, and WE LIVE IN THE NETHERLANDS, a small country in the west of Europe. They say that things in life happen for a reason and we truly believe that this exciting journey through adoption will help us to expand our family and make our son Jason a big brother. Words cannot express how much your selfless gift will mean to us. In this profile, we would like to give you a glimpse into our lives. We deeply respect and admire your brave and courageous decision to consider adoption for your child, and we believe that it is a true act of love toward your baby to think about their future

Our Story

We met each other more than 16 years ago on the Internet. After a period with a lot of chatting and long phone calls, we finally met each other for the first time in Nijmegen (a city in the Netherlands), and it was love at first sight. Since then, we have been together and consider ourselves best friends. People always say we are such a good team. Over the years, we have experienced so much together; we took amazing trips together, student life changed into working life, and in 2010 we celebrated, together with our family and closest friends, our love with a beautiful wedding in a little castle in the village Jennifer grew up. After getting married, we started trying to grow our family. IN MAY 2017, THAT DREAM FINALLY BECAME A REALITY WHEN WE ADOPTED OUR SON JASON FROM FLORIDA. From the moment we laid eyes on him, we have been in love! Now, we hope to continue growing our family and can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives with another special little one. We have chosen for the United States again, because it is still difficult to adopt in our country, but more importantly we believe that for the kids their origin from the same country would be something they will share as siblings. After struggling with infertility for several years, we learned that we wanted to be parents more than we wanted to get pregnant, which is why we chose to grow our family through adoption.

Things We Love Doing As A Family:

  • Being outside as much as possible, for a hike, a bike ride to a park for a picnic, or just going to a playground or petting zoo.
  • Exploring the new places in the Netherlands and other countries. Our favorite countries so far are New Zealand, Namibia, France, and of course the United States which has a special place in our hearts.
  • Being silly and dancing in the room, and laughing a lot with each other.
  • Playing board games with our family and friends.
  • Cooking together and making up new recipes.

Meet Jeroen

About Jeroen, by Jennifer: Jeroen is the love of my life and my best friend. I can’t imagine a life without him. He is a very open, loving and social person, who cares about our family and the people around him. Besides that, Jeroen is down to earth and always available to listen, give advice or help those around him. However, what I love the most about him is his unconditional belief in me and his great support.

WORK AND PLAY: He has a great job at the government as an ITer, where he works with technology, and has a very stable job. His employer also offers many opportunities to be more at home with his family when our second child joins our family. In his spare time he likes hiking, camping, sailing, and exploring nature with the family. He likes to make jams and other tasty things using the fruits and vegetables from our garden. Another place you can find him is the couch, reading a book for himself or with Jason.

JEROEN AS A DAD…HE’S AWESOME! It really has been incredible watching Jeroen become the greatest dad in the world to our son Jason. From the moment they met, they’ve been the best of friends. It brings me so much joy to watch Jeroen and Jason play together with cars, legos or on the playground. I am so happy that he will be able to share that same love and support with another child through adoption.

Fun Facts:

  • He often goes to his work by bike, and Jason rides with him till the stop at the babysitter.
  • He loves hiking, swimming, and being active.
  • He enjoys photography, and really took some beautiful ones.
  • His favorite food is BBQ with a lot of meat.
  • His favorite writers are Dan Brown and John Grisham.
  • His favorite activities during vacation trips is making a big camp fire and being outside enjoying nature all day.
  • His guilty pleasure is eating potato chips, don’t tell anyone.

Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer, by Jeroen: When I first met Jennifer, my heart skipped a beat and has been beating for her ever since. She is the most loving and caring person, who makes you laugh and feel comfortable, but sometimes a little bit shy. She always takes care of our warm and cozy home, both for me and Jason. She is always honest, very nice to other people and is always there for them. Jennifer and I never talk about problems, but about challenges.

WORK AND PLAY: Jennifer works as a cardiologist (doctor that specializes in hearts) in a hospital very nearby. She loves her many days off, as she then discovers the world with Jason (for example going to swimming class, baking cookies, or going to the library). She dances, makes creative things (growth charts, Christmas decorations) and plays the piano, but she also loves to make great flower arrangements or relax on the couch and read a book.

JENNIFER AS A MOM…SHE’S AMAZING! The most important thing about Jennifer is that she was meant to be a mom; she is very sensitive, sweet, patient, creative and loving. Jason is really crazy about his mom and my heart melts when I see them playing piano together or reading books. I know that Jennifer is very excited to continue to growing our family, and I look forward to seeing the incredible bond she develops with another child.

Fun Facts:

  • She loves her work as a doctor helping people.
  • She enjoys crafting and making new things, like embroideries, decorations for our home (especially for the holidays), and baking.
  • Her favorite food is pasta.
  • Her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • Her favorite holiday is Christmas, with all the lights, decoration and family time.
  • Her guilty pleasure is eating chocolate, of course!!

Our Loving Families

Meet Jason: In May 2017, our lives changed forever, when Jason joined our family through adoption in the United States. We’re very happy that his birth parents chose us to take care of this little Florida boy and be his forever family. Jason is a cheerful, happy little boy with an easy-going personality. With his smile and sparkling eyes, he welcomes people around him to be a part of his world. He loves playing with other kids and already has a caring personality. He is very sweet with little babies, gently hugging them and giving them kisses. His favorite part of the day is playing outside, climbing or running. We know that Jason would be a perfect big brother, that’s for sure!

Jason’s Favorites:

  • Music, singing and playing the piano with Jennifer
  • Dolling around with Jeroen
  • Swimming
  • Playing with his toy cars and lego
  • Animals! We go to the pet zoo often
  • Travelling! At only 1 year old he has already been to Germany, France, and back to Florida


We are really family people! OUR FAMILY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US, AND WE LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH THEM. Both our families are small but very close, and very excited and supportive about our continuing adoption plans. Our parents are still very active, and we see them often. They only live an hour away. We both have one younger brother. Jeroen’s brother is married and they have three kids. Jennifer’s brother is still single, and he is a great uncle. They all can’t wait to welcome and meet the newest member of our family, and do things together like taking walks, visiting museums, the zoo or playgrounds. We treasure the friendships we’ve made, too! IN ADDITION TO OUR FAMILY, WE HAVE GREAT FRIENDS WHO HAVE SUPPORTED US THROUGH THICK AND THIN. Almost all of them have children. This means that any child that joins our family will already have a group of friends just waiting to play! We’re also part of the American-Dutch adoptive family of our Dutch adoption agency, the A New Way family.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live on the outskirts of a small town close by Enschede on the east side of the Netherlands, in a lovely house, in a neighborhood surrounded by nature and full of other young families with children. We have a beautiful garden, where we like to sit with nice weather, with each other or with friends have dinner and hang out. Jason loves to play in the garden as we have a swing, slide and a sand box. We are within walking distance to several playgrounds, parks, meadows, and woods. Our home is also very close to the various schools in our community and the children will be able to walk and ride their bikes to class when the time comes! Furthermore, there are also sports fields, a pet zoo and swimming pool in the neighborhood. There really is something for everyone here.

The Netherlands and Our Traditions: Being a true multi-cultural country, every nationality, cuisine and type of religion is represented here. OUR SOCIETY IS CHARACTERIZED BY TOLERANCE AND OPEN-MINDEDNESS. There is respect for everyone, regardless of color, culture or religion. We are also known for our cheeses, windmills, flowers and wooden shoes. We love our heritage! The Netherlands takes good care of all its inhabitants, having a great educational system and good healthcare insurance. Dutch children are amongst the happiest children in the world! TRADITIONS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US, and though we have some different holidays, we also celebrate many of the same ones as you. It’s important to us to be with our family for Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter and Sinterklaas (a real Dutch feast for children where they get presents; it looks a bit like your Santa Claus but comes a few weeks earlier). Another special Dutch holiday that we enjoy is Kings day, the King’s birthday. Since we’ve adopted Jason, we started celebrating some American holidays too. We always have burgers on the 4th of July and we had our first Thanksgiving, complete with a big Turkey feast!

Our Thanks: We are so excited to offer another child a warm, stable and safe home with a clear daily routine. Activities like reading stories, playing games inside and out, playing sports, crafting and music will all be part of their daily life. As a family we love to go for a walk and enjoy nature, visit playgrounds, or the zoo and meet with family and friends with kids. We think it is important for children to meet other cultures and get a sense of life in other parts of the world . WE HOPE TO PASS ON VALUES OF RESPECT FOR OTHERS, HONESTY, LOYALTY, HELPFULNESS, COMPASSION, PATIENCE AND KINDNESS AND BE AN EXAMPLE FOR YOUR CHILD. Thanks again for considering us as adoptive parents to your child. Should you decide that we are the right family for your child, we will love him or her with all our hearts, and we will make sure that you will always have a special place in the life of your child, as well in our hearts. Together, we will plan the level of contact that feels right, so that we can all find our place in this unique relationship. We can’t wait to welcome another child in our family. We wish you all the love and strength to make this hard decision and we wish you the best, no matter which decision it might be. We can’t wait to travel and show our children the places we loved, and of course, travel back to the USA, where their birthplaces, and more importantly their families are.