August 23rd, 2019
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Jess and Camilo

Hello! We are Jess and Camilo from Los Angeles, California!

Dear Birth Mother:

Thank you so, so much for considering us. We are very excited about the chance to grow our family through adoption. We have adopted once before and it was a truly amazing experience to partner with our son’s birth mother as she bravely chose this beautiful path. We find so much joy in being parents. We feel so lucky to have a warm home full of love and laughter and we have so much more love to give!

We live in a sweet, little suburb with our two sons.  We have a seven year-old biological son, Lucas, who is a loving, big brother who constantly draws cute pictures and tapes them to our walls 🙂 Our four-year-old son is Arlo, who we adopted at birth in 2014. Arlo loves animals, is athletic and is always making funny faces! We have always known we wanted to adopt again but watching our sons hold their little twin cousins when they were born sealed the deal! They were so loving and gentle. And now when they play with them, read to them, teach them… it is like a glimpse for us of how amazing they will be as new big brothers!

About Us, By Jess:

Our first date was on July 10th, 2005 and our second date was the very next day! We met online and instantly connected. Camilo was finishing medical school and after dating just a few months, he had to move to Northern California for his medical residency and we began a long-distance relationship. This was before Skype and Facetime so we could only talk on the phone and it was so hard! Soon, Camilo took me to have a picnic in a nearby park and proposed. We recently took our kids to that park and it was so cool to see them playing on that very same field where our family began!

Meet Jess

Meet Jess, by Jess: I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA., the oldest of three kids. I went to college at Northwestern University in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles after I graduated to become a television writer. I often work from home and my schedule is very flexible. I love to volunteer at the kids’ schools and host play dates. I get chunks of time off in between writing assignments, which I use to have special adventures like surprising the kids with a trip to Legoland! Some of the shows I’ve written for are My Name is Earl, Cougar Town, and Great News. When we have another child, I am looking forward to a lot of time at home! I am excited to take long stroller walks and to do tons of tummy time. And I can’t wait to bring our new baby to family hangouts where there will be lots of people to play with and love.

More About Jess, by Camilo: I love Jess. I am so lucky that I found her, and that we get to share our lives together. Jess is an amazing wife and mom. She is playful and gentle. She can get the kids laughing like crazy just by doing silly voices or inventing a game. Jess is so dedicated to our children. When Arlo has an asthma attack in the middle of the night she is up giving him breathing treatments and cuddling. When Lucas was born premature, she spent every day for two months in the NICU with him. I’m so proud of her writing accomplishments, but what I’m most proud of is that she always puts our family first. She is the heart of our family and I am so excited to be “new parents” with her again when we welcome the new baby into our lives.

Fun Fact:  I studied in Spain in high school and college and am still good friends with my high school Spanish exchange student, Eduardo, and his family.


Meet Camilo

Meet Camilo, by Camilo: I grew up in San Francisco with one older brother. I went to college at Harvard University in Massachusetts, Medical school at USC in Los Angeles, and then trained to be a family doctor. Highlights of my career so far: teaching medical residents and delivering babies! I loved during my own childhood that my dad built his work schedule to be able to pick us up from school, help with homework and hang out. I have a schedule where I can be that same kind of dad to my kids. I really love being a Dad, reading comic books with my kids, taking them to the playground to climb on the monkey bars, and to their sports games where I often coach or referee.

More About Camilo, by Jess: Camilo is a magical combination of kind, patient, funny and thoughtful. As a husband he is so supportive and sweet. I’m so lucky to get to be a parent with him. He is the kind of dad who will do anything for his kids and he is an amazing role model. I think Arlo’s favorite place in the world is sitting on Camilo’s shoulders. And it comes in very handy that he is a Family Doctor – when someone gets a boo-boo or is sick – we have an expert right there! I truly feel lucky every day that we have him in our lives and look forward to raising another child with him.

Fun Fact: When I was 3-years-old I lived in England for  a year with my family and even had an accent, which is long gone now!

Our Loving Families

Meet Our Boys: Arlo is a sweet, little bundle of energy. He loves school and his teachers. He likes Dr. Seuss books, and loves the Grinch. We were super proud when he started finding the word “Grinch” in the text of the book – he’s excited to “read” already!   Arlo’s favorite toys are stuffed animals —he loves to cuddle them and pretend they are babies. Arlo will make a great big brother for so many reasons, including that he and the baby will have adoption in common. Lucas is a smart and funny first grader. He loves to chitchat and makes friends wherever we go. He loves reading — He likes The Berenstain Bears, especially “And Baby Makes Five” a story about a new baby bear joining the family.

Our Family and Friends: We both come from large, loving families. We just had a big party to celebrate Camilo’s parents’, “Nana and Papa’s” 50th wedding anniversary. Jess’ parents, were high school sweethearts and are coming up on their 50th anniversary, too!  Camilo’s brother lives near us too, and we often watch football games with him and our nephew. Nana and Papa have a beach house nearby, but the rest of the year they live in San Francisco and we visit them to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover, and Easter where we do an Easter egg hunt and the Mexican tradition of smashing cascarones — confetti filled eggs on each other. Our extended family is very diverse — we celebrate holidays that reflect our different cultural and religious backgrounds — Mexican, Jewish, Chinese, and African American. It is important to us to celebrate and honor our diversity.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in South Pasadena, CA, which is a small town outside of Los Angeles.  Some people say it’s the perfect place to raise kids, and we agree. Tree lined streets, awesome parks, lots of community festivals for the kids, a library 3 blocks from our house, and the schools are amazing. We can walk to shops, restaurants and even a cute farmer’s market. There’s a bubble man there who puts on an awesome show for the kids… okay and adults – we are pretty into it, too!

Meet Remi: We have a cat named Remi who we rescued when he was a kitten. He loves eating, sleeping and attention. He is very gentle and loves when kids pet and brush him.

In Closing: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. Our promise to you is if we are lucky enough to be chosen by you, we can give your child a life of love, warmth, laughter and education… and your child will be raised knowing all about your love and courage. We have already experienced the miracle of adoption and are so excited to grow our family through adoption once again.