August 20th, 2019
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Jill and Bronco

Hello & Thank You! We are Jill & Bronco!

We are so very excited to be on this journey and want to thank you for being so amazing & courageous! We really look forward to meeting you & your child. We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for you to consider us as parents. We admire your strength and thank you for taking time to get to know us. We will welcome your baby into our loving home with open arms.

Our Story

We met a long time ago & years later, when the stars aligned, we both instantly knew that we were meant to be together. We both have a zest for life that keeps us going. We don’t sit still – we go, go, go all the time! We like to spend time together, holding hands and lounging at home. We each have very strong work ethics but also believe in having a good time & taking a break. We love to travel & make sure to take the time we need with friends & family to make the most of every day. We love nature everywhere. Our weekends are filled with trips to the mountains or up the coast & we see lots of movies, plays & concerts. Bronco teases Jill endlessly that she is far too neat & organized but we both agree that playfulness is the most important part of a relationship! We make sure to give back to our community & we are passionate about shopping/dining locally. We like to have family & friends over for game night & pontoon boat rides on the Lake. We both feel strongly about making the world a better place & will instill this in our child to care for others, the planet and strive to always make a difference.A Little About Jill

Jill grew up in a very small town in rural Illinois with about 900 people. Life in a small town was challenging but she persevered and this is a big part of who she is today. She is humble, loyal, creative, adventurous, ambitious and kind. She believes in cracking the glass ceiling and stepping outside the boundaries of everyday life. While gardening in the yard, she will take a bag of radishes to the neighbor, just because. Any chance she gets to organize, she’ll do it – the garage, the fridge, kitchen cabinets, her office…even her sock drawer! If someone needs a party planned, she is the “go-to” person and is very good at it. Staying busy & finding new things to do are always on her “to do” list – hiking, restaurants, plays, concerts, you name it, she’ll find it! And she doesn’t leave the house without her lists! She works for a big University and always finds time to volunteer and help others. She has crewed & walked over 90 miles for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. She dreams about starting her own charity walk someday. She enjoys watching the Chicago Cubs & Chicago Bears play and seeing movies is top on her list of fun things to do. She will be an outstanding mom who throws the BEST birthday parties for our child!A Little About Bronco

Stanley got his nickname “Bronco” 6 months before he was even born. He used to wake his father up kicking his mom. “He kicks like a horse!” his Dad would say & from then on, everyone knows him as Bronco! And he sure lives up to his name! He is boisterous, energetic, sweet, charming, kind and the life of the party! He was born to older parents & he has always been grateful for that. He is very respectful & tolerant, even from a young age. He gets his loving style & charm from his parents, who always supported everything he did & gave him his ambition & drive to always try new things. He loves the outdoors & competitive sports. He was in a bassinet in his parents fishing boat long before he could walk! Boating, scuba diving & fishing are his passions. He loves to watch & play football & rugby. He plays the trombone & for years was lead singer of a couple different swing bands. Music is a very big part of who he is. Bronco is very creative & has done graphic design work his whole life. He started his own Advertising company & currently owns his own military purchasing company. Bronco works every winter with the USARC organization which teaches people with disabilities how to ski & snowboard. The work he does with this group is amazing & you can see their face light up as they drift down the slope on their own skis! He feels very fortunate to live a diverse & interesting life that he hopes to impart on our child. If we are given the chance to be half the parents his folks were to him, he will be the happiest man alive!!Just for Fun

We love to hunt for treasures! And by treasures, we mean antiques! We believe in taking oldies but goodies and turning them into useful, amazing things. Bronco loves woodworking and restoring antiques and old cars. We always have music on at home or when we’re in the car. Some of our favorites are swing music (we both swing dance), the Hamilton soundtrack and Jimmy Buffett. We love to travel and even when traveling we always find garage sales and great hikes. We own a pontoon boat and fishing boat, which we enjoy taking out on the lake behind our house with friends and out on the ocean. In the winter we head to the mountains where we love to snowboard and ski. We have zip-lined, hiked down a waterfall and rafted down a small river in Costa Rica! Road trips are our favorite way to see the USA and we cannot wait for our family to continue with these traditions!

Home Sweet Home

Our home is very special to us. It’s where Bronco grew up and it sits on a beautiful lake where we can fish, paddle board and enjoy our boats. The community has a small town feel and we know a lot of our neighbors. There are events, such as concerts and boat parades for every holiday. Our home is full of heirloom furniture and antiques but not the stuffy kind. We have made everything very livable and a reflection of the things we both grew up with. Also in our backyard is one of the best high schools in California, so on Friday nights we listen to the marching band from home or attend the football games.

The People We Love

We both have so many wonderful people in our lives and marriage has just brought us all closer together. Jill has 2 younger sisters, brother-in-law, a niece and 2 nephews and many cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. She grew up in a small town with many of them. Her mom & dad were very involved in my upbringing and though we recently lost her dad, his spirit lives on each one of us. He was a big influence and we know he’s looking down on us and this journey with a big smile on his face. Bronco grew up in Alabama and California, which has allowed him see and experience a lot! He was an only child to older parents, that have both passed on but taught him respect, kindness and love. His dad loved fishing and involved the whole family! We love to get together with our families any chance we get. Holidays are shared with both and sometimes in Illinois. Every couple of years we all stay at our aunts house for a family reunion with all the kids, pets, swimming, dancing and eating we can do!Our Hopes & Dreams

As expectant parents, we can promise you we will teach our child:

  • To love with all their heart.
  • Be unique & be themselves.
  • Be honest & respectful.
  • Give adoration for those around them.
  • Challenge themselves
  • A good, strong work ethic.
  • To work hard and enjoy everything life has to offer.
  • The love of traveling the world and meeting all people of all cultures.
  • Whatever you do, find your passion in it!
  • We will always be supportive and understanding in whatever our baby does


We want to show this child all the wonderful things this world has to offer. We have both done a lot of traveling and we hope to pass this onto our child. A sense of wonder will take them far!

Thank You From the Bottom of our Hearts

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us and thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are thrilled you are considering us. We will be forever grateful for the decision you are making. We promise to always love and support your child and show them the world. We hope that you find peace in knowing that we will be the absolute best parents we can be and we will always be there for our little one!