April 20th, 2018
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John and Jaime

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    John: Golfing

    Jaime: Soccer

  • Favorite Food

    John: Tacos

    Jaime: Steak & Vegetables

  • Favorite Movie

    John: Iron Man 2

    Jaime: 13 Going on 30

  • Favorite Holiday

    John: Christmas

    Jaime: 4th of July

  • Favorite Vacation

    John: Hawaii

    Jaime: Hawaii

  • Favorite Animal

    John: Lacey, our dog

    Jaime: Lacey, our dog

  • Favorite Band

    John: Linkin Park

    Jaime: 311

  • Favorite Actor

    John: Mark Wahlberg

    Jaime: Mark Wahlberg

  • Favorite TV Show

    John: Big Bang Theory

    Jaime: Friday Night Lights

John and Jaime

Hi! We are John, Jaime and Lacey (our dog) from Southern California. First of all, we would like to thank you for having the love, bravery and courage in your heart to choose the path of adoption. We truly admire your selflessness in this decision and consider you a hero!

We are so honored that you are taking the time to get to know us and consider us to be the adoptive parents of your child. Having children has always been a dream of ours and after struggling to conceive for the past couple of years, we know that adoption is the perfect decision for us. We hope this short glimpse into our lives will show how much love we have to offer. Please know your child will be raised in a loving and safe environment surrounded by many family and friends. We want you to know we will give your child every opportunity to grow, learn, laugh and experience life to the fullest. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about our loving family.

With love,

John and Jaime

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OUR STORY written by Jaime

You could say the way John and I first met was definitely unique. In 2010, I was two years out of college, single and enjoying my career.  I received a private message from John on Facebook and had no idea who he was. He acted like we had met me before, spoke about how we had a lot in common, and asked me to go to dinner. I politely declined because I wasn’t really looking for a relationship at the time. John was very persistent but I honestly had the perfect excuse—I was leaving to go to Canada for a month for work. He had no problem waiting until I got back and messaged me every day that month I was gone. Since I was alone in an entirely different country, it gave me the opportunity to get to know him through emails and I began to fall for him! When I got back to California, I couldn’t wait to meet him in person. We went to a popular Mexican food restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA. We hung out for hours, watching football, eating and laughing. Ever since then, we have been inseparable.

In 2012, John asked me to marry him at sunset on the beach in Maui, Hawaii. It was honestly the most magical moment of my life. I’ll never forget how happy and in love we felt.

While we do have our differences, we have a lot in common. We both come from the most amazingly supportive, loving and fun families. We both enjoy spending time with friends. And most of all, we love spending time with each other traveling, watching sports, and just being silly.

We have an abundant amount of love to give and are so excited to begin this new journey of adoption and become the parents we have both always wanted to be.

A Few Things You May Be Surprised to Learn About Us


  • I was born and raised in London, England
  • I ran track for the Junior Olympics in Trinidad and Tobago
  • I love tending to our vegetable garden in our back yard
  • I wash more dishes than Jaime 😉
  • I watch or play soccer every weekend


  • Family is the most important thing to me in the world
  • I have a double Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California
  • I played defense on my high school and college soccer teams
  • I almost always fall asleep watching a movie on the couch
  • I love being in, on or near the water

What We Like To Do Together

  • Spend time with our family and friends
  • Play fetch and snuggle with our dog, Lacey
  • Go to concerts (we love music)
  • Try new things – we’ve recently explored mountain biking
  • Not take life too seriously


Back Cover Photo_jpeg 

Meet John (by John)

I was born in London, England where both my parents (Richard and Angie) are from. I have one brother, Michael, who is 4 years younger then me. Growing up, my dad had a job that allowed our family to move a lot. When I was 11 years old, we moved to Pennsylvania and when I was 16, we moved to Barbados. Finally, at the age of 18, we settled in Southern California where we all still reside today. Moving so much allowed me to experience many different cultures and makes friends with a lot of people. Though I love London and that’s where my entire family resides (with the exception of my mom, dad and brother), I love Southern California and definitely plan on staying here to raise my family. Our child can definitely look forward to many trips to see their British family, though!

Meet John (by Jaime)

John is my favorite person! He puts family before anything else, and will do anything to make sure those around him feel loved, respected and valued. I love that just being around him makes me feel secure, and I know he will make our child feel the same.  Family is extremely important to John. He places high value on spending time with both sides of our family. Whether it’s a movie night with my sister or his brother, dinner with our parents, or an afternoon doing puzzles with my mom, he always makes time for family.  People are drawn to John’s outgoing and friendly personality. Wherever we go, people seek him out to say hello and connect with him.  There is never a dull moment with John around. We are always laughing and he is always playfully teasing me. I’m sure “pranks on Mom” will be in my future.  John has so many amazing qualities to pass on to our child. I know he will be an incredible father.

John’s Career

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to have a job helping people. What did that mean? I had no idea until about 6 years ago when I found myself working at a gym. I was helping people to get into shape, change their unhealthy habits and gain an unmatched confidence from weight loss. When I found this passion, I found success. Fast forward to about two years ago…the owner of the gym I was working at saw my passion and asked if Jaime and I were interested in taking over after his retirement. We couldn’t resist the offer and became owners of 3,500-member health club. I love what I do and feel blessed that owning the gym has allowed me to provide Jaime and I a very secure and stable life.



Meet Jaime (By Jaime)

I was born and raised in Southern California. My childhood was extremely happy and active as my parents had my little sister and I in all sorts of extra curricular activities including dance, softball, soccer, theatre, skating, bowling, etc. I love that they did this because I was able to make a lot of friends, learn about teamwork and find my passion of soccer.  I share a special bond with my mom that is unbreakable. I’m definitely a “mom’s girl” so when the time came for college, I stayed close to home and attended the USC. I graduated in 2008 with a double Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communication.  After graduating, I began my career in the marketing industry and am currently a Marketing Director for a global cosmetics company.

Meet Jaime (by John)

Jaime is my best friend and one of the most special people you will meet. She lights up every room she enters with her beautiful smile and I noticed it the first day we met. She has a deeply loving nature and an open heart with friends and strangers alike.  She is incredibly organized. Where I am very much a ‘go with the flow’ personality, she makes up for with scheduling, planning, and basically strategizing every possible scenario beforehand. She was a soccer player all through school and into college. Her years as a competitive athlete have instilled within her a competitive nature that I have yet to see anyone rival. Even at a board game night with our families, you better know she is playing to win!  I can’t wait to see Jaime as a mother. I know that is something that she wants so deeply. She will be the mom playing dress-up, arts and crafts and helping with homework.

Jaime’s Career

I went to the University of Southern California and double majored in Political Science and Communication. I had a couple of amazing internships and even studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. After graduating, I got into the marketing industry and have been happy ever since. I now work at a global cosmetic company as a marketing director. Although I truly love what I do, I cannot wait to be a mom. I’m very lucky because my job allows me to take long holiday breaks for relaxing and family time. Being a mother will be the most important job in my life and I’m ready for the joy, challenges and everything else that comes along with being a parent. 

Our Family

We’re so lucky to have most of our family nearby. Jaime’s mom, Kathy, is a licensed, in-home daycare provider and lives in the same town as us. She is ridiculously excited to have her first grandchild! Jaime’s sister, Erin, and grandmother, Nora, both live with Jaime’s mom. Jaime’s other grandmother, Irene, and her extended family all (for the most part) live within an hour of us. John’s parents, Richard and Angie, only live 15 minutes away from us and we see them every weekend. They can’t wait to spend their retirement hanging out with their first grandchild. John’s brother, Michael, is also ecstatic and already telling people he is going to be an uncle. The rest of John’s family all live in London, England and we take turns visiting each other every year.  As for traditions, both sides are very focused on togetherness. Thanksgiving is always at Jaime’s mom’s house and Christmas is always at John’s mom’s house. Our holidays consist of a lot of food, games, music (sometimes dancing) and laughter. We’re so lucky to have families that are so close and love being together. It makes every holiday and special occasion unforgettable.  Both of our families have been waiting for our child to spoil and are giddy with excitement to welcome the newest little member to our family with open arms, hugs and lots of kisses.


Meet Lacey, our furry family

Mention of our family would not be complete without introducing our dog, Lacey. She’s quite the charmer and can easily sweet talk her way into belly rubs and paw massages. Though we don’t know her exact breed, we do know that she loves to snuggle whenever she gets a chance.  Her favorite past times include hanging her head out of the window on car rides, playing fetch with her squeaky toys and lounging in the sun.  There is no question she will adopt our future baby as “hers,” and keep him or her safe at all times.

Our Home & Community

We chose our town because it is incredibly kid friendly with tons of parental involvement. We bought our home with children in mind and are fortunate to live in the #1 safest city in California. Our 3-bedrrom, Orange County home is located on a small cul-de-sac and is spacious, bright, and has plenty of room for a growing family.  We live only 15 minutes from the beach and 1 hour from the mountains. We also live within a mile from a lake, hiking trails, bike paths and 2 county parks. There are many family oriented activities in our community including movies and fireworks at the lake, summer concerts in the park, sports leagues and seasonal festivals. An award-winning elementary school is around the corner from our home, so we will have a short walk with our little one to school in the morning.  There are also world famous theme parks such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Lego Land just a short drive away.  We love where we live!



From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking the time to read our story. We hope we have been able to give you an accurate glimpse into our lives.  We know that this is a very difficult decision, but please know that if you select us, we promise to provide a life of love, happiness, laughter, stability, fun and adventure to your child.

We could never thank you enough for this amazing opportunity to be parents.

With love and gratitude,

John and Jaime