August 20th, 2019
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John and Julia

Hello! John & Julia from Los Angeles.

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us. We really admire your decision and know it is not an easy choice and one you have taken lightly. We hope that reading about us will give you some comfort in knowing that we will have nothing but pure love for your child and will raise them in a house full of love and laughter. After Hudson was born using IVF, we knew that we always wanted to adopt so that our family would have two children, because that is how we grew up and there is nothing more valuable than sibling love!

Our Story

We first met in 2010 as competitors in a charity boxing event in Shanghai. It was not until two years later that we ran into each other and realized that we were meant to be together. Since 2012 we have travelled around the world on planes, trains and buses to multiple destinations throughout Asia, Europe and North America. We moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and since then we got married and had four weddings; one in the US, one in Australia, one in Taiwan and one in Mexico!  We plan on living in the US for a while and then will explore other opportunities by living in Europe and Australia to experience different cultures. It is important to us that our children will experience the same cultures that we grew up in, but also adding new ones along the way.

Things We Love Doing As A Family:

  • Staying fit by going on family hikes with both Hudson and Cole, our dog.
  • Spend any chance we can either exploring the US or flying to different countries.
  • Being silly, especially Julia by dancing around the house to get as many giggles as possible.
  • Being outside as much as possible.
  • Learning and experiencing new things like doing acro yoga, learning to paddle board and immerse ourselves in cultures that we travel to.

Meet Julia

By John: Julia was born in Sydney, Australia. She first moved away from Australia in her twenties to live in London and then back to Australia to earn an Interior Architecture degree before jet setting off to Shanghai. After spending almost a decade in China, we met and eventually moved to the US to start a family. Julia loves doing yoga and keeping fit. Getting up to get a good sweat session in before going to work is one her favorite things. She spends her days designing office interiors for large corporations and divides her time between the office and construction sites watching her designs come to light. She loves exploring the world and learning about different cultures and has travelled to over 40 countries and plans to increase that number with our family. She is constantly looking up new design trends and can’t help dressing Hudson in color coordinated adorable outfits.

What John Loves About Julia: Julia is a caring and devoted mother who loves her family immensely. She loves to laugh and she won’t hesitate to act silly if it will get a chuckle. Our niece and nephew absolutely love when she comes to visit and the tickle monster attacks! She is incredibly thoughtful and is perhaps the best gift-giver on the planet. She’s wonderfully patient with our son Hudson and is always looking for ways to make every teachable moment fun.

Julia’s Favorite Things:

  • Seeing the world upside down
  • Having as many cuddles as she can from John, Hudson or Cole!
  • Eating potatoes & it doesn’t matter how they are cooked!
  • Making things look pretty & coordinated & buying expensive furniture (according to John).
  • Going on adventures around the world & seeing as many countries as possible.

Meet John

By Julia: John is a mixed bag, literally! He was born in Taiwan and grew up in Hong Kong and Singapore where he attended international American schools. He attended college in Virginia where he studied engineering and after graduation he moved to Shanghai for eleven years. Now that he’s settled down in Los Angeles, he still considers himself a global nomad and is excited to take our family all over the world.  John loves to cook so he’s always in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and dishes for the family. Friends and family are important to him. He really enjoys the outdoors and takes our dog Cole for hikes or gathers everyone up for a trip to the beach. John currently has his own consulting company and works from home which he loves since it gives him the opportunity to spend more time with everyone he loves.

What Julia Loves About John: John has to be the most caring and thoughtful person out there, especially when it comes to making sure everyone around him is taken care of. Seeing how much he loves Hudson and wants to expand our family would make anyone’s heart melt! He is constantly cooking up amazing meals and loves throwing dinner parties. John has a special knack for bringing people together from all over the world to do fun things. He is constantly on the move and always looking for fun things to do, whether it is a camping trip, hiking, going to the dog beach or trying to learn new things like playing the guitar.

John’s Favorite Things:

  • Experimenting & making messes in the kitchen
  • Reading on the beach with sand in his toes
  • Football, rugby, & golf (not always in that order)
  • Traveling the world & trying global cuisines
  • Getting under the waves on a scuba diving adventure

Our Loving Families

Meet Big Brother, Hudson: Hudson is an energetic one year old who is constantly babbling to himself and giggling to anyone who will look at him! His favorite things are playing with trucks, feeding Cole and patting Miffy, the cat. Every time either the dog or cat walks past they both give him a lick and he squeals with delight and then chases after them to give them a pat. Hudson doesn’t realize it yet, but he also loves to travel and has already been to five countries as well as driven around the whole west coast of the US. Hudson has a lot of friends from activity classes that he goes to, but we can’t wait for him to have a sibling close in age to grow close with and be a big brother to!

We Have A Truly Global Family: Because we both come from different sides of the world we have a very extended family. We both have one brother. John’s brother lives in Shanghai, China with his wife, Jessica, and Julia’s brother, Guy, lives in sunny Australia with his wife, Simone, and two wonderful children, Trinity and Deegan, who are super excited about to have a new cousin to play with! John’s parents live about an hour away and spend a few days a week with Hudson and can’t show him enough love and cuddles. Julia’s parents live in Australia and usually fly over to the US once or twice a year, so they can get real live cuddles instead of Facetime ones. We head downunder to spend Christmas in the summer with the Aussie family. Both sets of grandparents are so excited about the prospect of a new grandchild that they have already been telling everyone about the adoption.

Our Dog, Cole: Cole is ready to play! Cole is a two-year-old black lab who absolutely adores babies! We have never seen a dog be so caring and excited to have babies around. His favorite things are giving Hudson and Miffy the cat big licks and waiting by the high chair for food to be dropped on the ground, so he can eat it!Closing Thoughts

Our Thoughts on Parenting: We believe that communication is the key to great parenting and have already started this with Hudson. Rather than just telling him what he can and can’t do we encourage him to learn the difference between right and wrong by discussing the outcome of the action. We plan to teach our children to be curious about the world and be tolerant of all its people. We will teach them that family and friends are important, and you should treat everyone with respect.

Our Promise To You:

  • Your child will be loved & adored & given endless cuddles.
  • Home cooked meals & a healthy lifestyle are always top priority in our house.
  • They will understand the importance of learning from other cultures & will experience this through living in different countries.
  • They will grow up speaking three languages, English, Chinese and Spanish.
  • We will always nurture their dreams & aspirations & help them to succeed in whatever they choose to do.
  • They will grow up with family from all over the world & will get to travel to each of those places.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are a loving family that is full of laughter and an unlimited supply of cuddles! Being parents is the most important and rewarding thing in the world to us. We want you to know how seriously we take this and that we would love your child while nurturing them and teaching them everything we can about the world. We would give them every advantage in life that we possibly can. Thank you again for being so courageous.