August 20th, 2018
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John and Sharon

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for considering us as an adoptive family for your child.  We understand the path that led you to this decision was made out of immeasurable love and sacrifice.  If you decide to select us, we promise that your child will be showered with unconditional love, security, attention and guidance.  Your child will have two doting parents, affectionate sisters, devoted grandparents and a welcoming cozy home.  We will provide everything you would want for your child such as opportunities to unravel their gifts and talents, bedtime stories at night before they are tucked in, encouragement in school, and lots of laughter and cuddles.  Thank you and we are honored to share this journey with you.


Our love story began at the Wilson Creek Winery…where we met at a friends’ surprise engagement celebration.  Sharon caught John sneaking glances over at her every other minute.  Sharon walked up to John and introduced herself because he was taking too long to muster up the courage to talk to her.  That day John smiled all the way home because he knew in his heart that she was the one.  He even told his friends the following day that he met his future wife, at which they all laughed at him of course.  Sharon expressed she only wanted a friendship but fell in love more and more each day as meeting up for coffee turned into actual dates.  Occasionally, John would bring his two daughters, Aubreana and Dakota (3 and 1 ½ years old at the time) with him on dates and that’s when Sharon fell head over heels in love with John as she witnessed the fatherly love for his girls shine through.  It was also love at first sight for the girls when Dakota reached out her arms on the first day of meeting Sharon and said, “Mommy” as she was clamping her hands together to be picked up. After a year we got married and built our love from ground up.



John was born and raised in Colorado.  He moved to San Diego when he saw an advertisement for recruiting in the local newspaper for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.  He has been a deputy for the Sheriff’s Department for approximately 11 years and has worked both as a Training Officer and a K9 Handler.

John is the glue that holds the family together.   He is very organized, knows how to do or fix anything and everything, and constantly makes sure everyone in the house is more than just content. John almost always has a smile on his face and wears his heart on his sleeve. He can hold a conversation with pretty much anyone and has been known to be a social butterfly.  People are drawn to John because of his sincerity, positivity and his ability to allow others to see the silver lining in life. He is a very affectionate and supportive husband, and a playful yet protective father to his daughters.  John loves to get on his daughters’ level and be a big kid with them. John is always painting Aubreana and Dakota’s nails or wrestling with them on the trampoline. His daughters once called him, “The Rock” because through their eyes that’s who they see, someone who is strong and someone who is THEIR rock and solid foundation.  It is very apparent that John’s happiness comes from being a committed dad and provider for his family. He is a true family man through and through!


– He is very clean and tidy and loves to vacuum the house. He even wanted a new vacuum for Christmas.

– John was a K9 handler for the Sheriff’s Department and is an awesome dog trainer.

– He is currently learning how to speak Korean

– He is an outdoor expert! John’s high school in Colorado offered an adventure education class where he learned how to rock climb, backpack and navigate a map.



There is never a dull moment being around Sharon.  She has a great sense of humor, self-esteem, and is a compassionate mother, wife, and friend.  She has been a police officer for 10 years and has recently promoted to detective.  Although she is passionate about her job, being a mother to two beautiful daughters brings her the most joy in life.  When Sharon makes a promise, she will always make sure she delivers her promises; especially to the kids.  When she met single John who had two toddlers, her motherly instincts she thought she never had swiftly kicked in and she became their mama bear.

Sharon encourages the kid’s creativity and imagination through arts and crafts, building forts, reading Roald Dahl books, and teaching them how to cook delicious recipes.  Her favorite weekend activity is to make banana pancakes with John and the girls while listening to Jack Johnson.  She loves staying active by going on hikes, working out, joining shooting competitions, charter boat fishing, photography, volunteering at church and traveling.  During her college years, she devoted her time to mission trips to Mexico to build houses, India to work with street children, Egypt to volunteer at a sports camp for the youth, and China and Korea to teach English.  She is a woman of strength and compassion, dignity and possesses unconditional love for her wolfpack.


– She lived in Hawaii for 7 years after college where she was an active paddler on the canoe club, went spear fishing, and worked as a police officer.

– Knows how to play the drums and the piano.

– Grew up as a tomboy and loved her makeshift tree house, collecting insects, and playing handball.

– Secretly wishes to live somewhere peaceful by the mountains and lake away from electronics and social media and closer to nature so she could appreciate the simpler things in life.



We love… Traveling.  We’ve shared adventures in Thailand where we rode elephants, Jamaica to swim with dolphins, Mexico to eat tacos, New York for Christmas activities, and Colorado for white water rafting and dog sledding.  We also go to the beach twice a month to rollerblade or to enjoy ice cream and the sunset. Exploring the Great Outdoors!  As a family we fish whether its at the lake, ocean, or on the ice.  The kids enjoy the smell of the ocean, seeing sea lions, catching fish, and of course eating the fresh sashimi we caught. Movie nights. Cuddle, kettle corn, and cuddle more. Movie nights include everyone in the house. Our favorite family movie is Home Alone.  DIY Crafts.  We love art, whether it’s painting, making holiday crafts, or fluffy slime.



We refer to our home as our nest because it is a place of comfort and warmth.  Our nest is in a safe neighborhood surrounded by parks, trails and top ranked schools. Our kitchen opens up to two big family rooms with a warm fireplace.  We have a bedroom for the grandparents, a shared bedroom for the girls, a bedroom for the office, our bedroom, and a bedroom for the new baby!  The style in our house is rustic with neutral undertones and pops of sea-foam green.  Our backyard is spacious with a trampoline, a garden with fresh vegetables, a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and lots of hibiscus flowers to keep the yard bright and welcoming.  Our yard is frequently used for having BBQs, drawing with chalk, and water balloon fights.



– We live in safe and family-oriented neighborhood

– 10-12 minutes away from the beach, Sea World, the Zoo, Children’s Museum, downtown San Diego, the harbor, and Little Italy.

– 5 minutes away from a high-ranking school (rated 9 out of 10), the library, the water park, a beautiful outdoor mall, and the movie theater.


6-year old Dakota is our freckled, silly, curious, and compassionate daughter who longs to be a big sister.  She is a nurturer by heart who loves to take care of others including her big sister.  She is such a big help in the house and will often set up the dinner table and do laundry.  She also has A LOT of personality making everyone around her laugh.  When told she was going to have a new sibling she said, “I will change his/her diaper and rock them to sleep.”


“Meet DAKOTA the Darling Sweetheart”

Favorite food: Poke and rice (Hawaiian dish)

Favorite movie: The Greatest Showman

Favorite animal: Panda Bear because they like to eat and roll around all day

Hobbies: Drinking slurpees, water slides, watching Fuller House and rollerblading


8-year old Aubreana is our charming, intelligent, responsible, and fearless eldest daughter. At school she is a natural leader and is on her student council board.  She is the student who makes everyone feel appreciated and accepted. She loves roller coasters and anything that makes her heart race.  When she grows up she wants to be a doctor to help people get well.  She is elated to have a younger sibling to take care of and promises to be his/her protector.


“Meet AUBREANA the Shining Star”

Favorite food: Fried egg & cheese sandwich

Favorite movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Favorite animal: Polar Bear because they are so white and fluffy

Hobbies:  Cooking, painting, and making slime



OUR FAMILY – We are blessed to have a lot of support from our family and friends.  Sharon’s parents live with us and enjoy spending time with their grandkids everyday! Our whole family flies out to Colorado to spend winter vacation with John’s family in a luxurious cabin by the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.  Let’s just say there’s lots of cuddling by the fireplace, home-cooked meals, baked pies and cookies, and Christmas movies are seen during this annual vacation.

Our entire family has been steadily praying for us to have a child for 5 years now.  After recurrent miscarriages, God has placed the desire of adoption in our hearts.  We hope that God will bring peace in your heart too to find the perfect family.




We both come from close-knit families and value quality time. As a family we attend a Christian church on Sundays.  We believe that God and family come first.  What we constantly teach the kids is to have a heart of gratitude.  Every night we eat dinner together as a family and share what we are thankful for that day.  We’ve realized that when we give thanks for the little things in life, we find blessings in everything and there is so much to be thankful for.



Our Furry Family Member…

– Jager is our 2-year old sable colored German Shepherd

– Guardian and best friend

– His temperament is calm and extremely affectionate

– Loves tennis balls, hikes, the dog beach, and watching movies with the family


  • Pizza night where each person in the family gets to add their own toppings to their very own home made pizza
  • Monthly cooking competitions where each parent teams up with a kid and cooks for the judges (their grandparents)
  • Taking the kids to the water park or Sea World for some good wet fun
  • Playing hide-and-go-seek and having picnics at the park
  • Holiday activities and events such as going to the pumpkin patch, having Easter egg hunts, 4th of July BBQ and crab broil in the backyard, attending the local Halloween parade, and having our annual gingerbread house competition
  • Going to see Christmas lights while munching on freshly popped Kettle Corn and hot cocoa in hand
  • Family camping trips to Big Bear
  • Picking an act of kindness from our “Kindness Jar” where the family focuses on practicing kindness that week
  • Flying to Colorado every winter to stay in a cozy cabin with John’s family in Estes Park while enjoying ice fishing, ice skating, snow ball fights, feeding wild deer, and staying warm by the fireplace.



A Special Message to You – Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to you for taking the time to learn about us.  If you are considering us to be parents for your precious child we want you to know that we will love your child with every breath and beat of our hearts, committed to keep them safe from harm, give them a stable home life and a solid foundation to pursue all their dreams and most importantly ensure a lifetime of unconditional love.

If you are curious about our day-to-day life, you can watch videos we posted on YouTube.  Our channel name is “Wolfpack Pups”