June 18th, 2019
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Jordan and Devon


  • Favorite Hobby:

    Jordan: Crafting

    Devon: Baking

  • Favorite Movie:

    Jordan: Jurassic Park

    Devon: The Goonies

  • Favorite Actor:

    Jordan: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Devon: Mindy Kaling

  • Favorite Food:

    Jordan: Chocolate Cheesecake

    Devon: French Fries

  • Favorite Animal

    Jordan: Dog

    Devon: Dog

  • Favorite TV Show

    Jordan: Game of Thrones

    Devon: Bob's Burgers

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Jordan: Halloween

    Devon: Christmas

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Jordan: Costa Rica

    Devon: Cape Cod

  • Favorite Band/Singer:

    Jordan: Kelly Clarkson

    Devon: Capital Cities

Dear Birth Mother

Hi! We are Jordan and Devon from Southern California! First, and most importantly, we want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, thank you for considering us as parents, and maybe most of all, thank you for making this difficult decision to give someone else the family they never thought they could have.  Growing up gay in a small town can be hard. There are times when you think life will never get any better. You are afraid that you will never find someone to love, you will never be able to get married, and you will certainly never be able to have a family. A little over eight years ago, everything began to change for us. We met and fell in love, and four years later we got married. Now, we’re hoping for that last impossible piece of the puzzle: a family!  By choosing adoption, you are making the impossible possible! When we were growing up, having a family of our own seemed like it was beyond our reach. Now, we are closer than we could have ever dreamed. We hope that you will see something special in us, and help to make that dream a reality!

About Us

We’ve been together for a little over eight years, and every day has been a new adventure. Like a lot of couples these days, we met online using Match.com. On our first date, we rented paddle boats and talked about our lives. We discovered we had a lot in common and decided to go to dinner and a movie that same night. We’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since! We’re generally pretty laid back and spend most of our time at home with the dogs, but we’ve also had some pretty incredible experiences over the years.

We’ve been on the cover of the New York Times (wearing Angry Birds costumes that Jordan designed) and the LA Times (getting married in West Hollywood when it became legal in 2013),  and our wedding vows went viral all over the internet and were featured in Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign video celebrating marriage equality.

We’ve been fortunate enough to travel all around the world, and we love to meet up with our families in Cape Cod and Lake George every summer. We’ve made so many great memories together, and we can’t wait to make more with our future child!

About Jordan, by Jordan

I grew up with my two sisters in a tiny town in New York with one stoplight and more cows than people. I remember playing games of hide and seek that would spread across the whole town. We trained cows after school for the local 4H fairs, and acted in the community theater. We spent every summer at our cabin in Lake George (where my dad grew up). In high school, I ran cross-country and track, played tennis, and starred in many musicals and plays. After high school, I went to Colby College in Maine where I studied sociology and sang in a co-ed a capella group called the Megalomaniacs. After college, I moved with my sister to Los Angeles and worked many odd jobs before landing at my current job at a leading litigation consulting firm where I’ve been for the last 12 years. In my spare time, I love being creative with my sewing machine, playing softball, and hiking with our dogs.

More About Jordan, by Devon

Jordan is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and makes me snort with laughter almost on the daily. Jordan is also deeply creative. He can take a piece of fabric and turn it into the most amazing Halloween costume you’ve ever seen. Where I tend to be a worrier, Jordan is incredibly laid back. He is not only able to find the fun in everyday life, he is my constant reminder to slow down, take things less seriously, and just enjoy life.  Jordan is going to be a phenomenal father. Our child will always be dressed well in a “Jordan original,” and I can’t wait to see our child on stage in their first school play. I also know that Jordan is going to be amazingly supportive on the hard days, helping our child over the hurdles of life in the same gentle and caring way he’s helped me over the last 8 years.

About Devon, by Devon

I am the youngest of four boys. My parents didn’t think they could have kids, so they adopted my oldest brother, Darin. As luck would have it, less than a year later, my mother gave birth to twins, David and Dustin. Two years after that my parents welcomed me into the world. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and both of my parents were science teachers at my school. I spent most of my childhood playing outside in the woods with the other kids in the neighborhood. We loved playing epic games of king of the hill, and in the winter, we would go sledding through the nearby apple orchards that surround my parents’ house. Every summer, my entire extended family would head to Cape Cod to catch up and relax on the beach, and we still keep up this tradition every August.  I really came into my own in college, and I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in higher education. After graduating, I went on to get my master’s degree and have worked at colleges ever since. Now, I work as a Dean at a small liberal arts college in Southern California, and every day I get to help give the students the same great college experience I had.

More About Devon, by Jordan

Devon is my best friend and the perfect partner for me. He is cute, and funny, and smart, and he can bake the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted (I don’t know how he gets so many chocolate chips in there!). Not only is Devon an incredible baker and chef, he’s also amazing at his job, AND he laughs at (most of) my stupid jokes.  I can’t wait for Devon to be a dad. I can picture our future child out in the garden with Devon, learning all about the different plants, or in the kitchen baking one of his family recipes. Devon will be the kind of dad who will make sure we have the coolest electronic devices (and will be able to set them all up), and he’ll make sure our child has the best education. I’m so lucky to have Devon in my life, and I’m beyond excited to start this next chapter with him.

Our Family & Friends

Despite meeting in Los Angeles, we grew up a little over an hour apart from each other in the Northeast, so we get to go back several times a year to see both of our families. Jordan’s older sister, Julia, lives in Virginia with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, Joey, but they hope to move back to Los Angeles in the future. Jordan’s younger sister, Susan, lives about 40 minutes away from us, so we get to meet up with her often for lunch and hiking. Most of Devon’s family is in Massachusetts. His parents still live in his childhood home, and his twin brothers David and Dustin and their families have also settled in that area. Devon’s oldest brother Darin and his wife Kelli live a few hours away in Las Vegas, and we visit them several times a year.

5 Favorite Holiday Traditions:

  • Listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack while decorating the tree and making Devon’s gingerbread house.
  • Letting our nieces dress us up in the leftover wrapping paper after opening presents.
  • Wearing our Halloween costumes to the huge parade in West Hollywood.
  • Watching fireworks and barbecuing with the whole family in Cape Cod on the 4th of July.
  • Getting our annual scrapbook from Devon’s mom with pictures of everything we’ve done over the past year.


Meet O’Malley and Crispin

We live with our two dogs – O’Malley, who is 10 years old, and Crispin, who is almost 2. Devon rescued O’Malley from a shelter in Virginia after he finished grad school, and the two of us rescued Crispin from the local shelter here in southern California. They are both very sweet dogs, and Crispin especially loves getting lots of attention from our little niece. O’Malley loves getting belly rubs and going on walks through our neighborhood.

Our Home & Community

We live in a beautiful little college town in southern California. We have a two-bedroom house with a large backyard. We love to spend time outside playing with the dogs, gardening, or just hanging out with friends. Our neighborhood is full of trees and parks and hiking trails, and the town center has many local shops and family friendly activities. On any given day you’ll find a concert, a farmer’s market, or a town festival of some kind happening. We are so excited to be able to raise our future child in such a friendly and beautiful place.


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little better! We are so excited to start this next chapter of our lives, and we couldn’t do it without someone like you. If you would like to speak with us or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999, toll free.