June 16th, 2019
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Joshua and Sarah

Hello! We are Josh and Sarah from warm & sunny Southern California.

It’s so very nice to ‘meet’ you. Since the moment we first decided to adopt, we have been so excited to meet the little one who will soon join our family. Please know that we are just as curious to get to know you, as you must be to get to know us.  Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile. Early in our relationship, we knew for certain that we wanted to start a family.  A couple years later, we welcomed our son, Sebastian, into our lives.  When it became clear that getting pregnant again wasn’t an option, we knew without hesitation that adoption was the right path for us to expand our family. We absolutely trust that you will find the right parents to welcome your baby into their lives. We imagine that when you find that special family, you will just know.  We wish you peace in your decision and good luck on your journey. If you decide that we are that special family, we promise to love your child with all our hearts!

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Josh has a secret talent for juggling and a not-so-secret talent for bowling.
  • Sarah’s first job was as a personal care attendant, working with disabled children and their families.
  • Josh’s travels include a stay at an Ashram in India, rafting Victoria Falls in South Africa, and communing with the animals on the Galapagos Islands.
  • When Sarah was a toddler, her family briefly lived on a hippie commune in rural Montana.
  • Sebastian has just one dimple (on his left cheek), but everyone who meets him cannot help but pinch it!


Our Journey: The Story of Our Family

They day we met, both of us knew we had found “the one.” We look back fondly on that lunch as date 1A… which was quickly followed by a second date, 1B, later that afternoon.  That night, when we finally parted, it was not for long. We have been pretty much inseparable ever since! The love that began that day in coffee shop blossomed into a deep spiritual partnership, but we were nonetheless astonished to discover how our hearts expanded even further, with an entirely new kind of love, when we had our son. We cannot wait to discover the next level of love that will surely come with this new addition to our family.

Our Home: a Bit of the Country in the City

Our cozy home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms so we can all have our own private space.  We live within walking distance of top-rated schools, and are just a short bike ride to the beach!   Our favorite thing about our house is the backyard, which is a large hillside. We’ve planted fruit trees, and berries, and a large vegetable garden. Josh and Sebastian have the best time tending the garden together.  Sarah loves taking the harvest to make delicious, organic family meals.  Spending time in our big hammock is a must on weekends.What Sarah Loves About Josh:

  • His stability and dependability
  • His playfulness and witty sense of humor
  • His devotion and loyalty to our family
  • His kindness and generosity
  • What an unconditionally loving father he is


“I love being a dad, I look forward to coaching sports teams and playing catch.  I will teach my children to love and be kind.  I love to explore the world on family adventures.” -Josh

Some of Josh’s Favorite Things:

  • Tending our garden and yard
  • Reading books to Sebastian (again and again!)
  • Meditating and practicing mindfulness
  • Animals – we currently have three cats and a pet tortoise
  • Being the very best daddy he can be!


Josh’s Career:

After Josh graduated from UC Berkeley, he taught English as a Second Language in Latin America, where he discovered his passion for teaching. In 2000, he decided to return to school, this time at UCLA, to get his Masters and PhD in Education. Josh currently works as an educational consultant to universities and corporations, helping them to develop curriculum and online courses.  He loves being of service and getting paid to create educational opportunities for countless people, from all walks of life, all over the world!Get to Know Sarah, I Enjoy..

  • Creating healthy family meals from scratch
  • Playing with Sebastian at the playground near our house
  • Listening to books on tape while doing the housework
  • Yoga and exercise
  • Being the very best mommy she can be!


“I absolutely love being a mom, I enjoy making up silly songs and saying ‘I love you’ a hundred different ways. I look forward to having another child and seeing the world anew through their eyes.” -Sarah

What Josh Loves About Sarah:

  • Her silliness and goofy sense of humor
  • Her optimism and positive outlook on life
  • Her honesty, strength, and integrity
  • Her warmth and huge, open heart
  • Her incredible mom skills!


Sarah’s Career:

During her college years, Sarah moved to Paris, where she studied French and worked as a nanny for a family with whom she remains in close contact with to this day! After graduating with a degree in French and European Area Studies from the University of Minnesota, her love for travel brought her to the world of corporate travel and event management. In her years on the road, she worked at three Olympics and visited over a dozen countries.  When Sarah & Josh decided to start a family, Sarah transitioned to planning corporate meetings and events from home.  She’s thrilled to have found just the right home-work balance.Meet Sebastian:

  • He has a curious and perceptive mind
  • He has an empathetic and affectionate nature
  • He has sparkly eyes and a contagious laugh
  • He has an authentic joy and enthusiasm for life
  • He is so excited to be a big brother!


Sebastian Enjoys…

  • Climbing trees with his BFF
  • Going for bike rides with daddy
  • Helping mommy clean up
  • Playing with his toys
  • Books, books, and more books!


Growing Our Family

We both come from families of four and know first-hand how valuable it is to have a sibling — someone you can giggle with, and lean on, and love for a lifetime. We both can’t wait to meet Sebastian’s new little brother or sister! But nobody is more excited than Sebastian himself.  Every time we see a baby on the street, he smiles from ear to ear and exclaims, “Baby!” hoping that this one just might be the one!

Meet Our Sweet Pets:

  • Hazel: The fastest, cuddliest tortoise you could ever want to meet
  • Leo:  The sweet orange tabby cat who sleeps on our bed every night
  • Mia: The Siamese who rubs her face into Josh’s beard every chance she gets
  • Grace: The gray kitty who Sebastian loves to follow around the house


Meet Our Family & Friends

Josh’s family: Grandpa Michael (Dad), Aunt Micki (Sister), Uncle Sean, and Cousin Sophie all nearby. We are so grateful that we get to see them all the time! They cherish the time they spend with Sebastian and can’t wait to welcome his little brother or sister to the family.

Sarah’s family: Sarah’s parents, aka Nana & Grandad, as well as her sister, Josianna and wife, Kate, along with their two children, Zeda & Theo, all live in rural Massachusetts.  We only get to see them in person a few times a year, but we speak to them all the time by phone. Sebastian even has a standing FaceTime date with his grandparents every Saturday morning!Our Values: What We Believe

  • Everything happens for a reason. Even life’s hardest lessons have value, and the challenges we face bring evolution and growth.
  • We live in a loving universe. Yet, we still have to do have to do our part.  In other words, we have to do everything we can and god will take care of the rest.
  • We must strike a balance between nurturing our children and fostering their independence. We intend to love and support our children unconditionally and teach them how to take care of themselves.
  • It is our duty to make sure that our children become conscientious members of the global community. Life is full of ups and downs, and we want to make sure our kids have the tools to weather the storms and enjoy the ride.


Our Promise to You and Your Baby:

  • We will provide stability, security and unconditional love
  • We will foster self-confidence and compassion
  • We will learn about and share your heritage and traditions
  • We will teach, listen, and grow as a family
  • We will support, encourage, and nurture a love of plants, animals, and all of life


Please know that although we have not yet met, we truly believe that what is meant to be, will be. If we are a match for you and your child, then on some level, we are already deeply connected and working together to achieve the best possible life for this baby.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us to raise your child.