July 23rd, 2019
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Julie and Jonathan

Hello and Thank You! We are Julie and Jonathan.

We admire your incredible courage and selflessness and we can’t begin to imagine how difficult this process must be for you. We know you’ll have a lot of great families to choose from when deciding the best parents for your beautiful child. We can only promise that we will provide your child with the happiest life and love them unconditionally. We were blessed to adopt Oliver (Ollie) in February 2017.  Becoming parents has been the best experience of our lives.  Since we both grew up with siblings, we knew soon after adopting him that we would want to add a precious little one to complete our family.  We are very close with our brothers and sister and we hope that Ollie will be able to have that same connection with his sibling. Thank you for considering us.

Getting to Know Us

We met in 2007 when we were working in the same hospital: Julie as a nurse in the pediatric unit and Jonathan as a doctor-in-training.  Jonathan saw Julie in the elevator, and caught his eye. Jonathan also happened to be first cousins with Julie’s best friend’s husband, and after getting a formal introduction through them, he asked Julie out on a date, a cheesy night out with dinner and The Lion King musical.  We fell in love, wed in 2009 after dating two years, and here we are happily married, ten years since we first met.  Because Jonathan worked as a doctor in the US military, we had the opportunity to live in a lot of different places like Hawaii, Texas, and South Korea. In each city, we had the pleasure of hosting lots of our visiting friends who stayed for weeks to months on end. Some of our best memories include hanging out with our friends and family, eating copious amounts of food, and just watching Netflix into the wee hours of morning.  Since Jonathan has gotten out of the Army, we have settled down in Southern California, and have been able to put down roots.Meet Julie, by Jonathan

Julie is all giggles, smiles and sparkling eyes.   I couldn’t help but fall in love with her ever present positive energy.  She has the strongest group of childhood girlfriends that she is constantly hanging out with.  As the “planner” of her group, every birthday, holiday, and anniversary is made special with her attention to detail and her incredible loyalty to her friends and their kids.  She has been dreaming of being a mother ever since she was a little girl, and has shown what an amazing mother she is with Oliver. She spoils Ollie every day, and will probably spoil our 2nd with way more shoes and outfits than he/she will ever need. More importantly she showers us with her laughter, grins, and hugs every waking moment so that love is always felt in our home.Meet Jonathan, by Julie

When I think about Jonathan, I feel very well taken care off .  He is a loving and selfless man who not only makes sure I’m doing okay but also cares about everyone else’s well-being and happiness.  He is really into community service and is dedicated to working with Nurse Family Partnership, an organization dedicated to helping young poverty stricken mothers.  He is such a people person and always has to be surrounded by friends or family. He is also very hospitable and loves being the host. He loves to invite friends over and cook his famous Korean barbecue.  He is also one of the smartest people I know, who has earned the nickname of “fact man” because he always spouts off random facts such as… “armadillos get leprosy.”  It really has been amazing to witness Jonathan being a father.  Oliver’s #1 person is Jonathan and he squeals with delight when he gets home from work. I knew he would make the best father because he has always been great with kids. All of our nieces and nephews love “Uncle Jon” because he loves spending quality time with them. He uses his free time to take them fishing or to the movies. He takes all his love, compassion, and selflessness and devotes himself to being the best father possible.Meet Big Brother, Oliver

We have been blessed by adoption when our son Ollie came into our lives.  We adopted him when he was five days old. We are so lucky that his birthmother chose us.  Ollie is 21 months old and he is the light of our lives.  He is such a happy child with lots of smiles and laughter.   His favorite activity is being outside and going to the park.  He can’t wait to become a big brother because he loves babies and other children.  He loves giving his baby cousins kisses and hugs. We know he will be the best sibling to his future baby brother or sister.

Interests & Hobbies

We love to travel and whenever we do, our favorite thing is to get out and explore on bicycles. Some of the places we’ve biked are NYC, Boston, Vancouver, and even around a volcano in Hawaii!  One of our favorite vacation spots is Lanikai beach in Hawaii, where you can swim, snorkel and then pig out on spam and pancakes with “secret” macadamia nut sauce. We can’t wait to teach our children to bike and travel all around the world with us. Oh, and of course eat everything too!

As a family: Living in Southern California, the weather is always nice so we like spending time outdoors. We love taking walks to the park and playing with Oliver on the slides.  At the park, he loves looking at airplanes in the sky and trucks that pass us on the street. We love going to Disneyland together and his favorite ride is “It’s a Small World.” Oliver likes animals, so going to the zoo is such a treat for him.

Work Life

Julie is a pediatric nurse. She is a nurse who works with kids with cancer and blood disorders at a local children’s hospital.  Having worked with babies and kids for 10 years, she is experienced with dealing with them when they are at their sickest. She shows love and compassion in what she does at work.  She works part time and also loves to stay at home the rest of the week with Ollie.  Jonathan works full time as a psychiatrist.  Luckily, he works four days a week and has 3 day weekends! He is present and equally involved in the upbringing of Ollie, and will always be there for our future 2nd child.

Where We Live

We live in Southern California in a safe and comfortable town, only a short driving distance away from the mountains, the beach, and Los Angeles.  We never lack for weekend BBQs, parties, and get togethers with the dozens of friends and family who live within ten minutes’ drive, so our children will grow up with the love and devoted attention of many aunts, uncles, and cousins.The People We Love

Julie’s Family:  I am very close with my family.  My parents have been married for 35 years.  My mom is great with kids, she’s been a nanny and helped raise two adorable girls since they were born who are now 6 and 4 years old. She has helped raised Oliver while I’m at work.  I have two brothers. My older brother is an IRS special agent and my younger brother is a firefighter for the city of Los Angeles. We are lucky because my family lives only an hour away and we see them very often.  I also grew up with a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles who live locally in the Southern California area. Fond childhood memories include birthday parties and holiday gatherings with all my cousins.

Jonathan’s Family:  I grew up in a 5 member family as well.  My older sister is a neonatal intensive care nurse and is married to a neonatal intensive care physician.  They and their 3 awesome kids (13 year old nephew, 12 year old nephew, 8 year old niece) live 15 mins away from us so we get to frequently hang out.  Don’t tell my younger brother, but I’m their favorite uncle. My younger brother is a high school science teacher in northern California and is also married to neonatal intensive care nurse.  They have the most adorable 4 year old son, 3 year old daughter, and 1 year old baby boy. Even though they live an hour flight away, we get to see them every couple months. So that makes me the middle child, but like I always tell anyone who bothers to listen, it makes me just the right amount of bossy and flexible 😉  My mother worked as a labor and delivery nurse until she retired and my father was in the food industry. They love to go on mission trips to Africa and dig water wells for villages that don’t have access to clean water. They only live 20 mins away and so are always coming around and spoiling their grandchildren.

Our families are amazing. They made us into who we are today and we are so happy because of them. Both our families have been very supportive with the adoption of Ollie and are also excited that we are going to adopt again.

Some of Our Thoughts

Every year we have a family reunion, the most recent one being spent in Lake Tahoe this past summer.  We rented a large lake house and squeezed in 7 rowdy kids, 3 of us siblings with our spouses, and our parents.   When we looked at our parents’ faces every morning filled with joy and comfort, we knew that this is what our future should look like as well. We can’t  wait for our children to be on that lake boat with us as we comically fail to catch any fish, laughing with us as we push each other into the freezing cold water, and stuffing our faces with the daily sibling cook-off challenges.  Our families live to serve our communities and better others.  We would set high expectations and provide him/her with every possible resource and support to achieve his/her dreams.  Nothing would bring us more joy than instilling that same passion and love for others and watching our children grow up and do bigger and better things than we could ever imagine.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking a brief glimpse into our lives! Should you choose us, we promise to provide our best for your child in a supportive home of love.  We’ve had a blessed life so far and now we’re ready to complete our family. Once again, thanks for your consideration.