October 22nd, 2018
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Julie and Kristin

Welcome! We are Julie and Kristin!


Dear Birthmother: Thank-you for choosing to learn more about us. We can only imagine how difficult this choice must be for you. The opportunity to meet you and learn about you thrills us. We can’t wait to show you the parents we could be. We will cherish and love your child unconditionally as he or she makes us a family.  We recognize your courage and the fear such a decision must bring with it. We want you to know that your child will grow up knowing who you are and the tremendous sacrifice you made to create our family. We will cherish your gift for the rest of our lives.


About Us: Kristin grew up in both South Dakota and the central valley of California, where most of the state’s agriculture is produced. Kristin’s family owned walnut trees years ago and she can still tell you what type of trees you are looking at as we drive to visit her family.  Julie was born in Newport Beach, CA where her parents grew up. When she was 7 years old her family moved to Riverside and built a house on an acre of land where she had every type of animal imaginable like a, horse, cow, goat, rabbit, dog, cats & a pig! She still loves animals to this day.We met our sophomore year of college through some of our mutual friends and soon afterwards we found ourselves talking for hours and just simply wanting to spend more time together. Julie would tell you it was her uncanny sense of humor that kept Kristin interested. Kristin may say that her unselfish ability to be in tune with other’s needs is what intrigued Julie. We decided to start our lives together in Northern California and we have never looked back.  We live in the bay area, known for its good weather, proximity to San Francisco and its amazing school system. Our house is walking distance to downtown where we visit the farmers market, go to the local Mexican food place or stop by the local coffee shop on our morning walks.



Meet Kristin


About Kristen, By Julie: Year after year I have watched Kristin strive to be the best person she can be (both personally and professionally) and it has pushed me to do the same. I feel both blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful, nurturing and caring person in my life. She would make the most amazing Mom because of her natural ability to love and care about other people.  Oh and Kristin can bake! Her chocolate chip pumpkin bread is famous with our family, friends and coworkers. And that is just one of many items she creates out of love for other people. It isn’t unusual for nieces and nephews to receive care packages containing wonderful baked goods from Kristin.  Game on! Kristin is politely competitive, in fact most people don’t realize just how competitive she is because she isn’t a big talker. But get her in a card game, home run derby challenge or a game of golf… and look out!  Kristin has a really good sense of humor and we have a good time just goofing around with each other. I have seen her infectious smile make kids laugh and I can picture her teaching a child about very important lessons in life and at the same time teaching them how to find humor in things around them and to enjoy themselves. It is an important balance and a wonderful gift to share.  I feel grateful that I met someone so special and I am in awe of the many talents Kristin could share with a child. She has quite a few brothers and sisters so I have watched her over the years be the most amazing Aunt, only proving she would be the most amazing Mom!


Kristen’s Career: I enjoy leading my sales team of professionals, helping to ensure they meet their monthly goals and at the same time teaching them the importance of work life balance. I feel it is important for my team to spend time volunteering in the community to help others. I am amazed just how much I have been positively impacted by spending time in the community and I’m happy to share this experience with my team regularly.




Meet Julie


About Julie, By Kristin: Julie lights up a room just by walking in. She is always eager to meet everyone she crosses paths with to know their story and connect. If there is a funny story to share or a spontaneous moment, you can count on Julie to find it. Oh, and her sense of humor is amazing with a laugh that is quite infectious. Even her grade-school teacher would say that she could captivate an audience, even in the middle of class when she shouldn’t!  If you could see her rock-climbing with any one of our nieces and nephews or just sitting and talking about their day you would know that she was meant to be a parent. In the moment, you can tell that there is nowhere else that they would rather be than there with her. Her ability to make them feel comfortable and confident to chat just about anything is something to see.  Did I mention she likes to sing in the car? A road trip would not be complete if Julie and our nephew Jordan were not singing together almost the entire way.   When it is karaoke time after Christmas, Julie is definitely going to be in the thick of things getting everyone in the house up to participate. It’s funny her natural ability to create that moment that everyone will remember is never more evident than when she creates a mini-version of the Amazing Race for my birthday each year. Randomly pairing up friends to participate in an event that may include a timed contest of putting a puzzle together, riding bikes by the beach or actively searching for historical landmarks during the game. Keeping that secret of what the game will entail for months to surprise everyone who plays the game.  Julie is wonderful loving person that has so much to share with a child. Her ability to love unconditionally and always act in a selfless way is truly amazing.


Julie’s Career: I work in IT as a Project Manager and manage a group of 12 engineers, helping them to solve issues, communicate clearly and identify and develop their many talents. My flexible schedule allows me the ability to work from home a few days a week.




Our Home Life and Hobbies


Our Home: Our cozy three bedroom Craftsman home sits walking distance to downtown where you can find a train station providing transportation from San Francisco to San Jose. We love the street we live on because our neighbors are so friendly and fun to be around. Every year we have a block party where we barbeque and share fun stories. Kristin and I are always in charge of kids games and we try and come up with fun new challenges each year for all 25+ kids!  Our community has one of the best school systems in the Bay Area, the SF Zoo is a short distance away and we have a bike trail that provides beautiful views of the bay. The consistent good weather provides us many opportunities to be outside spending time hiking or just walking to the farmers market. With a playground less than a block away from our home, you can always count on it to be filled with kids.


Meet Big Vinny: We rescued our orange Tabby named Vincent from the SPCA last year. Vincent is 3 years old and loves to play outside in our backyard. You could say that a string of any type provides hours of entertainment. Although he loves to play with a string or chase a ball, we think he is part sloth because he can sleep most of the day away if you let him.


Things We Love To Do: Spending time with our 12 nieces and nephews is the highlight of our world. Planning activities like rocking climbing, swimming, hiking or taking in a local sporting event ensures there is never a dull moment.  Our travels include Australia, Ireland, England, Mexico and one of our favorite places, Spain. We look forward to sharing many new travel adventures as a family.  We have been involved with the Lifecycle Ride (bike ride from SF to LA) for over 10 years as both riders and volunteers. Bike riding is one of our favorite ways to have fun and stay healthy.  We love experimenting with different types of foods and learning more about other cultures as part of the process.  We share an appreciation of documentaries and independent films. Our yearly vacations include the Santa Barbara Film Festival and the Banff Film Festival where we are continually inspired and energized while spending time with friends and family watching the creativity of others through film.




Our Loved Ones and Promises


Meet Our Loved Ones: We feel blessed to be surrounded by wonderful caring people in our lives. Our parents taught us the importance of family and being there for one another and we have continued that tradition. Kristin’s nephew attends college in San Francisco and has stayed with us many times during his college years. We love to go hiking or rock climbing with him and his girlfriend. Julie’s cousin and her family visit from Southern California during their summer break. We always look forward to having kids in the house and planning fun activities for them, like a game of whiffle ball “Home Run Derby”.  Julie has continued her family’s tradition of hosting Thanksgiving Dinner. Of course Julie’s Mom is always at the center of the event making sure the turkey, place settings and the snacks are just perfect. This is our favorite holiday to host and sharing it with the usual suspects like Kristin’s older brother, and friends whose families are far away. Dessert and card games mark the tail end of a fun evening.  We have several friends who we consider part of our family. Some of our closest friends live only minutes away in San Francisco. We have known them for more than ten years and enjoy trying new restaurants, vacationing up the coast, hiking and going on whale watching excursions.  Julie is an only child who spent a lot of time with her cousins growing up and considers them her siblings. Julie’s cousin and her husband recently adopted a beautiful little girl and it was been magical watching the new family love and grow together.


6 Promises To Your Child:

1. You will know your adoption story and understand that you are the most wonderful gift we could have ever imagined.

2. You will be loved unconditionally, enabling you to be safe and secure. There will be an unlimited amount of hugs ready for you at any time.

3. You will be surrounded with our loving family and friends. They are just great, we can’t wait for you to meet them!

4. We will be there to help and support you through all of life’s challenges, reminding you constantly that you are not alone

5. We will teach you the art of finding humor in everything. We can’t wait to hear you laugh!

6. We will encourage you to follow your dreams. Helping you to believe in yourself, ensuring anything is possible.