August 23rd, 2019
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Julie and Steve

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Julie: Yoga

    Steve: Archery

  • Favorite Movie:

    Julie: Gone with the wind

    Steve: Interstellar

  • Favorite Actor:

    Julie: Pierce Brosnan

    Steve: Rebel Wilson

  • Favorite Food:

    Julie: Vegetables

    Steve: Korean BBQ

  • Favorite Animal:

    Julie: Cat

    Steve: Dog

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Julie: Big Bang Theory

    Steve: Big Bang Theory

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Julie: Christmas

    Steve: Christmas

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Julie: Hawaii

    Steve: Venice

  • Favorite Band/Singer:

    Julie: Pink Martini

    Steve: Sing

Hello and thank you! We are Julie and Steve from Los Angeles, California.

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you for your time in reading our profile.  We admire the love you have for your baby and the courage you have for wanting to give your child the best life possible. You are both brave of heart and generous of spirit to choose the path of adoption, and we admire you for it. We hope to have the opportunity to continue the love that you have for your baby.  We have enough love in our lives that we want to share it to complete our family.  It will be our first baby and all our attention will be spent on taking good care of the child’s wellbeing and happiness.  In looking back at how we were raised, parenthood is a balance of letting a child know that they are loved, showing them what it is to be a good person and teaching them to love themselves and others in this great big world.

About Us

We are a happy couple living in suburban Los Angeles where it is ethnically diverse with a great variety of cultures, events and food.  We met each other through online dating and we both knew we wanted to settle down and get married.  We love to travel and have taken many road trips.  We have also traveled through Europe on cruises which allowed us the opportunity to see many European and Mediterranean countries along the way.  We are planning to visit Southeast Asia as well.About Julie

I grew up in the Midwest in Iowa City.  It was a simple life in a small town.  After I graduated college I moved to Los Angeles to work as a writer producer for the Disney Chanel.  My multilingual background in English and Chinese was of great use in getting hired for this job. Several years later, I returned to school and received my Master in Business Administration degree in Finance and Marketing.  I currently work for the State of California examining financial institutions in order to protect consumers’ assets.  I am fortunate to have the flexibility to work from home which will be beneficial when our future child joins our family. I like photography.  I have many scrapbooks with photos I took on my trips around the world.  I like to write poems and fictional short stores.  I have one story published which I am very proud of.  I enjoy cooking different cuisines and I even learned how to make passion fruit jams.  I am looking forward to being a mother, and having the opportunity to nurture, to providing for, and to support our future child’s interests.

More About Julie, by Steve: Julie is loving, considerate, and is great with kids as I have seen how much she cares for her nephews.  She likes to share in their discoveries, be a part of their growing up, as well as looking after their wellbeing.  Julie will be a wonderful, nurturing mother.  One of the things I like about Julie’s personality is her never ending curiosity about the world and her willingness to learn new things.  Whether it is daily events, the news, or even the back of a menu that talks about the restaurant’s history, Julie is interested in the “why’s” and “how’s” of people and ideas.  I know our future child will benefit from her teachings as well as planting the seeds of curiosity in learning about everything around us.About Steve

I grew up in the Midwest (Indiana, Kansas and Wisconsin) with my parents and older brother, Tony.  I had a fun adventure-filled childhood of fishing with my dad, learning new crafts and sports with my mother’s support and riding bicycles around the neighborhood with my brother.  Moving to a new city every few years didn’t bother me actually, it seemed normal to do so.  My father was a doctor (anesthesiologist) and moved the family to each place in order to find a better job and environment each time.  My mother was a middle school teacher and became a homemaker to take care of my brother and me.  I look forward to visiting my parents and brother every year and wish it could be more often.  One of my favorite childhood memories is simply eating pizza as a family while drinking ginger ale.  For school, I went to Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri as an English Literature major, and then for my Master of Architecture degree.  I have always enjoyed creative activities and hobbies and would love to share the same creative energy with my future child.

What brought Julie and I together was our love for each other and the similarities we shared growing up.  We were both born in Taiwan, grew up in the Midwest, and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of work.  Even though our jobs are quite different, Julie in finances and me in architectural work – this lets us share with each other the different and new experiences we have each day.  My work schedule is very steady with the County of Los Angeles, with a 4-day work week.  I am looking forward to being able to spend 3-day weekends with the family.

More About Steve, by Julie: When I met Steve on our first date, I was immediately in love with his calmness.  He is generous and takes care of me, qualities I know will make him a great father to our future child.  For his marriage proposal, Steve took me to a hiking trail close to where he lived which had an incredible view across the ocean, mountains and city.  It was a bright sunny day and he surprised me with a romantic picnic and a marriage proposal, which made me so happy.  Steve is special to me because we can talk and share everything together. He is kind, caring, and will be a good father because of his calm manner.  He is very meticulous, and enjoys the latest technology trends and gadgets. He will definitely keep up to date with the newest futuristic toys.  His current hobby is learning archery, which includes crafting his own bow and arrows.  Our Family & Friends

Steve and Julie love to spend time with Julie’s nephews, Jeffery, Matthew and Tre.  We are fortunate that her sister, Sharon, and brother, David, live within a few miles from us.  We especially love gathering the family together to celebrate birthdays and Christmas since this means Julie will bake one of her delicious cakes!  (Matthew has even taken to baking with his aunt Julie). Our families cannot wait to welcome another little one into the family and to share the love they have with them.

Steve’s parents and brother live in Wisconsin, and Steve and Julie visit them every year, experiencing the change of seasons so different from Southern California.  Steve’s brother, Tony, has three adopted kids and two biological kids with his wife.  Steve also keeps in touch with his friends from high school, college and past jobs, always enjoying each other’s company when possible and catching up on recent events in each other’s lives.Our Home & Community

We live in a quiet neighborhood where neighbors greet each other as they are walking their dogs, and can enjoy a morning walk or an evening run.  Our home was built in the 1920’s and we renovated the entire interior.  It has an open concept floor plan with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and there are plenty of trees in the front and back yard to play in.  Our home is filled with books, items we have collected from our travels, and lots of photos and love.   We are fortunate to live in a wonderful school district is with the nursey school, preschool, elementary and high schools all within walking distance.

Thank you for taking your time to read our story.  We want to let you know…

  • We will help your child to build trust & confidence
  • We will support your child’s interest
  • We will travel and learn different cultures together
  • We will help your child to be happy and have a good life