August 20th, 2019
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Kathryn and Chris

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Kathryn: Maui

    Chris: Brazil

  • Favorite Athlete:

    Kathryn: Serena Williams

    Chris: Mohamed Ali

  • Favorite Actor:

    Kathryn: Meryl Streep

    Chris: Denzel Washington

  • Favorite Food:

    Kathryn: Seafood

    Chris: Seafood

  • Favorite Movie:

    Kathryn: Boomerang

    Chris: Jerry McGuire

  • Favorite Musician:

    Kathryn: Beyonce

    Chris: Genesis

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Kathryn: This Is Us

    Chris: This Is Us

  • Favorite Animal:

    Kathryn: Rabbit

    Chris: Tiger

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Kathryn: Birthdays

    Chris: Christmas

Hello! We are Kathryn, Chris and Jax from Southern California.

Dear Birth Mother: We can only imagine how difficult it must be to try and find the perfect family by reading these profiles. We hope that our words can paint a picture of the loving, fun and secure family that we are. On our first date, surprisingly, we both said we’d like to have a child and adopt a child. We had fertility issues early in our marriage and considered adoption then. We feel blessed that we were finally able to conceive Jax naturally, but now we are looking to expand our family through the blessing of adoption. Having Jax, has shown us how much we love sharing our life with children. We are ready to expand our family and hope that you will be a part of our family’s story. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family.

Here’s Our Story

There’s still some debate about how we met.

Kathryn: We met at a nightclub.

Chris: We met at a birthday party.

Kathryn: He saw me, thought I was cute and nudged me as I passed him.

Chris: She saw me, thought I was dashingly handsome, and nudged me as she passed by.

No matter who nudged who first, we spoke for hours that night and went on our first date 48 hours later. We dated 4 years before we got married and were married 5 years before we had our daughter, Jacqueline, who goes by Jax! We spent those years having a great time traveling together and getting to know each other’s world, Chris (law) and Kathryn (entertainment). It took a while to have Jax so we are relishing every moment being parents. Our life is very full of work, play, family and friends. We love sports, music, movies and hanging out with our friends and family. Our favorite past time is laughing. Whether it’s a funny TV show or each other, there’s not a day that goes by that we can’t find something to laugh about. Life can get hectic with everyone’s schedule so we make sure we have family time as well as couples time.  Thank goodness for Chris’ family and our extended family who pitch in when we need it. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Just For Kicks and Giggles:

  • Traveling to Fiji, Hawaii or Cabo to relax or to Tenn to visit family
  • Going to concerts, sporting events and outdoor jazz festivals
  • Hiking
  • Hanging out at the beach
  • Movies
  • Hosting get-togethers at the house
  • Playdates with other families
  • Double dates with other couples
  • Binge watching TV shows (This is Us , Scandal, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Ballers) and the occasional reality show (The Voice, The Bachelor/Bachelorette & Real Housewives)

Meet Kathryn

Meet Kathryn Through Chris’ Eyes: When I first saw Kathryn, she had a beautiful smile and an infectious flirtatious laugh. She told me she was from Memphis, TN, where my parents were raised. That gave me the sense that our encounter was not just a coincidence. Perhaps the man above was telling me this could be something lasting. She wasn’t like the other actors I had met. She had gone to college on a track scholarship. She got her BS and MS in psychology and was on her way to receive her PhD when her passion for acting simply could not be contained any longer. I could see she was truly committed to the craft and was brave enough to take the leap of faith to travel all by herself to the west coast to chase a dream. Early on in our dating life, I went to see her in a play she co-wrote and co-produced and was blown away by her talent. In addition to her creativity, I could see that she was thoughtful, sensitive and caring. She had those same southern attributes that my mother possessed. Moreover, she was raised just like my family, with a strong faith in God. All of these things drew me closer to her and made me fall in love with her more and more as the days passed. Kathryn has been such a fantastic and loving mother. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to raise my child and I look forward to raising our future second child together!

More About Kathryn, by Kathryn: Being a mother is the most amazing love you give and receive all at once. I am honored to be a role model for Jax and to expose her to positive and inspiring experiences, places and people. As an actress my schedule is flexible so I am available to take Jax to and from school as well as volunteer for school field trips and activities. I plan to stay home for the first couple of years because I want to be present for all those first milestones (crawling, walking, talking, etc). I can’t wait to see what personality our future second child will add to our zany family mix.

I Like…

  • Anything athletic (hiking, working out at the gym, yoga)
  • Attending sporting events and concerts
  • Reading biographies
  • Movies (romantic comedies & documentaries)
  • Reading & writing poetry
  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Volunteering for various causes (domestic violence shelter, homeless shelter, church, etc).

Meet Chris

Chris, Through Kathryn’s Eyes: Chris is the solid foundation to our family. He’s been looking out for me since we first met. The first Christmas gift he ever bought me was a set of tires for my car. He said, “I want you to be safe on the road.” And I thought, “That’s my husband.” 🙂

He’s very accomplished but very humble. He’s a 1st generation college grad who put himself through law school. He worked as a public defender for 12 years, then private practice for 6. Now he is a Judge assigned to a juvenile justice court. I’m very proud of him.  He loves his sports teams. He’s traveled cross country to see his “Raiders” play and to the NCAA Basketball Final 4 when his nephew’s team, VCU, made it into “the Dance.” He recently remodeled his 20-year-old Jeep by hand and can fix anything that breaks around the house.   He’s low key and mild tempered which makes him a great dad. He teaches Jax to play soccer, t-ball and to ride a scooter. He reads everything from Dr. Suess to Sports Illustrated to Time Magazine to her. They have their own father/daughter language and it’s so cute. He taught her to spit her toothpaste out, blow bubbles through a straw, laugh at her farts and Eskimo kiss. I look forward to seeing them welcome a new child into their fun-loving mix.

More About Chris, by Chris: The best part about being a father is being a part of Jax’s development. I am surprised every day by how quickly  she absorbs new information (words & phrases) and it’s an honor that we get to be the first teachers in her life. My favorite part of the day is coming home to my family. It doesn’t matter how frustrating my day may be, when I open the door and Jax runs into my arms yelling “Daddy! Daddy!” there’s no better feeling.  I hope her new sister or brother will be Jax’s  “partner in crime” at home, school & life and I am excited to have the opportunity to extend my love to another child.

I Like…

  • Attending sporting events
  • Golfing
  • Working out at the gym
  • Watching crime investigation shows (Dateline and 20/20)
  • Movies (action)
  • Concerts
  • Traveling
  • Remodeling my old car
  • Home remodeling
  • Reading political biographies and suspense thrillers

Meet Our Village

Meet Big Sister Jax: Jacqueline, aka Jax, is 3 years old and keeps us on our toes. She loves to sing, dance and laugh. She’s a tough and fearless little tomboy and we love it. She can swim, climb a rock wall, swing on the monkey bars, and run almost too fast to catch. She’s been in preschool since 2 and loves to learn but loves to eat even more. Chicken and popsicles are her current food of choice. She is going to be a great big sister because she loves being around other kids and never gets tired of playing. We are extremely blessed to have an extended family who gives us support as a couple and parents.  Kathryn grew up the only child of her mother and father, but her father had 9 children. She is proud to be the 1st girl after 3 boys, which is why she is so athletic. Although they didn’t grow up together, they spent every summer together as children, are very close as adults, and still manage to all get together at least once a year.   Chris is the youngest of 3 children. He was raised in a home with an older sister and brother and parents who were married for over 50 years. Numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews live in “So Cal” so holidays are always a fun time.  Almost every couple we know has children, so we do a lot of family outings and vacations. Kathryn is also a part of “Mocha Moms”, a group that organizes amazing weekly playdates. Being around our family and friends is what makes us happy.

A Look At Our Faith: We are Christians, by choice. Both of our parents were very strict about religion, but we believe that finding your own path is the best way to appreciate and practice faith. We believe in giving thanks for the good things that we have been blessed with and praying for guidance, strength and opportunity. Jax was baptized, we say grace before meals and pray together as a family. We believe that “God is Love and love is inside each of us.” So the best way we believe we can teach our children about God, faith and religion is to model love.Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: Our community really caters to families with small children. Our home is on a tree lined street in a historic district of southern California. We have a small community park 1 block away from our home where our community hosts summer movie nights, birthday parties, yoga classes, garden club tours, moms groups and playdates.  Although it’s in the heart of the city, we fell in love with the diverse culture and quiet family feel of the neighborhood. Many of the families have lived here 30+ years. Everyone knows everyone and our children grow up knowing each other. It’s a little piece of Memphis in Los Angeles. We love the fact that we are close to many beaches and Hollywood attractions like Universal Studios, Disneyland & LA Live. The LA Rams are even building their new stadium 10 minutes from our neighborhood.

We Were Featured On TV 3 Times:

  • HGTV’s Design on a Dime gave us a living room makeover
  • HGTV’s Renovation Unscripted gave us a bedroom makeover
  • The Helpful Honda people surprised Chris with a free AC unit for our living room


Our Life As Parents: You never know what kind of parents you will be until you become one. We are 3 years into this new world of parenting, and we can honestly say we love being parents. We love teaching her, playing with her, showering her with hugs and kisses and reliving wonderful memories we had as children along with providing opportunities we never had. We promise to teach your child to love learning, appreciate differences in others, enjoy life, be kind, respect themselves and others, and most importantly,  to know they were put on this earth for something special.

One Last Thank You: Being parents is what brings us the most joy and we are excited just thinking about the possibility of adding to our family. Whatever you decide, we appreciate you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your baby.  We are committed to creating a family that is built on unconditionally loving your child.